Le_Kaiju's AmmoPouch + API Port for latest AKI 1.0.2

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Port of Le_Kaiju's AmmoPouch and API for the latest AKI ver

First requested port of a mod, this time Le_Kaiju's Ammo Pouch mod, but I also had to port the API as well, both the Ammo Pouch and API are included in the zip.

Again, this is the work of Le_Kaiju, I only did the porting

hmu if there are any problems and feel free to request any ports

Original Author: Le_Kaiju

Original Mod Listings:

Le Kaiju / Orbitas - AmmoPouch

Le Kaiju - API

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  • Absolutely love this mod! Playing SPO gave me an idea: could another version of this be made to hold food items? The size is perfect, but a "Lucky Scav Snack Pack" to hold things like sugar, chocolate, water, etc. would be amazing to make sure I don't go without on a long trek or lose the sugar I need for the booze generator. If I knew anything about how to code such a thing, I would do it myself. But I'm just a dumb construction worker...

    • hmm

    • What does "hmm" mean? I'd love to help if I can. In the very least I could make a new icon for it in photoshop.

    • I'll consider it

      and although I appreciate the gesture, I'm fine working alone

      (also I swear that such a mod already exists)

    • If it already exists, I do apologize. I'm very new to this scene, don't know about all the stuff that's already been made. I love that SPT is a thing. I'm so done with the online version. Anyway, thanks for answering me. Good luck and be safe out there.

  • Any news on updating to 2.3.0?

  • thank you

  • Please update to 2.2.0! :thumbup:

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  • Anyone know if it's possible to find the pouch in raid?
    Or you can only buy it?

    • Only buy. But, in my opinion, it would be more interesting with barter, for example, for gunpowder...

    • Oh, I see. Thanks!

      Yeah, I would like to find it on raid tbh, but hey let's not complain, it's a nice mod

    • yeah dont complain! get that outta here!

      jk, I might look into it

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    • Lmao :D that reaction was unexpected.
      Just by that, know that you're awesome!! Ngl most modders get kinda cocky for what they do, I don't blame them too much tho, what they do is like quantum physics for me I admire them.

      Even if you do look into it, please don't overdo yourself!!!

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    • thanks man! i try to avoid being arrogant as I'm just pretty laid back and do this for fun, and as for finding it in raid I might just make it something that can spawn in bot inventories and I also might make a barter for it, just need to do some thinking

  • hi, I was using this as a template for replicating the injector case from tarkov for my own use (sorry if this is frowned upon.) I was wondering how to change the item restrictions of the container, it seems to work otherwise.

    edit: nevermind, I fixed it thanks to Zeke.

    • you might have to look into filters.

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  • Glad to see someone still appreciates my previous work. :)

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  • The mod is very cool ! Can I translate it into Russian ? How do I create a localization file ?

  • Never had the original, but I do like the mod.

    I noticed that once you have the pouch in your storage, you are not able to edit profile at all to add anything to your stash. It could just be a problem on my end, but just wanted to share incase anyone else had the issue and didn't know why.

    • Im not too sure about that as I've never tried it but try doing it while the server is closed and save the file before starting up the server again as I've found that any edits made while the server is open don't save and get removed

  • For some reason i cant find the pouch in at skier :( not sure why

    • Did the server report any problems with the mod?

    • no nothing :/

    • hmm, well does it at least appear on the flea?

    • Not even in flea, even with profile editor i cant find the item

    • Now that i look at the server log, it doesent even mention each mod that is loaded, just says "loading mods..."

  • What exactly does this do? I never had the original.

    • it's an adjustable size container that allows you to store loose ammo both in your stash and in your secured container

    • Wait, So if I use this I can pull ammo from my stash while in raid?

    • No, it’s just a regular container for ammo, it’s bonus is that you can adjust the storage size in the files and put it in your secured container

    • Oh okay, Thank you.

  • Nice. Very appreciated.

  • Thank you!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • picture?

    • we don't use pictures around here fella

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    • :((((

    • Hang on, c0xe, I'm confused...

      When you replied to Kobrakon's answer "we don't use pictures around here fella" you wrote "your gay"... errr his "gay" what? Dog...cat....budgie?

      Please clarify... :/:/:/

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  • You are a fucking legend for updating these mods! Thank you kind sir. kanalazyanimeproudclap

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