That's Lit - Logical AI Vision 1.390.02

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

One step closer to fair gameplay, by giving AIs non-perfect vision and reactions. Because we too deserve grasses, bushes and nights.

That's Lit

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If you got 3 mins, please at least browse through the page, it'll answer a lot of questions and maybe save you some time and trouble.

The mod is about reducing non-skill-issue death. It does makes the game easier, but can be balanced with SAIN and loadout mods giving bots NVG & Flashlights. Check "Notes" and "Recommended Mods".

(This=No Bush? NO. This+No Bush? OK. This + SAIN? GOOD. Do not turn off any No Bush for this...Use both. Because people ask.)

The mod is known to be heavy. The FPS cost mainly comes from the Brightness module which is responsible for making bots affected by darkness/brightness, most other feature are lightweight and works without Brightness.

Let's define unfair: When your bullet hits or whizzes past a bot, it knows your exact position. They can see you perfectly fine in the dark as long as you are within its vision range. They don't care how dense are the foliage and grasses around you.

Yet we struggle to locate bots with our human eyes.

This is why That's Lit exists: in SPT, we no longer play against human players, bots need to make human-like mistakes just like how real players do.

That's Lit let AIs overlook you when you are blended in the shadow, or spots you faster when you are lit up by lighting. Imaging ratting in Night Factory?

It also allows you to traverse the fields through grasses and bushes without always getting engaged from afar. Imagine to prone in the Woods?

Additionally, randomness is applied to AIs vision check, so they are no longer machines which 100% spots you in their configured distance or 0% out of range.

The goal is to give bots vision restrictions and imperfect reaction similar to human, so you can sneak around in night time without always getting spotted by bots from a distance, dash into trees and plants to interrupt bots' aim, or maybe get surprised by the fact that, bot no longer shoot at the very first moment you pop out of cover.

By default 2 meters are displayed at the top left corner for you to learn the mechanic, and they can be disabled.

The first is brightness meter showing how dark (left) and how bright (right) you are, the second meter (factor) tells you how much AIs are actually affected by your brightness. Factor value is just squared Score. In other words, the second meter is the final effectiveness of the first meter.

The meters only give you a rough idea about the impact of your brightness, ingame the bots are affected individually according to their positions, directions or other conditions.

To directly feel the effect of That's Lit, just go to Night Factory and look at the meters as you move, or sit in the darkness and wait for innocent AIs coming to you.

The mod is developed with SAIN and Realism, it works fine without them, but the default experience could feel easier if your setup is different.

It's very important to have a loadout mod that properly gives bots NVG or Flashlights in night raids to keep the game balanced.

The positive and negative impact from the mod is fully configurable, so when you feel the game becomes too easy maybe adjust those to your liking, but I suggest try harder SAIN presets or hardcore mods like Realism, before tuning the mod, because the mod is more like a post-processor which is based on vanilla and other mods.

Some setting adjustment is required for SAIN, Check "Recommended Mods" below.

Keep reading to get the most out of the mod.


In short: The mod delays bots reaction, in a way that how a human would see you but fail to recognize you.

Most parts of the mod are about modifying one value called SeenCoef, which determines how long the an AI needs to have you in their vision to recognize you, in other word, time to visual confirmation.

The SeenCoef is modified by some calculation with all these factored in:

  • The mod factors in all sorts of data to adjust AIs, minor mechanics are not listed. Direction, distance, height, indoor/outdoor, weather, season, devices/goggles/scopes, movement... A lot of stuff could have a impact on the gameplay.
  • Time and cloudiness determine the ambience lighting in raid. Lighting matters a lot! Try to sneak in shadows and avoid lights.
    • This also means weathers now affects gameplay! Sunny days are much brighter than cloudy days and makes you more visible, thus you'd prefer cloudy days for low profile raids.
    • In the brightest hours of clear nights you could be as visible as day time raids of normal weather.
    • When outside, you will want to stick to shadows, especially in the brightest hours (clear days&nights). It helps.
      • Top half of some Ground Zero skyscrapers do not have proper colliders thus Ambience Shadow check is not working stably for these. This only mess with you if you are not covered by nothing else or the bottom of the skyscrapers. (Maybe Streets have the same issue too, not tested)
    • Some balance changes are applied in winter raids, and overall makes you slightly easier to be spotted. Try to avoid empty snowy ground.
    • iyCbmNa.png
    • yXk3Wpo.png
  • Getting lit up by any lights including flashlights, gun flashes or thunder, will hinder your stealth, especially when the lighting is unstable.
  • Active flashlight or laser is very likely to expose you (including IR if the AI is using NVGs)
    • A lot of the features are much less effective with flashlights on, some even get impacted by lasers. Try to toggle them wisely!
  • AIs using NVGs are quite unaffected by darkness, especially at close distance. If the player is in really dark areas, their NVGs will be somewhat less effective.
  • AIs using Thermal goggles are pretty much unaffected, and can actually spot the player faster.
    • Taking stims like SJ9 actually nullify this and grants you stealth against them.
  • AIs using Night Vision scopes and Thermal scopes can ignore your stealth, given you are in front of them, especially when the bot is not moving.
  • Forest blending: Staying close to foliage grants a small chance for AI vision check to fail from afar.
    • Requires the nearest foliage to be between the AI and you (effectiveness scale down with the relative angle up to 90 degree).
      • It's configurable up to 5 candidates instead of just the nearest foliage, which can helps you against multiple bots from different directions
    • By afar I mean this has no effect for AIs within 10m, and the effectiveness gradually scales up by distance up to 110m. (It's a low curve, much weaker at close range, only 25% effective at 50m but reach 100% at 110m)
  • AIs have a chance to overlook players up high, especially when the player is in low poses.
  • There's a small chance for bots outside to fail spotting players inside. Does not work when the bot is looking straight toward the player, or at closer distances.
    • "Inside" is defined by BSG. Proper buildings with walls and ceilings usually count... of course, there are weird exceptions.
  • There's a possibility AIs will continuously overlook when you hide nicely inside foliage, even at close distance, just like how we can rat in bushes on live.
    • You may still become exposed anytime, especially when they get close or turn to you. Don't feel too safe in there.
    • Different foliage have different characteristics, different poses may be required for a foliage to take effect, and the effectiveness may vary against AIs at different heights.
    • This even applies to short trees or tall bushes, while they are usually useless against AIs at close or maybe mid range, It's not a bad idea to stick to foliage as much as possible, It does has an effect against AIs far away.
    • Preview
  • Grasses are now proper visual covers, surrounding grasses contributes to AIs overlooking you.
    • vIcDGZB.png
    • You can actually get close to enemies without being noticed in day time by crawling through dense grasses.
    • The only thing to note is only grasses in the direction to the AI within ~3.5m participate in the calculation. Otherwise, common sense applies.
    • Warning: there are some rare exceptions (ex: the plant in the center), these are probably decorations manually placed by BSG. They are not rendered by the terrain detail system so are not detectable.
  • Distance matters. Most of the features are more effective to AIs far away from you. Once you are spotted, you lost the distance bonus and will need to get out of the sight for a short while to regain the bonus.
    • For AIs at 110m+ away you need to stay out of sight for about 1.5 seconds; the required time is much longer for closer AIs. If the AI is actively targeting you, it'd take longer.
    • Physical obstacles are always better than grasses and foliage. If you are caught off guard and really have no choice but some nice dense grasses around you, you can try to prone and hope it works.
  • Player and bot movement are applied as final modifiers.
    • Sprinting bots are less likely to spot players not in front.
    • The player will be spotted faster by movement speed, unless it's really dark.
    • Bots staying still will spot the player faster.
  • Like SAIN's Personality system, That's Lit has a caution mechanic that diversify bots' immunity against some mechanics.
    • 1 or 2 bots out of 10 have better resistance, they are defined to be cautions and are less likely to overlook the player in stealth.
    • 3 to 5 bots out of 10 have weaker resistance, they are defined to be careless and are more likely to overlook the player in stealth.
  • To simulate bots remembering your presence, many mechanics are greatly nerfed if the bot has seen you recently, or has seen you at the same spot. Keep moving!
  • By default, all the features don't affect bosses (optional). Bush Ratting does not work for bosses even if the option is turned on, for balance reason.

TL;DR: Out of fights, utilize the environment and choose path wisely. When engaged, be strategic and flexible, try to stay out of sight as much as possible... When you pop up, you kill.

The mod also include some small patches to make bots more reasonable:

  • Bots' aim will be delayed if they encounter you when sprinting, because in vanilla they sometimes head,eye us at the first moment they end inertia slide, while we players can't even ADS when sprinting.
  • In situations a bot is told to "see" you but it's actually not facing your way, by a chance That's Lit will cancel the visibility. Instead, the bot will be told it's spotted from the player's direction, so it may finds covers first instead of instant returning fire,
    • If that doesn't happen, there's still a fallback chance for it to happen if it's a surprise attack (the bot haven't seen you for quite a while and you are far away)
    • Basically, this helps bots to behave like human being clueless when surprise attacked.
  • Compensation to bots vision distance to at least a reasonable amount:
    • When the ambience is very bright
    • When the ambience is dark but the player is lit up
    • When the player is in the dark but the bot is using NVG
    • When the bot is using Thermal goggles
    • These compensations are especially important with SAIN, because it scales down bots' vision distance simply by time and weather. Vision distance decides whether vision check happens, this means, no matter how much the player is lit up, bots remains unable to see the player if the distance exceeds the SAIN modified value. The patch balances out SAIN's vision distance scaling.
  • When the Brightness module is disabled, an optional fluctuation to visual confirmation is applied (optional, enabled by default). For the most part there will not be noticeable difference, only that you may get lucky or unlucky.
  • Bot aim point is forced to randomly jump when blind firing. This is because I got shot in the head from the sawmill (Woods)... and I was at RUAF Gate.

That's Lit is unlikely to conflict with other mods. The mod only modifies specific values out of the whole AI system, it does not add or change AI behavior pattern. An analogy would be... Given a formula A+B, That's Lit changes the value of B instead of makes it A+B+C or B+C.


  • AIs don't always rely on their vision to detect you, especially with SAIN installed, they may act in response to noises you make.
  • An unintended interesting side-effect of the mod: Because vision checks are performed per body part, with the randomness from That's Lit, somehow head,eyes is reduced as a result (my personal observation).
  • It's well known that That's Lit takes away some fps especially on weaker CPUs. I've seen all sorts of feedbacks, your mileage may vary. Check "Performance" below for more info.
    • If you set your games to have a lot of bots, performance issue is unavoidable. Check "Recommended Mods" for mods to control bot spawning.
  • Night Factory is a very special experience (With brightness module on). It's a dark hunting ground... only shadow walkers survive.
    • You don't need NVGs to run Night Factory.


Decompress the zip file into SPT folder. Bandizip or 7zip is recommended.

Configuration provided through regular F12 menu. If That's Lit is not listed there then it's not in correct folder.


All maps are supported, but Brightness module is disabled on Day Factory and The Lab because it's bright and visible everywhere in these maps and it'd be a waste of fps.


Custom lights, lasers, Night Vision/Thermal Scopes, Goggles

...can be supported through thatslitcompat.json files. It's simple and intuitive to add compatibility, check out the default and blank thatslitcompat.json files.

If the gear is not defined in any thatslitcompat.json, you don't get debuff when you leave custom lights/lasers on, and bots don't get buffed by custom scopes and goggles.

So yes, you won't lose anything with unsupported custom items, it just opens up opportunities to cheese which I am personally not a fan of.

Mods substantially changing game world and visual

Needless to say, mods or reshade setups that make the scenes look much brighter, remove darkness or drastically change the presented visual, will make the experience inconsistent.

For example, if you play with a mod that make the game looks (visually) bright everywhere, you may feel bots are unreasonably weak when your character is in a "dark" area. Basically anything that only change the visual instead of the actual game world will have similar issues.

On the other hand, for example, the GrassCutter mod just turn off the whole terrain detail system thus all the grass data are not provided anymore, so it's fine.

Recommended Mods

  • SAIN
    • Try harder presets for more fun (because bots have less cheaty vision now).
      • I actually recommend Death Wish if you want a true versus human experience. Every encounter is a showdown... And you gain upper hand by perform correct movement and concealment.
      • Basically, SAIN difficulty decides bots' best performance they clearly see you. That's Lit decides how bad they become when you utilize the mechanics.
    • Recommended preset: PMC Terminators
    • Latest tweaking recommendation (Tested with 3.9 I Like Pain without Realism):
      • Optional: Adjust night vision modifier in General - Look - Time Settings when you feel bots are blind in nights. Try increase 0.1~0.2 at a time.
        • KxPdS1A.jpeg
      • Tweak Not Looking At Bot Settings: SAIN now nerfs bots when you are not facing them, this is a very comfortable feature but could make the game too easy especially when stacked with That's Lit, disable or adjust these to your liking:

        • CnscljG.jpeg
      • (Not Available Yet) Tweak Peripheral Vision:
        • SAIN introduced this in recent versions. In That's Lit, the angle difference between the direction from bot to you and the bot's vision direction is used only to scale the impact separately in each mechanics. In SAIN, it's used to simply scale the vision time regardless of situations.
        • It seems alright in my playtests, but if you feel like bots are not aware enough in their surrounding, when SAIN makes Peripheral Vision configurable, you can try play with the settings. As for now, if you really need to adjust it, maybe try Vision Speed.
      • Tweak the movement/elevation impact:
        • SAIN now makes player movement and elevation affect bot vision speed, this is overlapping with That's Lit.
          • For movement: You need to choose one. Stacking both will results in overly buff/debuff against sprinting players.
            • That's Lit's implementation is balanced around That's Lit enabled gameplay. It factors in vision angle, speed, poses and brightness.
            • SAIN's implementation scales the vision time by your speed.
            • That being said, in actual gameplay it's not necessarily better than SAIN's implementation, it's your call.
            • 0.5 means 50% time to see you when you sprint fast. Set it to 1 to disable it.
              • tbYWWGt.jpeg
          • For elevation modifiers, it's fine to leave both enabled, but you can tweak if it's too much for you. There's some difference between how That's Lit and SAIN use elevation to affect bot vision, and That's Lit does not makes higher bots see faster, so it's not a full overlap. From my playtest, it surprisingly works alright with both at default values.
            • ED6FFhz.jpeg
      • Headshot Protection: Headshot Protection is much less useful with That's Lit. In theory, due to a side effect of the introduced randomness, headshots happens much less with That's Lit.
    • That's Lit contains an optional patch that when a bot is close to the player, it gets a chance to ignore SAIN's No Bush ESP, so bots won't be blind at meters away just because it or you are touching a bush. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT BUSH TO Solarint WHEN YOU HAVE THIS ENABLED.
    • Configure DONUTS to load the starting-pmcs-only or similar presets, so you get a live-like experience and better performance
    • DONUTS now spawns only "normal" tier AI by default, so all same bots have average abilities. Find "PMC Difficulty" and "Scav Difficulty" and tweak them to your liking. I use asonline because I like randomness and variation (which is why That's Lit exist), asonline randomly configure bots ability from all options, this plus SAIN personality system gives a mixed bag of AIs.
    • The mod has a nature of keeping bots near you, as it despawns bots far away to prevent CPU being wasted on bots you'll never meet.
      • It's not intended, but with newer SAIN, which make bots smarter and hear all sorts of sounds you make, there are inevitable side effects:
        • You can't really clear out a zone, bots will keep coming, this is extremely noticeable in ULTRA.
        • It makes you feel like EVERY scav has a death wish and are willing to get you instead of running for their lives. This does not make sense to me.
      • From my personal experience with full Realism, this easily gets out of hands.
      • After enabling Bot Hard Cap, the game is fixed for me. It should be noted that I'm running default Realism (all features on). The author of DONUTS plays Realism with increased health, which is also a way to balance it out.
        • If you are going to turn on Bot Hard Cap, remember to also check out Hot Spot Spawn Boost & Hot Spot Ignore Hard Cap.
      • Needless to say with the option enabled raids are quieter than with out, especially on bigger maps. Because bots are naturally distributed across the whole map instead of kept together. Depends on bots movement, both chill and hot raids are still possible.
  • Questing Bots
    • It makes bots to actually go to places where real players would go for questing, giving your questing trips a twist.
    • It makes the whole raid much more busy and unpredictable. Clearing out an area no longer means the area is safe now, you never know when a bot would come or pass by.
    • It's known to be a heavy mod just like That's Lit, try enable the AI limiter option to reduce the performance overhead.
  • Looting Bots
    • Realistic bot looting behavior; let your prey brings loot to you.
    • I recommend turning on Sight Checks except for containers, so they don't magically get attracted to loots & corpses.
  • Realism
    • Your mileage may vary but I play with all Realism features enabled and enjoy the extra challenges with balanced bots reaction from That's Lit
    • Besides, It contains a Loadout system that gives bots proper loadout based on map/time. (Do not use with other Loadout mods)
    • Warning: Realism is a challenging experience! Do not just install Realism without reading through the description first. Many people instantly regret and had to go through restoring from profile backups.
  • Softcore
    • The economy overhaul transform the game from simple "No I can always buy this with cash" to "Hmm this could be useful".
    • This combined with Realism's hardcore flea market feature creates a flavorful experience and works very well with That's Lit.
      • NVGs are rare asset but low level bots don't have access to NVGs too, so overall a very balanced experience.
      • Make sure to follow Realism's compatibility instruction.
  • Any Loadout Mod that gives bots NVG & Flashlights in night raids.
    • Do not use any along side Realism's loadout changes.
  • Raid Overhaul
    • The random blackout event spices things up with That's Lit.
    • It's a feature rich mods but very configurable.
    • The "Raid Start Events" option randomly open/close doors and lights on raid start, which is very interesting for night raids.
  • (Not a mod) Lossless Scaling: a software providing Frame Generation technology.
    • An alternative way to deal with low fps from CPU bottleneck. Requires idle GPU power.
      • On the other hand, Upscaling helps with GPU bottleneck, which is rarely the case for SPT.
    • The Frame Generation feature tries to generate fake predicted frames between real frames on the fly with your GPU.
    • This means: up to 3x fps, with input latency and ghosting of hard-to-predict stuff on screen like UIs. Take it or leave it.
    • VffAWom.png


  • TL;DR: Only Brightness module cost considerable FPS.
  • Brightness module use an additional camera to observe the player, this cause some unavoidable fps loss, the number depends on the CPU, some lose 5, some lose 20... Some even said it improves the performance retardadothinking
    • If you don't care about night raids, you can disable Brightness module, all other features still work.
    • On my end (Ryzen 5800x), turning it off yields about 1.9ms frame time in Woods, which can be translated to roughly 70->60 fps.
  • Starting every raid, the mod reads and caches terrain details (most are grasses), this process is sliced into pieces and only takes up a tiny bit of time per frame. Once the caching is done, it won't cost any frame time.
  • The mod periodically checks grasses/foliage around the player, but these works are nothing to any modern CPU.
  • Quite a lot of math is performed to combine all the available data and calculate values to apply per bot, these works are only performed for bots who is in range, and math is nothing to modern CPUs.
  • Let's just say most of performance cost comes from that camera. If you are interested you can turn on Debug Info and Benchmark optinos to take a look, the time spent on That's Lit's code path is negliable. Unfortunately the camera is a game engine thing and not measurable by That's Lit.

Fun facts

  • What we see in game is not what is actually observed by cameras. The presented visual is heavily processed, raw cameras would observe a much darker and paler scene.
  • The first person character got no thorax (for real, you are just a running pair of arms and legs), so a light that should have be projected on the thorax can not be observed.
  • The above 2 combined, is the reason why the light detection can't be die accurate. But thanks to the countless hours put in, current system works good enough.
  • I knew nothing about how modding works for this game, like even how mod files should be organized and how BepInx works, so I just downloaded Solarint's SAIN then removed most his stuff and started to work on it. In the begining I also read SAIN's code to locate AI stuff in EFT codebase, so a lot thanks to Solarint.


The very begining of That's Lit

Buy Me Bubble Tea

The mod is not technically advanced at all... it's pure labor. For example, one of the biggest update was a 90+ dedicated hours work. Basically I need to endlessly repeat the process of tweaking the code and playtesting to make AI vision human but balanced.

If you enjoy the mod and want to support, consider a small donation.

I develop mods only because I want something improved in games I play, so it's not like it would encourage/discourage the development hummm

But it'd indeed help and allow me to continue assisting with some family health issues at home. It's not a matter of life and death though, so only if you are feeling generous, here's the donation link: or

  • Version 1.390.02


    • In my playtests, everything seems fine with SAIN 3 and 3.9.0. Tested with I Like Pain with General - Look - Not Looking At Bot disabled.
    • Recommended Mods - SAIN is updated. Please read for changes.
    • The Info GUI is now always aligned to left (it was somehow inconsistent from install to install)
    • Equipment detection no longer get turned off with Brightness off.
    • Calibrate Reserve.
    • Internal / Minor fixes and changes.

    Thank You

    If something is free yet you still pay for it, it gotta be valuable for you, isn't it?

    Since April, I've received several donations, including the first ever of my life. Every time it happens I still feels very lucky and surprised that people are willing to donate for my creation.

    The money is indeed very helpful, yet to think about the fact people donated because they think That's Lit deserves it... This feeling, is SWEET. It's all I've been wanted to do but failed, to actually make somethings that actually make a good difference for its users.

    For everyone who donated and also anyone gave kind words, thank you very much animeproudclap

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation.
    • Performance cost mainly comes from the Brightness module. The mod still do a lot of stuff even if you turn off Brightness for performance.
    • If bots are acting blind when blocked or touched by any bush, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN's new No Bush ESP is very aggressive by design. (Read Recommended Mods - SAIN to partially solve this)
  • Version 1.383.31

    Regular Update

    • New: Force Look (Experimental, Enabled by default)
      • Tell the nearest bot to look around when conditions met.
      • Bots are quite vulnerable around corners, because they don't clear corners before moving out. It's usually very easy to wait and take down bots behind corners, as most bots just look straight forward while moving. SAIN can't fix this entirely because it only takes over when bots are in combat.
      • This is technically an ESP, but with strict conditions, in hope so they would look to player when it makes sense, to fake smarter bots.
      • For example, one of the scenario is:
        • The bot have seen the player in the last 10 second and is trying to get the player
        • The bot is moving but not sprinting
        • The bot is inside
        • The bot is very close (1~5m)
        • 5% chance check passed
      • A special scenario that is not telling the bot to look at the player, but to look to random direction, and then turn back after seconds:
        • The bot is not sprinting
        • The bot hasn't seen its enemy for 10 seconds
      • These conditions are checked on FixedUpdate, which is every 0.0167 second.
      • Due to how SAIN constantly steer bots, when SAIN is in control, this feature at most add noises to the nearest bots steering.
    • Fix dodgy issues that have been stopping That's Lit to load for some users.
    • Fix not nerfing Encountering Patch when the player is already the bot's goal enemy.
    • Fix nearest bot variable shared by all players which may leads to issues.
    • Fix Streets ambience factor by time.
    • Use semi-random angles for Simulated Focus, so all angles between +-90 degree are possible (all angles stepped by 3, shuffled).
    • Use caution in Encountering Patch and Simulated Focus so impacts are varied from bot to bot.
    • SAINNoBushOverride: Use cubed chance instead of squared chance so it's less likely to trigger from further.
    • New PMC Only Mode option. The requested option makes That's Lit only modify vision/reaction of PMCs.
    • Fix detecting XHP35's 2nd visible light.
    • Minor fixes, changes, improvements.

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation.
    • If bots are acting blind when blocked or touched by any bush, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN's new No Bush ESP is very aggressive by design.
  • Version 1.383.25

    Regular Update

    Fika: Skip this SPT Hub release.

    • Start using Update Notifier
    • New: (Optional) Interrupt SAIN's No Bush ESP, disabled by default.
      • Interrupts No Bush ESP for bots close to the player by a chance based on the distance, so bots are less likely to be blind when you are right in front of them just because you are touching leaves
      • It's a simple implementation and has its limits, expect sometimes get shot through bushes that looks totally blocking the line of sight
    • New: Randomize blind fire target points for bots at 15+m away. Strength scaled by distance.
      • Because I got shot in the face at RUAF Gate by a bot BLIND FIRING at the sawmill. It's very rare bots blind fire at this distance, I just want to make sure no bullshit when they do.
    • Nerf bush ratting in winter raids
    • Revert actual ADS check to simulated bot ADS as bots don't aim around to secure the surrounding like players
    • Minor tweaks


    Just want to share my Death Wish + Realism experience:

    • With Bot Hard Cap enabled (DONUTS), It's doable. Bot Hard Cap allows bots to be randomly distributed across the map, thus hot or chill raid is totally determined by your luck and navigation decision.
    • Of course, every encounter is a showdown. If I don't dash to covers immediately when I am shot at, I die. If I linger around open spots, I die. If I don't stay alerted about any sounds, I die. If I recklessly move out of cover, I die.
    • It's very interesting because the experience varies a lot and is quite dynamic. Super chill sometimes when everyone is somewhere else, but very intense when I encounter anyone.

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation.
    • If bots are acting blind when blocked or touched by any bush, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN's new No Bush ESP is very aggressive by design.

  • Version 1.383.23

    Regular Update

    ThatsLit-Release.dll is recently renamed to ThatsLit.Core.dll. You may want to clean up the old ThatsLit-Release.dll. (SPT always load latest dll it found, but why not?)

    • New: Simulated Vision Focus for bots.
      • I was quite worried the new Peripheral Vision thing in SAIN will makes bots super dumb when stacked with That's Lit. It turns out not so bad, as That's Lit does not directly scale SeenCoef by angles like SAIN does, so there's no direct overlap.
      • However, bots are indeed a bit too focused looking ahead. As an alternative balanced approach to address this, That's Lit now simulate bots eyeballing around without actual turning. Let's just say now they periodically look into a random angle and perform small scan near that angle.
      • Depends on the difference of angle to you in the vision and their focus angle, their reaction is modified by +-25%.
      • Hopefully, this allows bots to react to players in peripheral vision, while limiting them to only pay attention to one angle at a time.
    • Angle is now factored in the impact of "Distance to Last Seen Position". If you run straight away in a bot's vision, it won't provide benefits because it's still at a same angle. Similar change is applied to Encountering Patch.
    • Raise base darkness in winter outdoor.
    • Fix terrain details decreasing Brightness score too much in very dense grasses.
    • Fix WF-501B modes.
    • Calibration works (Reserve, Interchange, Shoreline).
    • Minor changes and balancing.


    • Recommended Mods - SWAG+DONUTS is updated. I wasn't aware of the mentioned options, thus as a full Realism user I had trouble keeping up with frequent engagements. With the options ticked it's much better now.
      • I'm trying out Death Wish (SAIN), it seems like if I don't do any stupid shit, I can survive. (Note: It still make sure I gets destroyed in no time if I make wrong decision)

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation.
    • If bots are acting blind when blocked or touched by any bush, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN's new No Bush ESP is very aggressive by design.
  • Version 1.383.20

    Minor Update

    ThatsLit-Release.dll is recently renamed to ThatsLit.Core.dll. You may want to clean up the old ThatsLit-Release.dll. (SPT always load latest dll it found, but why not?)

    • Remove Visibility Cancel Chance option as a tiny re-balancing attempt for latest SAIN
    • Replace randomly simulated ADS for bots with actual ADS check
    • Fix null ref from API being called when Brightness module is disabled
    • Equipment info is no longer hidden for disabled Brightness module
    • Minor changes.

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation.
    • If bots are acting blind when blocked or touched by any bush, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN's new No Bush ESP is very aggressive by design.
  • Version 1.383.19


    You can skip this release if you are on 1.383.08

    • Fix players loading blocked when a specific API callback is not subscribed

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any other No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation again.
    • If bots are blind when it's in a bush, you are in a bush, or there is a bush between you, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN currently tune the No Bush ESP to be very aggressive, it's by design.
  • Version 1.383.18

    Dev Update

    You can skip this release if you are on 1.383.08

    • Just API and internal changes

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any other No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation again.
    • If bots are blind when it's in a bush, you are in a bush, or there is a bush between you, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN currently tune the No Bush ESP to be very aggressive, it's by design.
  • Version 1.383.11

    Important Update

    This release contains critical bug fix for the previous API update.

    ThatsLit-Release.dll is renamed to ThatsLit.Core.dll. You may want to clean up the old ThatsLit-Release.dll. (SPT always load latest dll it found, but why not?)

    Please take a look at previous change logs if you are updating from older versions.

    • Fix observation not getting combined into calculation, resulting in the score always only reflects ambience lighting.
    • Fix some issue in extra vision distance.
    • Some robustness improvements.

    Notes (Regular)

    • If you are new to the mod, at least read "Recommend Mods" for proper setup.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush ESP. It does not interact with any other No Bush ESP. When in doubt, read the mod explanation again.
    • If bots are blind when it's in a bush, you are in a bush, or there is a bush between you, even if you are like 2 meters away, that comes from SAIN. SAIN currently tune the No Bush ESP to be very aggressive, it's by design.
  • Version 1.383.09

    Dev Update

    Introducing That's Lit API. The mod now opens up to allow other plugins to access Brightness score, active Light&Laser, Foliage/Terrain score, etc.

    Please refer to the packed That's Lit API

    You can skip this release unless you just know you need it.

    ThatsLit-Release.dll is renamed to ThatsLit.Core.dll. You may want to clean up the old dll. (SPT always load latest dll, but why not?)

    Please refer to .03 change log for the latest major release, and .380.25 if you are updating from older versions.

  • Version 1.383.08

    Regular Update

    Please refer to .03 change log for the latest major release, and .380.25 if you are updating from older versions.

    • New: Bring back the observation of Volumetric Lights which was causing error spam before. This greatly increase Brightness score accuracy in locations with volumetric lights (EX: Ground Zero indoor).
      • Should works fine. If somehow it still cause issues for you, it can be disabled with "Observe Volumetric Lights" option.
    • New: Nearby bots will see players on stationary weapons a bit faster.
    • New: Configurable vertical offset of GUIs.
    • New: Attempt to support Legion (from Raid Overhaul) as a boss.
    • Fix: Fix and add support of detection of multi-modes embed devices like the Boss Xe reflex sight.
      • Extra device mode on Scopes/Sights are bound to it's selected mode (a.k.a magnification level)
    • Fix: Update empty.thatslitcompat.json to latest format.
    • Config: Split Final Impact Scale into Final Impact Scale (Slower) & Final Impact Scale(Faster). The option is reset.
    • Config: Rename Vague Hint Change to Visibility Cancel Chance and update the description again. The option is reset.
    • Config: Rename Darkness/Brightness Impact Scale to Darkness/Brightness Impact Offset and change the default to 50%. The options are reset.
      • New 50% is equal to previous 100%. This allows people to increase/decrease the effectiveness instead of decrease only.
    • Config: Rename Lit Vision Distance Scale to Extra Vision Distance Scale. The option is reset.
    • Config: Rename MovementImpact to Movement Impact. The option is reset.
    • Config: Removed Less Equipment Check because the check is nothing. (Again: You give up Brightness Module if you need FPS. Other than that the mod is lightweight.)
    • Minor tweaks.


    • Fika: If the more the players the more fps you lost, that's not a bug. That means the mod is fully working for all players... Every player get a dedicated camera. You disable Brightness Module for a practically enjoyable performance. All other features work.
    • That's Lit is not a No Bush ESP mod. It works with any No Bush... It does not care about or interact with any other No Bush. When in doubt, read the mod explanation again.
    • If bots are blind when it's in a bush, you are in a bush, or there is a bush between you, even if you are like 2 meters away, that's how SAIN's new No Bush ESP is designed to work.

    • There are some options needs to be tweaked for SAIN, please refer to "Recommended Mods".
    • The mod is now FULLY WORKING for Fika, because it totally works, with Brightness enabled it'll tank fps because every player gets a camera, you need some extra setup. You can't find anything on SPT Hub, though.
    • I wanna say THANK YOU again and again to any of you who donated. I have no word to describe how it makes me genuinely happy and proud. It's just the fact that people are willing to donate because my creations actually make positive difference, it means very much to me.

    Heart 6
  • Hello, great mod!

    Question: if I'm still on 3.8.3, is there a way to control how well an AI sees you in darkness with SAIN active?

    It seem the AI is still locking on to my position after I engage, even without the use of a flashlight or NVGs.

    • "After I engage"? Did you move often or kept yourself exposed in their vision?
      It's totally normal they remember your position, both SAIN and TL has this kind of mechanics.

    • No, I just fired at a PMC, without moving, about 100 meters away in the dark and the AI immediately turned and hit me.

  • I am NOT reading all of that🗣️🔥

    Nah but jokes aside, fire mod really good <3

    Happy 1
  • Heya there, I was wondering if there was some way to increase the widget size on my end? On higher resolutions, it's so tiny it's nearly impossible to see it up in the corner~ :saint:

    • Regarding the info, people I seen usually straight turn it off so this is a surprising request.

      I'll add a option for that.

  • Why does this mod mess with the lighting in the scopes? Is there a way to fix it?

    • I am not sure what does that mean? Please show a recording or something.


      Here's some screenshots. It's like a lighting quality cone around my character. If I move around you can see it move in the scope.

    • Interesting, I never noticed it, I'll take a look on my end and see what I can do.

    • What does "a lighting quality cone" mean?

      I looked through optic scopes in those spots and didn't find difference with/without TL.

    • If you are talking about the dim circle... Isn't that just how optic scopes work...? Scopes have length and when you move you need to re-align your eyes to see straight through the scope...

  • Do the compatibility files from 3.8.3 work with 3.9 thats lit?

    • Yes, nothing changed in that regard.

      Did you add anything new? I'm open to package mod compat file into TL zip.

  • hej guys

    my prob, unfortunately every raid crashes, ryzen 79503d

    Thumbs Up 1
    • I am having the same problem. I have a i9 13900k, 64gb ram, and a 4080, so it shouldn't be overloading my system.

    • It's rare but from time to time there are people saying TL crashes the game. The cause is still unknown, hardware does not seems to be related.

      Like there was someone said among 9 other friends he plays together, 1 have the crashing issue.

      Another case I know is reported to be a pirate. Dunno.

      Thinking 1
    • Me too. I always crash halfway through a raid.

    • Maybe you can figure out what could be a common factor between your setups. I can not do anything until there's a clear way to reproduce the issue.

  • You mention in the description to make sure to use a mod that properly gives ai night vision / flashlights at night. I'm not entirely sure if I have one of those or not. Are there any mods in particular that you can recommend for that? Are there a few common ones?

    • I have only used Realism, the loadouts are really nice. But it's not updated yet and requires some configuration to disable everything except its loadout system.

      Others I've heard are ALP and Andern, dunno about are they good or bad tho.

  • Sorry, under "For movement" I didn't understand how to select to only use your mod in the SAIN settings. What numerical value should I move the slider to?

    • 0.5 means 50% time to see you when you sprint fast. Set it to 1 to disable it.

    • Thank you very much for the clarification! :)

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  • Really amazing mod. Wait for 3.9.0😄. With luv❤️

    Thumbs Up 1
    • Updating alone is easy, but it could take days depends on how much I playtest.

      Heart 2
  • Hi,

    are there any new recommendations/necessary changes from your side given the new SAIN 3.0.0 release? Did you have a look at it? I saw there was quite something done... :)

    Would be great to hear some feedback from you.


    • I haven't try out SAIN 3. Some fika players told me it's working fine for their group, and I haven't receive reports about issue with SAIN 3.

    • Ok thanks, something seems weird, the bots are clueless since I upgraded SAIN but I have yet to find out why, and if it is because of the combination with That's Lit. Because I think Solarint has done a lot of things you do, too, so it might be overnerfed or something. But I am not clear about that yet.

    • I have no idea for now.

      It's pretty regular I get people come tell me something is weird on their end and I am playing my zero to hero all fine.

      If you really want to figure it out for sure you can test with just SAIN and TL, then test with SAIN only to confirm it's fixed without TL.

    • Yea, that was actually me answering the OP lol. But this was something else at me. The moment I deactivated ALL SAIN AI limits this thing is on fire. The bots are insanely good vs. pre version. I don't know why this was but the bots did practically nothing (vanilla AI Limits from install). I also limited my max alive bot cap via QB as I do not use Swagnuts. Maybe it was some strange interaction. I am dying way more now than before...this I know

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  • Hi,

    does the brightness module affect day time at all? Or would I be best off leaving it disabled during the day and dealing with the performance hit during night time?

    also thanks for the mod! works well with your sain settings, just the performance is a pain n the ass in modded SPT sometimes n it changes map to map; but all the good, must have mods affect the performance haha

    Cheers mate

    • It helps bots spotting players slightly in clear bright days, thus encourage players to stick to foliage/buildings for shadows.

      It's intended that Brightness does not just make games easier but introduce new decision factors into gameplay.

    • Hi ya mate,

      Cheers for the response, what would switching the module off, leave you with? The behaviour changes that come with the brightness module are the main things I'm after, makes it more immersive. Surely theres no point in switching it off, what changes happen outside of the brightness module?

      Sorry for the questions, just trying to figure out how to balance out the performance a bit on reserve and lighthouse and well... streets lmao. It works beatifully on the other maps, maybe setting reserve + lighthouse questing bots, to be allowed to limit AI might help.

      Don't want to miss out the experience your mod brings on those maps, makes the gameplay brilliant when configured with SAIN etc.

    • You can find all information on the mod page, it costed me many dedicated hours to explain everything there. In short, Brightness does not take up even half of the mod.

  • Hey,
    Being able to chose the type of bots impacted by the mod would be neat.

    Ex: I would love for being able to have AI with their default AI vision and behavior, but simulated players to have a simulated human vision.

    • What types of AIs do you want to be default? And why?

    • The way I mod my SPT is too basically be live without the cheaters and various points of frictions.
      Therefore I have a safe and ergonomical space to learn and improve, test things and have fun.

      Having unchanged AIs is primordial for me to stay in touch with Tarkov live, so I can apply what I learn (what strategy is good against this or that boss, how you can abuse bots...).
      But without the players the game would be too stale and that's why I change only the Player Scavs PMCs behavior to be as most human like as possible.

      So if possible I would love to be able to set every AI to not use the mod except for Player Scavs and PMCs.

      Thx for your reply, this awesome mod and have a great day ^^

    • At first I was going to turn down the idea because I'm not much a fan, but after giving it a full read I found the reason pretty solid, so yeah in the next release there will be a PMC Only Mode option.

    • Ty so much !! <3
      PMC + Player Scavs ?

    • If I understand it correctly, PScavs in SPT are just PMC bots wearing scav gear.

  • Your recommendation for Lossless Scaling is insane !
    thanks brotha

    Thumbs Up 1
  • After installing this mod and tweaking the settings as described in the "Recommended Mods" section, I noticed immediate improvements to how more natural the AI acts in dark areas, bushes, grass, etc.

    Great work on creating this mod, I love it! :thumbup: <3

    Definitely a must-have mod together with the other mods, like SAIN, Looting Bots, Questing Bots, SWAG + Donuts, etc.

    I also use LosslessScaling, so the performance is not a problem at all, sitting comfortably on 120 - 144 fps at all times.

    Happy 1
  • Love this mod btw, had a question for you 3371. Do mods like Amands Graphics affect the vision for bots? I did an interchange run for the first time with Amands and was surprised to be able to see stuff. Was concerned that the bots were limited in visibility because they don't have something like Amands Graphics going on.

    • pog No that''s not how vision works for bots
      They don't really see things like a image or scene

  • Haven't played with this in a while and my testing today has been great.
    I was wary of performance drops, some that I had in previous versions could have been anything, but I had taken That's Lit off my list. Seems great now, though, and I haven't noticed any greater strain on my hardware with it running (3.8.3).

    I was able to use terrain and foliage for cover very well on the Woods map, definitely more so than without the mod. Thanks for all the updates!

    • I don't remember I did optimization though :kekw:
      Anyway glad it works for you!

  • Hello!

    Could you please advise if this him mod is affected in any way by amand's graphics?

    • No, the Graphic mod only affects the fps camera.

    • Thanks so much for the reply!

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  • That's a really good mod and it improves the gameplay when facing a lot of bots, especially when they keep spawning into the map.

    However, I don't understand how you can play with the hardest SAIN settings, as with default presets I get headshot or die easily if I don't pay attention to every corner and movement, but probably it's just due to my play style.

    That's sad I have to toggle off the brightness module as it drains many fps during the fights, but I understand that it's not easy to optimize all those complex calculations inside.

    Congratulations again for all the hard work you're doing! Keep making SPT better! <3

    • That's why I need Bot Hard Cap enabled in DONUTS, so they don't keep spawning NEAR me.

      There's not much left to optimize. 90% of the FPS cost comes just from the Brightness camera being there.

  • Hmm i wonder how this would function with RT Tarkov Raytracing Global illuminations Reshade?

    • You tell me :kappa:

  • Hi! I don't know if it's a bug or a UI issue, but I noticed that when you play longer matches, and daytime goes into night time, the light meter doesn't seem to properly reflect the now very dark environment.

    • We'd need a screenshot/video with the meter enabled to discuss Brightness accuracy. There is magic to make the computer judge your environment, it's all manually programmed and tested.

    • I don't know, it seems inconsistent because sometimes it works. When it didn't I was on reserve, went underground during daytime, came out at night, meter was at 0 (didn't show any white boxes to either side)

      If it happens again I will take a screenshot.

    • Night raids don't just give negative score, it's usually neutral score in clear weather when moon is up. It's actually quite visible unless you are in grass fields, because green looks extra dark in nights.

      Unfortunately the EFT weather system in 3.8 is bugged and it's almost always clear.

    • Oh okay, maybe that explains it then! Thank you so much for explaining :saint:

  • SAIN got an update that changes bots vision. You have your recommendations about configuring SAIN using with you mod. But that was for previous SAIN version. How to configure SAIN now to good balance with your mod?

    • Nothing new for now, the options (or similar ones and variants) are still there
      You see, I can't just make up stuff without testing out, you are not gonna believe balancing works takes how many hours

    • So I can just use the same preset I configured as you instructed? That I used previously. Thank you!
      And another question. Am i right about bots vision being more "honest" even with brightness module disabled? Worth it? If I don`t wanna be tracked all the time even if it not logical

    • Correct, it's a module, you can turn it off without affecting other modules

  • Ty for the mod. It should be a required mod for SAIN :) I just have one question that’s been puzzling me: what does the Tweaking slides in section 5 of the in-game F12 configs do exactly.

    On default it’s at 100, does that mean it’s 100% effective and tuning it down means less impactful?

    • Yes 100% means fully adapt changes from That's Lit, decrease it to make it closer to vanilla or other-modded.

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  • Hello, how did you manage to open the SAIN config editor that appears in your screenshots?
    Is this an external tool or something hidden within their files?

    I would like to edit some values since SWAG is not updated to the latest version.

  • 3371, are the images for the SAIN settings what you run?

    Reason I ask, I followed your guide and noticed an unexpected issue. Bots are immediately locking on players the moment you aim on them. An example, a PMC was running in the road on ground zero, I'm on second floor looking out a window and see him 100 yards away in a full sprint running 90 degrees to me. Aim in on him, immediately he spins and starts spraying the window. This is basically typical Tarkov bot behavior and something I was not seeing with just SAIN installed. So I'm thinking That's Lit and SAIN are battling one another in some fashion here.

    I'm wondering what settings I could mess with to tone this down.

    • Yes I run with those.

      That "I'm being aimed at" thing is a specific independent code piece in EFT. SAIN gets in disabled, TL does not touch it.

      If you think the settings is the culprit, you can just run something else and see if it's fixed.

      I get similar reports from time to time but usually in the end those are not the mod's issue.

    • Yeah, figured it's code by EFT. The way they react is identical to how the Tarkov bots do.

      I'm torn, I like both SAIN and TL. Performance hasn't been an issue and bots feel much more human like. Granted when they just insta-spin on you like they have eyes in back their head, it really breaks the immersion.

      We're going to run some more tests over the weekend with the crew, but wanted to check with you first.

      Thanks for the mod big dawg!

    • Just FYI I once had someone report getting insta-headshots with That's Lit, but days later he report a fresh re-install fixed it. So it could be something you don't know or remember that's causing issue.

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  • every player should open this mod or just host should open

  • You better ShutUpAndDrinkYourBubbleTea!


    • monkass Thank you for the support, sincerely!

  • Latest update seems to have brought lots of performance issues and crashes with Fika and SAIN.

    Edit: If I was smart enough to read what 3371 wrote, disabling the Brightness Module fixed performance issues. 👍 Thanks for the help!

    • The mod is now FULLY WORKING for Fika if nothing goes wrong.

      That means all features works for every player, and also means Brightness Module creates one cameras for every player. So you need to disable Brightness when co-op for a practically playable experience.

    • Will give it a test.


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    • Edited first post to reflect the outcome.

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  • Just installed. Tested on multiple raids. Multiple Maps. I have an extensive mod list. However, I do utilize a mod order.

    All that aside, I did notice a performance hit, but literally, only a few frames with the Brightness off. Brightness takes a bigger hit of about 15-20. I disable it. However, The mod works fantastic. Fights are much more enjoyable and allow for rotations without being seen the whole freaking time. Comments I've read before, lead me to believe, not many people do utilize a mod order, or they are using a lot of incompatible mods.

    It is very critical that everyone installing mods, that they read full descriptions of what they change or even, replace. That way, when adding more mods on another, they do NOT conflict. This may be general knowledge but seriously, check through your mods. Update them all if needed, their dependencies too. If you are running outdated mods, even though they work, can cause unknown behavior. Trial and Error. Try removing those outdated mods and see if things change performance wise.

    Lastly is hardware. Make sure it's on an SSD. If it's not, do it. That is where most of people's issues lie. This game does not do well on an HDD. It never will. Amand's Graphics helps with performance imo. Try running that. If all else fails, you are going to have to upgrade to mod. It's not up to these guys to make it an optimized, enjoyable experience for every single setup. The fact is, modding is taxing on your hardware and if you don't have the right gear, you will continue to struggle no matter what you do unless you upgrade.

    • That's for the good words and kind reminders.

      That's Lit is a client mod so it does not need to be ordered like server mods. But yes, people need to pay attention to their install, I have had someone recently claimed they get instant headshots with That's Lit but days later he said it's fixed by fresh reinstall.

      Thumbs Up 1
    • Yeah, I know. Just figured I'd throw some performance improving tips. I do see how much crap you guys deal with Daily. Treated like game devs man. Sometimes we forget this is done for free of charge and very hard work goes into these things. We get entitled and it's not a good thing. I mod every chance I get just for an experience. Almost addiction like lmao. So, I try to defend the mod creators as much as I can. Without you guys, this isn't even possible. People need to understand as there is support for certain mods through several avenues, we are on our own to manage our install. Truly, only we can control what's in our game. It's not on you guys to fix shit for us. Cheers.

    • I mod like addicted too, I even got someone call me the guy plays modded games pepeclown

      Happy 1
  • lost 40 fps playing in coop but not in solo with the last version, uninstalled immediately

    • Same here. Runs great solo. When in FIKA party of 3 we basically lost no joke, 60 fps and woods and streets were running at 20fps completely unplayable. Not sure if it's the latest version or what.

    • Thanks for your announcement! The world is eager to know you uninstalled the mod ASAP.

      And yes, I guess it's a Fika player when I saw this comment.

      The mod is now FULLY WORKING for Fika if nothing goes wrong.

      That means all features works for every player, and also means Brightness Module creates one cameras for every player. So you need to disable Brightness when co-op for a practically playable experience.

    • My dude, I love this mod. You did a fantastic job. My comment came across wrong.
      I should have read the instructions better. I'll disable the brightness module and tell my friends to do the same!

    • All good! the first sentence wasn't for you stalkingkappa

      And It's also not really your fault, this specific info lies in .03 change log and is not listed elsewhere, because at the end of the day it's a SPT site and a SPT mod.