Make cooler booms :) I haven't abandoned the mod, just busy with college. I'm still working on it when I have the time to. It's slow.


Check the ReadMe for more info.

  • Version 3.0.1

    Fixed _props error that stopped bots from spawning

  • Version 3.0.0

    Adds the new following weapons:

    SIG MCX Spear - .277 SIG FURY

    SIG MCX Rattler - Multicalibre*

    DP-28 - 7.62x54r

    CETME Ameli - 5.56x45mm

    CROM CR-7 - .500BLK

    Carl Gustaf - 84mm

    DARPA Research Chameleon Exotic Assault Rifle - .50AE

    AK5C - 5.56x45mm

    Scorpion Evo 3 - .357Sig

    Ohio Ordnance HCAR - .30-06

    WASR-10 - 7.62x39mm

    H&K CAWS - 12 Gauge Belted

    Ukrainian RG-1 Porshen grenade launcher - 30×29mm grenade

    .366TKM Homemade Kalashnikov "Golod" - .366TKM

    9x21mm Homemade SMG "Merzost" - 9x21mm

    AK Alfa - 7.62x39

    IZ6X4 - Melee

    Contender - .50AE

    Some of the weapon sizes are bugged and are either too big or too small. I know. I'll fix it later

    Additionally added some new attachments.

  • Version 1.2.4

    AKI 2.1.X Compat

    DD Stocks Now go buffers correctly

    AN94 Barrels are where they're supposed to be
    7.62 AN94 Preset now has front sight
    Kar98k now has correct mag check animation
    Kar98k Trigger Assy. and Stock Now Required Parts

    Updated and moved presets to reflect ammo changes

    DD MK18 Pistol Grips Fixed

    And finally,

    the first truly successful assault rifle ever

    The Sturmgewehr 44

    I am probably forgetting something critical, so feel free to DM me or post a comment if you find what you think is a bug.
    I know it should say 7.92, but I already uploaded the zip

  • Version 1.2.3

    Does *NOT* currently work AKI 2.1.0
    *Known Issues*
    Daniel Defense PGs have no mesh

    Down to business
    TheSpartacus has joined the team!
    DDMK18 Requisitioned

    The Kar98 Makes it's Debut
    The Long-Awaited Deagle has arrived
    The KAC M110 Pattern AR-10 is now available
    in 7.62x51 and 6.5 Creedmoor
    Features a multi-caliber magazine and a black SR-25 Creedmoor Upper

    A Beautifully Reworked AN-94

    5.7x28 MILF Kit
    Minor Preset Changes and Additions

    I'm probably forgetting something important as usual.
    As always , direct questions comments and concerns to one of the team members.
    Thanks for looking down this far.

  • Version 1.1.3

    New Stuff!

    --Wages actually fucking works again--
    GLOCK PARTY 2: Electric Boogaloo

    -Added Glock 21 (.45 ACP)


    -Added Glock 25 (.380 ACP)

    -Added Glock 32 (.357 Sig)


    New Upper Who Dis?

    -First iteration of the MCACW (Name subject to change)
    -Two Lowers, MK1, semi and MK2 select fire, 725 RPM
    -Presets Spread thru LL1-4
    -AR-15 Lower compat with all (I'm pretty sure) vanilla M4 mods and Carl's .300BLK ammo
    -Uppers availabile in:

    -.50BW (Requisitioned with permission from KCH Armory-


    ___Changes and Removals___

    --Wages Mags renamed to fit general Grendel names (Pmag 26 and Dmag 50)
    -Corrected categories for weapons
    -.40FMJ Set as DefAmmo for Glock22 and STM40
    -Wages buffed due to being the dedicated Grendel Platform
    -Retex'd HK Polymer STANAG 30 Round in Black (5.45) and Plum(9x39)

    Sick Ass 9x39 magazine - credits to Serwolfik and TwistedGA
    Sent configs to Andrudis for the to allow chances for our stuff to spawn in world.
    Some shit's probably broke because that's how it goes modding this game!
    Do not upgrade.
    Delete the Old KMC-Weapons folder.

    As always do not be hesitant to come to us with questions, concerns, complaints and suggestions! Much love and thank you all for the support and patience.

    -MC Witch Doctor and the KMC Crew

  • Version 1.1.2

    Actual fixes this time!

    -Glock 40 Audio now works as intended
    -Glock 22 Preset purchase doesn't break the game anymore

  • Version 1.0.69

    This Version is not compatible with any core version below 1.1.0



    Glock 22 in .40SW
    -1 Unthreaded Barrel (Threaded coming)
    -1 Slide
    -Shares Magazines with STM-40


    Glock 40 in
    10mm Auto
    -1 Unthreaded Barrel (Threaded coming!)
    -1 Slide (Fits Trijicon RMR!)
    -Beefy Custom Audio!

    (Done by our own Fox!)

    Other Fixes and changes include:
    -Removal of .357 Sig from STM-40 FIlters (You'll know why soon™)
    -Added a 2nd MP5/10 Preset
    -Made XM109 Ergo make a bit more sense

    More to come! As always, feel free to come to us with any comments, questions, concerns and suggestions!

    P.S. Check Workbench 3


  • Version 1.0.9

    Change log 1.0.8 --> 1.0.9

    The file size has drastically decreased due to many optimisations and fixes thanks to Katto <3

    [Added] Weapon presets at trader

    [Changed] Balance, stat and loyalty level pass

    Please update KMC-Core to 1.0.2 if you haven't already

    -Le Kaiju

  • Version 1.0.8

    Change Log 1.0.7 --> 1.0.8

    XM109 is now fully operational.

    [Added] Wages Of Virtue suppressor

    [Changed] .277 TVCM ammos name changed to 6.8 TVCM

    [Changed] Wages Of Virtue is now in loyalty level 2 while better ammos and attachments are in loyalty levels 3 and 4

    [Fixed] Backgrounds of items are now consistent with BSGs colour scheme

    [Fixed] Many other small improvements and fixes

    [Fixed] Stat fixes for .50 BMG

    [Fixed] Stat fixes for 6.5 API, HE

    [Removed] Full auto from all AN-94 Variants

    [Removed] Wages Of Virtue 370mm barrel

    -Le Kaiju

  • Version 1.0.7

    Change Log 1.0.6 --> 1.0.7

    Wages of Virtue is now fully operational.

    XM109 is still having some behaviour issues, we've scheduled counselling.

    [Fixed] Wages of Virtue (Dont @ me)

    [Changed] Wages of Virtue/virtue attachments stats rework (MC WITCH DOCTOR)

    -Le Kaiju

  • Update - 11/16/2022

    I'm still alive but development of the mod has been paused so that I can focus on my studies in college. I haven't abandoned the mod, and there's no ETA on when I will release an update, but I plan to release an update when I feel like I've reached a good enough point. Personally, I'd prefer if people could leave the mod alone for now, I'd rather not hand it over to someone else. I'm hoping to try and push something during winter break when my college semester ends.

    For those wondering, current reasons why I haven't pushed out an update of what I've already achieved is mostly due to the following:

    Some custom weapons are missing audio

    Some textures could be polished/I'm not really proud of it

    Some guns aren't finished or are bugged

    A lot of minor stuff that I want completed aren't done yet (custom ammo, attachments for custom weapons, etc).

    Uniforms/clothing not having the right FPS hands

    Custom bullet stats unfinished or missing things

    Helmet attachment overhaul unfinished

    Heart 5
    • As proof that I am still working on it, here's some stuff that I've been working on:






    • Take your time and hope you're doing well in College.

    • That be some sexy looking goodness!!!

      Looking forward to using it all when stabilized. :):thumbup:

  • And it returns..

  • Good afternoon I have a quick question about an issue I'm having (probably noob level user error) but how can I get the guns from this pack to show up randomly on PMC's in raid? For context I am running a small host of mods, none of which should conflict with this one and I use your SVM mod for most alterations to the game files. KMC Core is installed along with this mod in the mod folder of SPT and the trader works just fine (minus the crashing if I scroll too fast but that's already been addressed from what I read in the comments). Thanks for your work on the mod and thanks for your time!

  • Quick question i have the core and the weapon mod all good but the trader only shows the ammo where or how can i find the guns? in preset i cant build anything from the new guns etc and in config i put True for enable plz help xD

    Edit: and btw in the Config of both Core and weapon is only the Debug for enable nothing more nothing less i dont know if it is right as it is but the guns/ attachments etc dont load only trader and ammo

    i fixed it somehow int the folder with 3.0.1 just go inside it and this folder copy it to mods and delete the 3.0.1 folder then the .json loads and stuff works sort of xD

  • Amazing work!
    Not a suggestion, more like a personal wish. Would it be possible to give some magazine options to the Scar-H? Like some of the 7.62 drum mags and pmags? Also an option to put a buffer tube on the Scar-s and unlock a ton of stock options.
    Mlok handguards would be a dream come true.
    Keep up the good work and good luck with Uni!

  • im having a issue where i cant view any of the icons do you have a fix for such a problem?

  • Have you considered to include (ovbiously with permission of its respective athors) weapons like RPK, AK-47 (From Miralyn), m16 or AWM that are abandoned projects in these mods?? it would became THE WEAPON Mod along with the SamSwat's weapons.

    Uh, also i have seen that some weapons appears in wrong categories, it will be fixed in future versions?

  • None of the 9x19 ammo can be loaded into regular tarkov (Glock, MP5, 226, etc etc.) magazines. Tested with multiple variations of 9x19mm.

  • i think the mod may cause the ai not the spawn ive been testing all my mods and when i removed this mod specificaly my ai now spawns may something causing a conflict with the ai props or something. and does anyone know how the fix the bugged ai shooting around randomly in walls and never at someone XD

  • Hey I am having an issue where it says that the mod is missing the Json package but when I look in the mod files it is present, would you know of a fix? I also was wondering if you may be able to include a new barrel for the FAL/SA58 based off of FAL New 16 inch barrel MOD.

  • i cant load into raids it shows me this error:

    TypeError: undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

    TypeError: undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

    at ItemHelper.drawAmmoTpl (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\ItemHelper.js)

    at ItemHelper.createRandomMagCartridges (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\ItemHelper.js)

    at LocationGenerator.createItem (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\LocationGenerator.js)

    at LocationGenerator.generateContainerLoot (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\LocationGenerator.js)

    at LocationController.generate (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\LocationController.js)

    at LocationController.get (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\LocationController.js)

    at LocationCallbacks.getLocation (C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\LocationCallbacks.js)

    at RouteAction.action (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\dynamic\LocationDynamicRouter.js)

    at LocationDynamicRouter.handleDynamic (C:\snapshot\project\obj\di\Router.js)

    at HttpRouter.handleRoute (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\HttpRouter.js)

    TypeError: undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

    TypeError: undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

    at ItemHelper.drawAmmoTpl (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\ItemHelper.js)

    at ItemHelper.createRandomMagCartridges (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\ItemHelper.js)

    at LocationGenerator.createItem (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\LocationGenerator.js)

    at LocationGenerator.generateContainerLoot (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\LocationGenerator.js)

    at LocationController.generate (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\LocationController.js)

    at LocationController.get (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\LocationController.js)

    at LocationCallbacks.getLocation (C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\LocationCallbacks.js)

    at RouteAction.action (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\dynamic\LocationDynamicRouter.js)

    at LocationDynamicRouter.handleDynamic (C:\snapshot\project\obj\di\Router.js)

    at HttpRouter.handleRoute (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\HttpRouter.js)

  • getting an issue where i open the trader and my game instantly crashes. i tired 3 or 4 times and its still crashes

  • Are all of the guns supposed to spawn not completed because there a no kitted guns or complete guns at all

    • Some of them don't have a preset yet.

    • I mean like none of the guns do. Im gonna reinstall

    • what is your trader level?

    • That was the problem I just fixed it. Also what is the reciever for the golod

  • Would you know how to fix the issue saying its missing a package.json?

    • make sure the mod isn't in a double folder

    • Could you possibly explain how I would do that?

    • open the folder extract the second one

    • It won't let me extract it so I don't think its a double folder. Its supposed to be in user/mods right? If not I don't know what I could be doing wrong.

    • Inside there is a folder called KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1 inside that folder is another folder called KMC-WEAPONS. Because KMC-WEAPONS is in another folder it doesn't get read correctly. The folder called KMC-WEAPONS needs to be in your user/mods folder and not the other folder called KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1 If done correctly your user/mods should have the folder KMC-WEAPONS and inside that folder you should see 3 folders and 4 files only. Hope this helps!

  • The download link isn't working for me. Keeps saying page is unavailable.

  • The right tactical mount on M6-ICA5 6.5 Grendel is turned around and the laser is pointing back at me. Thanks for the mod i love it

    • weird, will have to look into it

  • I just installed it and the server loader says the .json file is missing even thought i know its in the files already. Also how come the seller is omly selling ammo at level 2?

    • The mod itself is in the folder kmc weapons 3.0.1, open that, and put the folder thats in there into your mods folder

  • This mode is really good. But it's sad that some weapons aren't working yet. I hope all the weapons work well after the test :)

  • I do not know why but when i load the trader for the first time, my sptarkov keep crashing, i get no errors, nothing though

    • just allow the icons to slowly load in at the trader and it shouldn't crash after that.

    • well that's what i've done, i clicked on the trader and touch nothing to let it load and it still keeps crashing at moment of the loading

    • i just tried again, clicked the trader, touched nothing, it has loaded 3 items and crashed, here's what the server told me at the moment

      [Requete Client] /client/trading/api/getTraderAssort/DOC_TRADER
      [Requete Client] /client/trading/api/getUserAssortPrice/trader/DOC_TRADER
      changement dans le profile sauvgardé
      changement dans le profile sauvgardé
      (Note: from this point game has crashed)
      [Requete Client] /launcher/profile/info
      [Requete Client] /launcher/server/version
    • hm, that's really strange.

    • could it be because of hardware limitation ? i have 1050TI, I7-7700HQ and 16gb ram, and i am running SPT on my HDD, not my SSD

  • I'm gonna be honest, when I saw the Chameleon from Division 2, I had to use it immediately xd. Big Division 2 fan. Kinda hope you make more like the Ravenous too. Fun exotic to use in Division 2.

  • Me: Thinking I will stay at 3.3.0 for a while

    Katto: Updates KMC mod

    Me: Smashed the update button

  • there aint no way bruh

  • The Ergonomics percentage on the Daniel Defense stock is ATROCIOUS, at 10 percent meanwhile

    is there a config file to edit this?

    • Go into the SRC folder and find the specific file to that item, you can change the configs there.

  • The contender bugged my hands and I was unable to do anything about it except kill the server and alt+F4

    • I was unable to see if it threw an error

    • contender will be removed in the next update as it's completely broken, but thanks

      Thumbs Up 2
  • I keep getting a error in the server when I launch the game with 3.0.1.

    Mod (KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1) is missing package.json

    I've checked in the mod folder and the package.json is there. I've reinstalled the mod and core but still no change, any ideas?

    • Found the fix. The zip file has two folders the one named "KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1" and inside that folder another named "KMC-WEAPONS"...<<< that folder is the one you need to move to your mods folder not the "KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1".... it should look something like this: \user\mods\KMC-WEAPONS and not \user\mods\KMC-WEAPONS-3.0.1\KMC-WEAPONS.

      Hope this helps.

  • so i got the 3.0.1 and i only got the lynx, caws, rg-1 and the spas is that supposed to happen? cuz i haven't tried the rest of the weapons

  • is it worth waiting for an update for kmc gear? if yes, then when ?

  • Just tried playing with this mod and am getting the same issue with bot spawns, also for some reason if i try to launch the game after deleting kmc-weapons i get stuck on "Loading profile data" then the game throws up an error "Value cannot be null, Parameter name: source""

  • This is really good mod, but a bit heavy on the loadtimes for my pc. To remove some of the weapons, would it be enough to just delete their folders from bundles and src weapons?

  • I'm super excited that this has been dropped. After all of your hard work I finally get to enjoy this masterpiece once again. I can't thank you enough and I knew you'd be back once you were ready.

    Chefs Kiss :*

  • Just Transcendent Mod.

    If you use this mod, your tarkov life will be much happier.

    PoWeRfUl heavy machine gun, ye that is my favorite.

    But there are few bugs. ex) ammo type

    i hope that bugs will be fixed soon. <3

  • Mandatory for most Tarkov gun nuts

    Awesome pack!!

    Most of the weapons are fully functional, others like the contender are broken, i have not tested all of them, but looks very well

  • The Best Mod

    Quite frankly one of the best mods to ever be made for sp-tarkov, something that is actually necessary for the experience. No reason not to play with this mod

  • Baller.

    Really fun mod to use, not much else to say

  • Who needs streets?

    Adds guns fully animated along with compatibility with vanilla attachments, a new trader with all the new ammo, guns and a bunch of attachments for sale, currency for it it's in EUR and has working trader loyalty. Oh what is that you say? You want it for 3.5.0? FOOL, there's no STREETS STABLE SPT RELEASE YET, JUST PAIN, BUGGED AUDIO AND SHITTY MAP OPTIMIZATION! But back to the mod review. Yes it is good because it adds variety and variety is the key to longevity.

    This mod alone adds countless hours just to have a go at all the weapons it adds, it's really a work of love and it shows.

    And remember to you fuckos who may feel the urge to complain about any of this. THIS WAS MADE ON THE MODDER'S FREE TIME, YOU DON'T GET TO COMPLAIN, SHUT YOUR TRAPS AND PLAY.


    Reply from The_Katto ():

    It works on 3.5.0, but thanks <3