Update Notifier 1.383.04

Not very useful update checker.


Update Notifier

A minimal plugin that allow modders to remind players to update.

The mod does nothing on its own. It won't automatically check updates for all your mods.
The mod does not download mods for you. I don't want any possibility it downloads a virus for you.

For Players

  • The mod is disabled by default, please read the options before enable it.
  • When a mod request to check update, A dialog pops out asking you to permit Update Notifier to download version info from a url provided by the mod.
  • For you own safety, please carefully read the dialog, it clearly tells you which mod is requesting what URL.
  • If you agree, the mod+url combination will be added to whitelist, as long as it's the same mod requesting the same url, Update Notifier won't bother you again.
  • Then, Update Notifier will download from the url and read the version string in it, and tells you when it's newer than what you got.
  • (While the version file is unlikely to harm you because Update Notifier only reads text, malicious servers can collect your IP like how ad company or sort do in web pages)

For Modders

Client Mods

Check the example plugin for usage.

You need to provide the .update_notifier file somewhere on the internet. It's recommended to included it in your project repo and use the raw file link.

Server Mods

You need to place an .update_notifier_source file next to your package.json. The content is simply the url to the online .update_notifier file.


  • Content of the .update_notifier file must be smaller than 16 bytes. This is more than enough for any semantic version string.
  • Url must starts with "https://" and ends with ".update_notifier".
  • Version 1.383.04

    • Support server mods.
    • Now only notify total amount of updates available, so multiple mods won't spam notifications. Details can be viewed in the console(~).
  • Version 1.383.03

    Fix reversed version comparer pepeclown

  • Version 1.383.02

  • Will this also update the mod in question or only alert you to the existence][nce of an update?

    • It's Update Notifier birbgunthreat
      Like, what if a mod request a virus?