Fin's Realistically Equipped Traders 1.2.1c

You've been spoiled by traders with infinite stocks and perfect weapons. No more.

This mod attempts to make traders an interesting part of the SPT world, instead of just a way to get infinite copies of your favourite loadout over and over and over. Traders will sell you only a limited amount of gear, and the weapons they have to offer won't be in pristine condition.

I HIGHLY recommend this mod be used in conjunction with mods or game settings that give the AI damaged weapons, as well.

This mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with other economy mods

So what exactly does it do?

This mod takes a random selection of items that the trader could normally sell you (IE. If you're LL2 with Prapor, it will only pick from items he sells at or below LL2) and gives them to the trader in limited quantities. You might get, for instance, two AKMs, one PP19, and one mosin as the weapons available for purchase from that trader for that reset. These are the ONLY weapons that will be sold by them for the next three hours, and once you've purchased all four, no more will be available for purchase from that trader. Most other items will be similarly limited: If you see a stack of 59 LPS GzH rounds for sale, those 59 are all there are from that trader.

Weapons will also be sold damaged. The exact level of damage depends on your loyalty level with the trader, but at LL1 they'll be between 55% and 91.8% durability, improving to between 70% and 97.2% durability at LL4.

Armor is sold at full durability.

The flea market is, obviously, disabled by this mod.

Traders don't reset when you restart the server. They require three IRL hours to pass, before they'll restock. They also require three IRL hours to pass before any price updates made in the config take effect, at the moment.

  • Version 1.2.1c


    • Added an option to shrink the size of any given category
      • The option is called 'reduce_quantities_in_these_categories'
      • To halve the number of weapons offered, you would use the following entry
      • "guns": 2


    • Fixed the math that happens with the durability of barter trades


    • Hard capped the maximum durability items can be sold at, just in case


    • FRET is now compatible with mods that add new traders to the game, or modify trader inventories, via three new config options
      • I_am_using_a_mod_to_alter_trader_stock_and_want_FRET_to_play_nice_with_it
        • Set this to true to tell FRET to refer to the trader's inventory after it's been altered by other mods, rather than its vanilla version.
      • Use_mod_added_trader_settings_for_vanilla_traders
        • Mod-added traders are now set to use algorithmically determined values
          for their inventory sizes. If you're changing the inventories of vanilla traders, you might want to turn this on to scale the size of their selection to their new list of available goods.
      • new_trader_IDs_to_modify
        • You need to add the IDs of any new traders you want FRET to modify to
          this list. These are the ids they use internally, you should be able to find them inside of any trader-adding mod fairly easily. You can also add an entry called "ALL TRADERS", and it will just go ahead and modify every mod-added trader, regardless of what else you've entered.
    • There were also a few minor bugfixes
  • Version 1.2.0


    • 2.3.1 compatibility
    • New config option, "condense_identical_items_into_one_stack"
  • Version 1.1.1


    • New config options:
      • allow_barter_trades
        • Allows barter trades to appear in trader inventories
        • Barter trade items have 50% more durability than cash trade items
      • show_unavailable_barters_as_zero_stock
        • Shows unavailable barters (As in, those that this mod didn't give the trader stock for) as having 0 stock.
          • If this is not enabled, and allow_barter_trades is enabled, then unavailable barters simply will not be short
          • Enabling this allows you to see what trade goods are required for barter trades, even if that barter isn't currently in stock
      • reduce_armor_durability
        • Subjects armor to the same durability loss as weapons
    • Fence and the flea market are now properly disabled
  • Version 1.0.0b


    • Fixed price multipliers sometimes increasing with item quantity
    • Weapon price now scales with durability. A weapon sold by a trader at 50% durability will cost 75% of the usual price


    • Small update that should make this mod compatible with mods that add new traders
  • Version 1.0.0

    Yeah, I know. I've released another economy mod.

    ..But I think this one is the best of the bunch, so far, and I may try and combine it with the others in future updates.

  • Hi! Thanks for your mod, it makes a game just like it should be, imo.

    I was trying to use it with AR Shoppe Unlimited (Armalite), but despite working with bunch of other custom traders mods, this gives me an error:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    at Function.randomizeTraderInventory (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\user\mods\Fin-LimitedInventories\src\mod.js:258:13)

    at Function.setupTraderInventories (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\user\mods\Fin-LimitedInventories\src\mod.js:175:22)

    at Function.main (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\user\mods\Fin-LimitedInventories\src\mod.js:105:9)

    at Object.runOnGameStart [as FRET] (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\user\mods\Fin-LimitedInventories\src\mod.js:670:8)

    at Function.getResponse (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\obj\src\routers\HttpRouter.js:26:26)

    at Function.sendResponse (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\obj\src\servers\HttpServer.js:149:33)

    at Inflate.cb (C:\SteamLibrary\Games\AKI_2.3.1_AIO\obj\src\servers\HttpServer.js:195:32)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    Could you please point me to what could possibly cause this message?
    Thank you...

  • Due to working from home again, I have been playing 2.3.1 for some time now with this mod and I have noticed something. Many traders don't offer guns for sale when they should. For example, I have been stuck on Punisher pt 3 for weeks now b/c I can't buy or barter for the AKS-74U from Prapor. I check every restock for either one to purchase or barter and I have never seen it. Same for the barter for 60 round 5.45 mag. I have allow barter items equal to true and show out of stock barter items. Any ideas?

    Also, would it be possible to show only Trader items on the Flea?

  • When accessing link for the last version it direct to website about bunnies instead of file download... :(

    • Uhh..

      ..I pasted the wrong link >_>;;. Sorry about that.

      It's fixed now!

    • No problem, thank you :)

  • Would there be a possibility to add an ammo amount multiplier? Trying to create scarcity around loose ammo, and even though I have traders modified with ammo counts below 20 on each, after FRET they constantly restock 100+ of bullets...

    • Sure, I can throw that in, it shouldn't be too hard or too bloat-y for the config.

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    • Another annoying suggestion 😅:

      Some quest require certain items that don't spawn in raid (markers and WiFi cameras for example)

      Easy way:

      Whitelist for items always present.

      Hard way:

      Whitelist that checks if X quest is present for Y item to be guaranteed to be in stocked.

    • That's already programmed in there, as far as I'm aware? Which quest item isn't being stocked, for you?

  • Hey, I have a slight issue with this mod where some of the gun are showing up as 130% durability as oppose to the 50 to 90 range. I did install other mod, but i tested and ran it only with this mod and it was still the same.

    • Looking at the math I don't see any way the durability multiplier can ever go above 100%, just due to how the numbers at play line up, but I've put in a hard cap to keep it under 98% now. -Let me know if that doesn't fix it!

    • The 98% cap sort of fixed it. Half the weapons are now betweeen 50-90 and the other half is just at 98. i thought it might be my sptarkov folder, so i did a clean wipe same result.

    • Oop. I found the issue, barters are being given too much of a durability boost. I'll put up the proper fix for that tonight.

      Edit: I lied, uploading it now, because the fix was just a set of brackets.

      I was using some math that works if you apply BEDMASS.. But doesn't add up to the same thing if you do math the way programming languages do.

  • Is Fence supposed to be empty? I didn't see anything in the readme or anywhere saying this

    • It is, yes, it's supposed to disable both the Fence and Flea. -I'll double check the readme, though, and add that in if it's missing!

  • hey fin. i tried the mod out. but i am also limeting myself by not playing scav. the only thing i wanne change from this mod is the bullit cap. and the magazine cap. that the traders have in there inventory. not unlimited but like 10 mags for each they sell and 800 bullits. since i dont wanne play scavs to get my money inc and weapons

    • Unfortunately this isn't modifiable at the moment, but it's been set up so that you should have enough bullets for some weapon pretty much no matter what. -Skier, for instance, almost always sells a large number of 5.56 FMJ rounds, there's always *some* kind of shotgun shell available, 5.45 comes in so many flavours there's always at least a few hundred rounds of it on Prapor, etc. etc.

  • So how does stock population work? Does it takes stock from vanilla? If I will change trader stock with use of Advanced Trader Framework will it use that stock?

    • Iv noticed asset.js is being automatically populated, and it even adds custom traders to its list, but sadly it ignores any changes done to vanilla traders, and uses base stock. Is there way to make it pull from ATF? (yes tried swapping loadorder)

    • At the moment it's not designed to play nice with other trader-altering mods, because it has internal values for each trader that determine how much of each thing they stock that would have to either be made algorithmic or config-modified to accommodate new traders with stocks of varying sizes.

      As for pulling from a mod-altered stock, I think I should be able to put a config option in there for that, but it will suffer from a similar issue. That is to say, if a mod adds thirty new guns to Peacekeeper, then the mod will still only sell you around four at LL2, so your odds of seeing any particular gun will go down.

    • Quote

      That is to say, if a mod adds thirty new guns to Peacekeeper

      Yeah, that definitely not a problem XD
      I'm completely rebalancing the distribution of guns, moving most of auto and high caliber guns to higher tiers, with alternative barters.
      So If I will alter asset.js manually it will not regenerate and replace it with vanilla stock? :v
      Im asking because I really don't want to put those hours into tweaking it just to be overriten XD

    • Oh. Yes, altering asset.js won't do anything long-term. That file is used to save trader stocks when you close the game, so that when you boot up again you have the same stock.

      Modifications to asset.js will be overwritten when the mod says it's time for the trader's stock to refresh, which will be every three IRL hours. If you boot up after that, any changes you made to it will be gone and you'll have a totally new asset.js population.

    • As I said, though, I should be able add a config option so that it won't pull from vanilla stock, but you may have some balance issues afterwards.

  • I am experiencing a couple issues with 1.1.1:

    1. Nothing is in stock for most traders, except quest specific items. Mechanic has 5 items available and Therapist has many more available. I have waited through 2 resets with no change in item availability in any traders.

    2. The reset time is wonky. I will check reset time and it show 2 hours. Move around traders, examine quests, visit hideout and then the same traders reset has jumped to 19 minutes remaining. Because of this strange reset time bounce, maybe mine is not actually reseting.


    1. all items examined

    2. bot names

    3. expanded scav karma

    4. valens has the power

    5. Thatguy loot config

    6. Thatguy pmc config

    • This seems to be a 2.3.1 incompatibility. No ETA on a fix, since I have no idea just what might be causing it, but hopefully soon.

    • ah shoot, I just noticed it was only for 2.3.0...sorry to waste your time

    • All good! -The fix is up now.

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  • Maybe it is a bug, but Fence still trading weapons with 100% durability :(

    Also, is there any chance, that you will add same functionality for armor trades?

    • Oops. Yes, that's an oversight. I'll fix that soon!

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    • And durability loss for purchased armor is now a config option

      Thanks 1
  • Fin, always coming up with new ways to torture us

  • requesting config option for re-enabling flea and changing the time it takes to traders to restock along with possibly the amount of items in a single assort

  • OOoOO . Anything to make the game harder I am down to try

  • This Mod is Awesome For Hardcore/ People who just wanna suffer without getting head eyes

    For SPT - AKI 2.3.1 it works!

    So For Context this mod works with Ak guy, Ar Shoppe, Crab god, Gear Gal, Gunsmith, NamelessMaid And Priscilu without a problem

    * Their inventories are still the same they have infinite but no issues running them with this mod

    Fantastic mod, as it makes you feel more like in live, but with lesser buy options as ur forced to buy and use what you get
    - like in this picture I had to use the ppsh and the pp91 because mosin wasn't even in stocked rn

    TY FIN LOVE UUU :love::thumbup: