14.9 Arena Update Preview 1.0.0

Clothing and items added in update 14.9

  • Well, idk what i do wrong, but after all game is not loading, even if I delete incompatibilities.

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  • Freaking badass mod, ty so much, HD quality clothing

  • "You are not allowed to post a compatibility "patch" here on this site."

    This is a very sad statement coming from a "grown" man.

  • alright, so for realism users: go to the mod folder, open the package.json (it doesnt fkin matter what u use but might as well use vscode or notepad++) and delete the SPT-Realism string under incompatibilities. Then just save changes.

    it's that simple, good job guys. :S

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    • you're my hero. and your planes are great!

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    • now that's a you problem, you'd have to check your mod list

  • This is absurd, you cannot just rip files from someone else's work and then use it to fuel your personal grudges against mods, mod devs, and mod users. You should apologize for this disgusting behavior.

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  • Will there be compatibility with realism mod?

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    • edit package.json
      remove realism in "incompatibilities"

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    • if this mod was mine, I would put a big fat pinned comment with this exact thing, but I can't do anything about it. Anyways just make sure to edit package.json

    • Well, I didn't know ?(

  • Made an account just to say this mod aint it.

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  • I cleaned up some of the rude comments on this page. If you have any constructive criticisms to provide, please do so in a way within the website's guidelines.

    It's not worth catching a ban for.

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  • How to make the mod work with spt realism

    First you'll need notepad++


    Now right click on package.json and edit it with notepad++

    Then remove the line spt realism under the line "incompatibilities" and make sure to click file in the top right and save it

    The mod was simply just programed to not work while spt realism was installed, There is nothing incompatible between this mod and spt realism

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    • This right here

    • just remembered i would have to download their weeb shit for it to work. Ill just wait until someone else uploads the same mod

    • I don't believe any trader is required in Mighty_Condor's code.

      The author of the source code allows trader IDs to be set within the src/mod.ts file.

      For example,

      //Trader IDs
      const traders = {"MECHANIC":     "5a7c2eca46aef81a7ca2145d"};

      ...pushes content to Mechanic.

      You also would have to set the folder name within database/traders/ to the ID for Mechanic, which again is 5a7c2eca46aef81a7ca2145d.

      Trader IDs are found in Aki_Data/Server/database/traders/.

      Mighty_Condor made their framework super flexible.

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    • it makes sense it pushes to their trader, it keeps it simple and means it never conflicts with another, say if 2 people make the same gun mod and both push to the same trader and all that. And its real simple to just add a new AV if you want

    • everyone should know this d1 xd

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  • Please remove this mod. It does not function as intended, and your behavior towards others is unacceptable. You should be ashamed of your actions.

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  • Not gonna read that "IMPORTANT" section and just make it work like a normal person would

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  • cool but why all the hate?

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  • There is no need to force players to take sides because of personal grudges.

    Players are not your weapons

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  • What a fucking legend

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  • MICC case not allowed in the 1x2 slots.... idk where the issue lies

    • I am guessing MICC pushes it specifically into the existing secure containers. So It might work if you loaded the mod with MICC after this one or load this mod before the MICC mod. You can do it in package.json

    • gave this a shot and no luck :( im not big brained enough ig thx tho! Any other ideas? if not all good ik you said don't ask for compatibility!

  • You are not allowed to post a compatibility "patch" here on this site. :D

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  • Modders like you give legit hard working modders a bad name. You literally don't even do anything but rehash old mods to fit your kawaii trader and just port EFT content that literally is part of base game intentionally putting incompatibilities because of a petty feud. You're honestly starting to become insufferable to this community. I hope for your sake you can realize your callous behavior will only warrant more distress to this otherwise great community.

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    • i think he just doesn't like realism users in general

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    • no, if you look at one of his other mods comment sections, fontaine responded to this behavior with a metered take, and pettan couldnt help but lie about harassment and just said outright that "the realism mod ruins the game." so its just a petty personal opinion thats causing him to give mod users a hard time

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    • i didn't know that, good to know.

    • yall need to keep drama off the website

    • shin you are contributing to the drama. Leave.

  • dude, just delete the incompatibility and the "IMPORTANT NOTE," it's modders like you that actively antagonize people who like to use your mods and the realism mod. plus, itll keep the clueless from asking how to make it compatible, this mod inherently doesnt even affect that mod.

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  • Thank you

  • Will the other arena content be added into this as well?