Chomp-RaiderSpawnFix 1.0.1

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2.0.* mods aren't working on 2.1.0.

Raiders in Reserve and Labs as bsg intended

Some of the Raider spawns that use triggerids are broken, they use the wrong ids. this mod changes them to let raiders spawn again.

Locations fixed


  • D2
  • Bunker door /w switch


  • Medical elevator
  • Main elevator

This mod does not alter the spawn chance of raiders, you still have a 50% chance of them spawning depending on the location.

  • I assume this mod is still required for 2.1.1 if you want Raiders to spawn?

    • Yes indeed.

  • I knew it was broken! Gonna test this mod!

  • Does this only enable the raiders to spawn again? Because I'm planning to use Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn to set the number of raiders and other variables.

    • i don't see any incompatibilities between this and luas cp rework. Assuming Lua doesn't alter trigger names!

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  • Hi! It's compatible with AKI 2.0, Fin's AI etc?

    • Not tested/supported on 2.0.1 but i'm not your dad, do whatever you want.

      No known incompatibilities with other mods.

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  • Thank You So Much

    Running Reserve/Lab was really boring this time around when I realized for some reason Raiders weren't spawning and other mods that forced Raider spawns used scav voices instead of raider/PMC ones as usual so it was just weird not having a very crucial piece of 2 loot farm maps not exist anymore, thank you for bringing them back when I feel like not many people even realized this 8)

  • tested many times

    works great for me pog