Priscilu AiMate 1.0.1

This mod was created with everything you need to play coop with PMCs bots of your own faction.

Yes my friends: Priscilu is back! Now with another mod.

The success of Priscilu (the trader mod) gave us the motivation to work on a new mod for you. Let me explain what is this mod:

I know some of you enjoy playing SPT-AKI coop with bots of your own PMC faction. Unfortunately, once PMCs, scavs and raiders appearance sometimes are very similar, this does not work well. But what if Bear and Usecs appearance were adjusted in a way you would never mix up Bear, Usecs again? And what if you could decide the percentage of hostile bots in your PMC faction? Now imagine you could simply change bots difficulty making them easier or more difficulty. And what about deciding the percentage of Usecs among PMCs, percentage of scavs turned into PMCs and even the percentage of raiders turned into PMCs? Yes, I know all of these seems to be excellent. But it would be even better if we could change the amount of bots in the raids.

My friends, all of this are real and available in just one mod: the Priscilu-AiMate.


Download the mod, unzip it and drag and drop the "Priscilu-AiMate" folder into the mods folder located in "usermods".

Path should be like this: "SPT-AKI_folderusermodsPriscilu-AiMate".

In my specificall case it is: "D:GamesSPT-AKIusermodsPriscilu-AiMate".

The key to play well with this mod is recognize who is Usec and who is Bear. Below you can see what is the appearance of each faction in Priscilu-AiMate:




Actually AiMate is already configured and most of you do not need to change anything. But, if you want to change something in the mod, go to SPT-AKIusermodsPriscilu-AiMateconfig and open the file config.js. In this file you are going to see all the config options and the explanation about each one.

If you are interested in some tips about AiMate config, please visit Mod Support.

Finally, some players are facing issue related with compatibility betwen AiMate and other bot mods. So if you want to play Priscilu-AiMate together with FIN'S AI TWEAKS, Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod or SVM (Server Value Modifier) I suggest you take a look at this guide in Mod Support.

We are very happy to bring this mod to you, guys. Hope you like.

See you.


  • Version 1.0.1


    - Update to SPT-AKI 2.3.1;

    - Fixed PMC sometimes spawn without some equipment;

    - As requested, to make PMCs more Identifiable, now Usec wears blue armband and Bear, red;

    - Besides PMC parameters, now you can setup pre raid config parameters for the others bots (scavs, raiders etc). These parameters are "AIDifficulty", "AIAmount", "EnableBosses", "ScavWar" and "TaggedAndCursed";

    - Added a config parameters for when you play with Fin's Ai Tweaks mod.

  • Version 1.0.0

    First version.

    SPT-AKI: 2.3.0


  • will this ever be brought back to 3.4.X + future updates? kannacrying

    • Hi Seiyo,

      Unfortunately the game has changed a lot and I was not able to make this mod work on recent SPT-AKI version.

      I'm sorry.

    • oh, sorry, but is there any other mod or any other way to get AI teammates like scavs?

    • Seiyo,
      There is a very simple way to get Ai teammates scavs. You just need to play as scav.
      But if you want PMC teammates, on SPT-AKI 3.4.1, it seems PMC of your own faction are your teammate as soon as you don´t shoot them.
      Hope it helps.

    • i knew about scavs already, but thanks for the information.
      i just wanted to look/find a mod that lets you spawn with AI pmcs that are friendly with scavlike commanding, similar to a real game

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    • nevermind, i found a way, if you go to bot.json in SPT AKI/Aki_Data/Sever/configs

      you can go then to that file and change isusec to 100 if you are usec and change "chanceSameSideIsHostilePercent": *number* and change the number to 0, all usecs will be friendly and you can command them, and bears wont spawn. UNLESS you change "isUsec": *number*, to a percentage of what pmcs that spawn will or wont be usec


      go to bot.json in configs file and change
      "isUsec": 100,

      "chanceSameSideIsHostilePercent": 0,

      all pmcs will be usec and all of them are friendly, you can also command them

      fun thing, while i was commanding a pmc to follow me, he saw a scav and tried to throw a grenade out of a window on factory, he slightly overshot and hit the wall above it and killed us both

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  • does this mean i can have team mates as ai (bots)????

    • Exactly!
      Unfortunately this mod is very old and it is not working for nowadays SPT-AKI.

    • okay np

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  • My FAVOURITE MOD!. I Miss U!! ;(

  • any change for an update to 3.0.0 :saint:

    • Hi Yurian.
      Man, unfortunately no changes. The SPT-AKI 3.0.0 requires a different approach in terms of modding and I have not got it yet.
      I'm sorry, man.

      Sad 1
    • Hi again :)

      Still hoping you are working on the new modding. For me this is the best mod out there, really miss it!


    • I'm very sorry, Yurian.

      At this moment we are working on Priscilu Trader for SPT-AKI 3.1.1. So, for now, there is no ETA for AiMate (SPT-AKI 3.1.1). We are going to try to update AiMate, but I won't hide from you that it is not an easy task for us. That is why I can't give you a ETA.

      I'm sorry, mate.

    • Hi Reis!

      I understand very much and I read a sparkle of hope that one day AIMate returns. I hope that Priscilu Trader gives you the insight needed to make it happen. Till then, thanks!


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  • Thank you for your mod and effort, I have spent 3 days or so, trying to set it up, but, unfortunately, In every raid I found PMC of my faction, who will attack me, and ones who won't shoot at me. Sometimes, PMC of one faction are fighting each other.

    I am using your presets both for FIN's AI and KMC SVM. I reinstalled the game and used those presets without making any changes to them, and still, this is how it works (for me). I assume that this is could be something of how the game itself handles AI, but could you please let me know if there could be some issue/mistake from my side?

    To be honest, I'm scared to play Tarkov, and having some teammates will brighten my life so much!
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hi Tusyok!
      I'm sorry you are going through hard times trying to play AiMate.
      It seems you have already read this guide. So I'll just point out that when you are playing with FIN's AI, it is important to go to AiMate config and change:

      "FinsAiTweaks": false, to
      "FinsAiTweaks": true,

      Finally if you are not in the mood for reading, editing config etc. and you really want to play full functional AiMate, I suggest you play AiMate without any other PMC changer mod.
      Hope it helps you, my friend.
      See you.

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  • hey so i just come up against a BEAR and a scav ( im a USEC) and they didnt shoot me, the BEAR also didnt have the BEAR armband on, he had a red armband and looked like a scav. I shot him and looked at his dogtag and it said BEAR. any thing i need to change on my end so he looks like a bear?

    • Hi,

      In the last AiMate update PMC armband was changed (USEC=blue; Bear=red) to make PMCs more identifiable.

      About the issue related to PMC hostility changes, unfortunately this may indeed happens. Not specifically because of AiMate, but because of other mods that also edit PMC behavior what conflicts with AiMate. That is why I've made this guide to help players deal with AiMate conflicts. But if you are not in the mood for reading and you want to play full functional AiMate, I suggest you play AiMate without any other PMC changer mod.

      Hope it helps.

    • ok i will check out the guide, thank you for the help!

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  • Hey Reis,

    Love the mod, gives a game a new dynamic as a 3 way fight. Is there a way to give attachments on PMC gear? Like for example, giving BEAR the Altay with face shield opposed to just a regular Altay. Also, if I were to put two item IDs under headgear and put them both to 50, does that give them a 50% chance to spawn with one or the other?

    • Hi Urboros,

      I'm glad you like the mod. This is the objective. ;)
      About your question: it is a good one. Unfortunately I have never test it. So I don't know the answer. But I believe it is a good test you can do, if you want it. And if you do the test, I invite you to come back here to tell us what happened.

      See you. :thumbup::)

  • Hi Reis,

    In 1 raid, PMC is friendly to me and in the next it can happen that they see you and turn hostile. I had it happen when the raid just loaded, didn't fire a single shot.

    sameFactionHostileRate is still on 0. Is this and EFT thing that just does not always work?

    Another question, does the Fence rating have any influence on PMS behavior?

    Thanks for helping out :)

    • Hi Yurian,

      In terms of AiMate, I'm sure Fence has no influence in PMC behavior. But I can't say the same for other mods, neither for SPT-AKI.

      About the issue related to PMC hostility changes, unfortunately this may indeed happens. Not specifically because of AiMate, but because of other mods that also edit PMC behavior what conflicts with AiMate. That is why I've made this guide to help players deal with AiMate conflicts. But if you are not in the mood for reading and you want to play full functional AiMate, I suggest you play AiMate without any other PMC changer mod.

      Anyway, I hope this helps you somehow.

      See you.

    • Thanks, i'll check out the guide!

  • Hey man, I love the mod. Helps a lot with immersion. Only thing I'm wondering is that is there any way you or I can change some of the gear on the PMCs? I feel that if BEARs had a different helmet / vest than USEC PMCs then that would be cool. Keep everything else the same (armbands, etc) just the gear. I looked into the config itself but didn't want to touch anything haha. I was thinking more along the lines that the BEARs would have the Korunds or the Hexgrids with a different vest and a more "Russian" type helmet while the USECs were kept the same.

    • Hey mate!

      Look: by my side, I must be sincere with you: I like the PMC clothes. So, at least for now, there is no plans to change it. I'm sorry.
      On the other hand, you are free to change whatever you want on your game. And changing PMC clothes is not difficult. It is done by changing items ID on config. But you must know a little about SPT-AKI. If you want to go to this way, I'll suggest you take a look at this link. I wont explain more about it because I don't want to turn this into a tutorial. Anyway, hope the link helps you.
      See you. :thumbup:;)

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    • Thanks man I appreciate the honesty and the help! I apologize if I seem like I wanted to change the entire mod, but again thanks a lot for the help. I'm gonna take a look at the link.

      EDIT: I managed to change the stuff around myself--thanks man!

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  • one commnet i am having is with no boss in each raid, any thoughts?

    • There is a parameter in AiMate config called "Enablebosses". Please check if it is set to "true".
      If it is already "true", try to change it to "false". This is the only parameter in AiMate that chages bosses.
      Hope it helps.

  • How do I get the PMC to follow me? Is it with a hand signal and does it require any Fence rep?


  • I like the mod and the whole idea of having a Bot PMC as your teammate and what not.. But the only issue I am having is that they only follow you to a very short distances and then they stop and they wont take short cuts like you do...for example: going to crack house from the hole in the wall. The teammate wont walk through it..

    I will try again when its more advance or a major update comes out. Thank you Priscilu for sharing the mod and keep up the great work.

    • I understand you, my friend. This is the next step I wish for AiMate. That is why I've been working on it for quite sometime now. Unfortunately I have not achieved too much improvement yet. But I'll keep on looking for a way to make it happen.

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    • Thank you.

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  • Looks like a really nice mod but it's atleast for me still a bit hard to find out who is who...

    Is there a way to make them more Identifiable? (as a Example Battlefield 2042 Neon Tags, Blue for Your Side and Red for Enemies)

    • Yeah, man. Sometimes this is a problem indeed. On the other hand, this is something that brings some immersion to the game, since this also happens in the real battlefield. Unfortunately I don't know how to make them more identifiable. And, been sincere with you: I like the way they are now. But, of course, if this is something that really bothers you, you can try to change PMC appearance on config.

    • alright thanks for the answering guess it's back to shooting first and then asking questions since the Bots still use so high level ammo to nearly 1 shot new people :D

    • Just to let you know: since the last version of AiMate (1.0.1), to make PMC more Identifiable, now Usec is wearing blue armband and Bear, red ones. :thumbup::)

    • :o thank you very much :)

      Edit: I don't know why but i believe the newest update broke SVM with your mod get constant errors (wrong syntaxes in the json), when i take the presets out of your guide maybe it's most likely because of the Bot Loadouts since the Armbands changed or because of the new difficulty stuff.

    • Ok. Let's try to fix it.
      First of all, did you take a look at the guide I suggest in Priscilu-AiMate "Overview"?
      Second: are you playing with, SPT-AKI 2.3.1, AiMate 1.01 and SVM Version 1.4.8-H1?

  • Hello Reis. I'm having problems with PMCs following my commands. They seem to be friendly but they don't listen to my commands like 'follow me'. I'm using Fin's AI mod but it doesn't look like it's interfering. In the server log btw a warning message appears 'bot difficulty not modified' . Can you help me please. Thanks

    • Sad to read this, man. This issue makes the mod less interesting. :(

      I'm not sure what is causing this, but IMO it does not seem to be something related with AiMate once this mod does not mess with this level of PMC behavior.

      I suspect some mod (other than AiMate) is messing with a PMC command called:



      Unfortunately it is just a supposition but if it is the case, you need to find the mod that is causing this. If you are interested, some posts below I've suggested a way to do this.

      Anyway, I'll think about it and if I come across with another idea to solve this issue, I come here to tell you.

    • I will try the mod alone then and let you onow. The only thing that modifies bots and spawns is Fin's AI mod. Thanks for replying

    • I just found this from your part:

      'You just need to change this parameters on Finns config.json:

      1) In AIgearChanges\PMCs\ChangeGear: change "true" to "fal

      2) In AIgearChanges\PMCs\moreModVariety: change "true" to "false

      3) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\allPMCsareBEARs: change "true" to "false

      4) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\scavReplaceWithPMCsPCT0_100: change "0" to the same number you will see on Priscilu-AiMate config.js\scavToPmcRate\Rate (default is 40

      5) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\maxBotsAlive: change "40" to the same number you will see on Priscilu-AiMate config.js\maxBotCap\Rate (default is 20).);";";se";'

      I will try this and let you know

    • Nice try, man.

      I just suggest, before doing this, you first try to play the game without Fin's AI mod to see if it is indeed Fin's. If you confirm Fin's is the conflicting mod, you can go here to see more information about it and you can either download a suggested Fin's config to solve the issue.

      On the other hand, if the game is still broken even without Fin's, you need to do a fresh installation of SPT-AKI. And a fresh installation means:

      - fresh EFT:;

      - fresh SPT-AKI 2.3.0.

      Hope it helps. :thumbup:

    • I have made a fresh installation and I tried the mod alone. Still doesn't work, they don't respond to my commands even when I repeatedly press Y to cooparate. I don't know what I'm doing wrong now

  • I still have issues distinguishing between BEAR and USEC in fog or low light conditions.
    Wondering if maybe there is a way to attach the MS2000 Marker to friendly faction.
    In the visible mode.

    Just a thought

    • I understand you, man. I have just finished a game where I've faced the same issue and got killed.

      Unfortunately sometimes it happens.

      IMO I don't think it is bad, as this is something that happens also in the real battlefield.
      But of course, if you want, you can make usec and bear more different changing their appearance on AiMate config.

  • I was reading the comments but I did not find a solution for my problem. PMCs have the equipment from the mod, but as Bear or Usec my mates didn't spawn, only enemies.

    Modlist: (by order)

    • Let's see if we can solve this.

      First of all, I suppose your game was working fine and broke after you installed AiMate.

      Second, none of your mods seems to be conflicting mods. But somehow, some mods previously installed and uninstalled may have left traces on your game.

      There are two actions you can take. But before everything, backup your profile:

      1) "Clean Temp Files"

      - Open the SPT-AKI server and the Aki.laucher;

      - In the launcher, go to "settings" and than in "clean temp files";

      - Wait for the message confirming temp files were cleaned;

      - Play your game. If it is working, problem solved. Finish.

      2) Uninstall all mods and play the game twice with just AiMate.

      If the game is still broken, you need to reinstall SPT-AKI.

      If the game is fixed, it means that there are one or more conflicting mods in your game and you need to find then. There are some ways to do this but in all of them you will need to play the game some times with AiMate and some mods installed, others don't.

      IMO the fastest way to do this is working with "packs of mods". So, in the first time, you will install a pack of half of your mods (always with AiMate). After playing the game, if the game is fixed, it means the conflicting mod is in the other half of mods which was not installed. So now you will start to work with that conflicting pack and do exactly what you did before: play the game (with AiMate) and half of this new pack of conflicting mods. You will keep on doing this until will find the conflicting mod. If you did it right, it will not take you more than 4 to 5 raids to discover the conflicting mod.

      After finding the conflicting mod, you will decide if you will just uninstall this mod or if you want to discover what is the conflicting config command. IMO, the best way to do this is working with "pack of commands". This technique is similar to the "pack of mods" I explained before .

      Yes, I know it is not easy. But unfortunately I don't know another way to do this.

      If you do everything I suggested here, please come back to tell me how it was.

      Hope you get it.

    • I did a hard reset, I download aimate again and play 4 raids only with aimate ... mates didn't spawn :(

    • :/:huh:
      I have just tested my game with only AiMate and it worked like a charm.
      The next test is: I'm going to make a fresh Aki install to see if I can reproduce this issue in my game. As soon as I finish it, I come here to tell you.

    • I have just tested.

      Fresh EFT _0. and fresh download and install SPT-AKI 2.3.0 and Priscilu AiMate 1.0.0.

      No problem at all.

      To try to discover what is happening on your game, I'll make some questions:

      1) When installing SPT-AKI, did you pay attention to this warning?

      "Because of this migration to BepinEx everyone on an old version of SPT MUST get a fresh copy of the game folder and install again, you CANNOT copy this versions files into an existing installation.

      This is why the file has a pаsswơrd, it is: b4kHrQkFd

      Please note that 7zip or WinRaR 5 are needed to properly extract the release zip file."

      2) When your game is running, did you see this message on your log?

      ModLoader: loading mods...

      [INFO] Loading: Priscilu-AiMate

      [INFO] AiMate: Bots difficulty modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Bots amount modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Scav to PMC rate modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Raider to PMC rate modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Usec rate modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Same Faction Hostile rate modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Max Bot Cap rate modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Usec appearance modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Bear appearance modified

      [INFO] AiMate: Mod loaded

  • I'm having an issue where when i use this mod alone without Fin's ai, the bots don't have the preset gear of a slick and a helmet. But, it suddenly works with Fin's ai installed along with it. Anybody else have this issue? How do I fix it?

    • Can you tell me what other mods are you playing with?

    • da1237b9975042597003c7747ea49317

      im not sure how to post an image other than the link

      sorry. new to this.

    • No problem, man. You did well.

      Look: the issue you are facing also happens with me, but just when:

      - I play AiMate with Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod and also

      - I change the AiMate folder to something like "zPriscilu-AiMate".

      So, if you can, I suggest you make two test. But before the test, save your profile. The tests are:

      1) Change the AiMate main folder name to "zPriscilu-AiMate" and play two raids;

      2) Change the AiMate main folder again to the original name and play two raids without Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod.

      If it does not work and you are in the mood for it, make another test without Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod and with AiMate main folder name as "zPriscilu-AiMate"

      Obs.1: You can not make the tests together. It must be one at time.

      Obs.2: I'm asking you two raids for each test because sometimes the changes we make in the game does not work in the first raid.

      After the tests, please come here and tell me what happened.

    • tried all three, none of which worked.

    • Sad to read this, man. :(

      Unfortunately it seems there is one or more mods conflicting with AiMate. And as there are to many mods and too many commands, it is not easy to preview where is the conflict.

      If you want to go deeper into this, I'll give you a tip: the mod or de command which is conflicting is something related with PMCs (difficulty, quantity, PMC rate, loadout etc.). If you discover de conflicting mod/command, you must turn off the mod, or disable the command.

      I don't know what else I can do, man. But I'll keep on thinking about it. If I come across with a solution, I'll come here to tell you.

      I'm sorry man.

  • unknown.png


    @Reis take a look

    • I think I understand: you are Usec so this usec should be shooting you. Yeah, strange.

      It maybe somethings:

      1) Maybe somehow he did not see you. Maybe because of the foliage or maybe because depending on the difficulty, bots are a little bit slow. In this case, just try to tease him to se if he wakes up;

      2) Sometimes when we change the AiMate config, somehow it doesn't work in the first raid. You need to go on a second raid to make your config work. In this case, just go on a second raid;

      3) Maybe another mod is conflicting with AiMate and the change you made did not work. In this case you must look for the conflicting mod and turn it off or work on the conflicting command on the other mod.

      Hope it helps, my friend.

    • 1 : he saw me. he wasnt there all raid long. i just followed him and when they act friendly to you you can see " cooperate " thing on Y ( u can see it at down left )

      2 : i dont know if it was my first raid but maybe. but maybe.

      3 : I don't have another ai mod which will conf.

      I just hate when they being friendly. Because i dont know who to shoot then. I feel guilty when i hit them even they were friendly. So i wanna be sure they are all foe.

      Is there a way to make all PMCs BEAR ? Reis.

    • I understand you, my friend.

      And yes, there is a way to make all PMC bear:

      1) Open AiMate config;

      2) Go to "usecRate" and
      3) Change the "Rate" from 50 to 0.

    • I'll do it sir. love u Reis. Thank you.

      Btw, if i make all PMC bear, will PMC population get lower ?

    • No problem, my friend. :)

      And the PMC population will be the same. Just the percentage of Usec will change from 50% to 0% and the population of Bear, from 50% to 100%.


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  • USEC Checkered shirt guy is great. I was wondering if the appearance is randomized or do these guys live in the game like wreck it ralph. I noticed he survived 2 consecutive horde factories. I need to know if this is the shirt or the guy that's the magic. Who do you think is the best mate?

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    • Wreck it Ralph!!! What a movie!
      So you like the checkered Usec?
      Me too!!!!! 8):)^^

      In fact this mod makes PMCs appearance default. So there are 6 appearance options for Usec and 6 appearance options for Bear. In other words: all 6 Usecs and all 6 Bear live in the game when you are running AiMate. You can see all of them in this mod "Overview".
      And theoretically there is no advantages for any PMCs. But I confess there is something strange here because in my game the checkered Usec also seems to be the survival. Maybe it is something related to the way the game generate the bots which may make this bot somehow stronger. But some say that it maybe something much more crazy, like magic. :huh: Some say, that because we like the checkered Usec, somehow our minds make him stronger.
      Do I believe in this? No! But sometimes it makes me think about it... :/
      Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying the mod, man! This is exactly what we wanted when we created the mod.
      Thank you for your comment, my friend. See you.

    • I believe this has to do with the ai difficulty settings [like the general settings you can pick before raid] and if the NPC-mate is default or higher then it affects the way other bots in effectiveness in killing him.

  • I'm having very similar problems as Demigods when running this mod with FAIT. Sometimes USECs (the faction I chose) won't kill me straight away, they would aim at my head for a couple of seconds and then fire, I tested this on a new account (not vanilla though) without shooting any PMCs. I changed the code like you wrote in some other comment and it wouldn't fix anything. Also for some reason some USECs have HUGE 8x2 pockets, no idea if this is a bug or a feature.

    • Unfortunately, some of you are facing this issue when trying to play with both mods together and I am very sorry for this. I tried to solve it. Really tried. But it is related to another mod and I can't do much about that, man. Besides, for me both mods work perfectly when I do the changes I suggested. So I don't know what more I can do. I'm sorry man.

    • It's alright. I'm gonna test more tomorrow. I've noticed that some unmarked PMCs won't actually shoot you, although they won't react to you either.
      There were 2 marked USECs behind the blue container and they did kill me.

      Do you think what kind of mod could break yours? Perhaps the expanded scav karma one or some other general overhaul?

    • Excellent question, man!
      And we are indeed suspecting that Server Value Modifier may be the problem once AiMate was never test with SVM. All the tests were made with Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod.
      But if you are playing with SVM, no problem. Just take a look at this guide here. And you will be ok.

    • No I'm not using SVM, here's my list of current mods:
      (for some reason AlexAIO and KWM is registered as outdates in the server command prompt)

      -AKGUY shop


      -Atlas Pack

      -Ereshkigal core and AIO

      -Gamenator crazyguns

      -Gear Gal

      -Much needed


      -LeKaiju Advanced Modding

      -Free healing

      -SamSWAT's XM1014, FOV tweak, CTSFO1 clothes and weeb rear sights

      -Scav Karma expanded

      -Fin's AI tweaks

      -ThatGuy's Loot config

      I'm gonna start testing every mod now, I'll report results once I'm done.

      Sad 1
    • Excellent, man! Let me give you a tip. You can use any mod with AiMate, even Finns, SVM and others. The problem happens when you try to play with a mod where it is enable the same changes of AiMate. The trick is: we need to disable conflicting commands on the mod config. That is what I've done on Finns. And it is working like a charm.

      Another example: at this moment I'm playing with SVM without any problems because I've disable some features one SVM that conflict with AiMate. So now I am playing with two conflicting mods and it is perfect.

      And what are the commands you must disable: commands related with PMCs (difficulty, quantity, PMC rate, lodout etc.). In your case AKGUY, Gear Gal for example will never be a problem, because they are trader mods; not bot mods, ok?
      Hope it helps you.

  • If I make the bot difficulty hard, does this affect raidor and scav ?

    Or does it only affect for pmc?

    I feel like the scavs are getting stronger.

    i`m play this mod so funny thank you for your effort

    • Glad you like the mod, man! Thanks!
      About your question: when you change the difficulty, it is supposed to change just PMC difficulty. :thumbup::)

    • Do you mean in the game or in this mods config file?
      I want to crank it up to horde mode on in game easy, then have this mod the config Hard PMC.
      It's fun watching them get smoked by scavs 'n all, but it sure would be nice to see a terminator ally.

    • Good question, mate! I mean the mod config difficulty changes just PMC difficulty. And I think game config does the same. But I confess I'm not sure about that. I'll try to confirm this information. If I succeed in this, I'll come here to tell you. But, if you want, you can make some tests. Just don't forget to save your profile before the tests.

  • Hmm, It seems to not be working for some reason.. I ran 4 raids and no changes so far. I have done everything you said so Finns Mod doesn't interrupt it in anyway.. Also I have noticed with installing your mod that my BotNames Mod stopped working as well.

    I'll keep using it to see if it changes at all since im not really getting any Errors and hopefully it works its self out somehow.

    • Try putting a "Z" in front of the mod folder name so it loads in last.

      I also use the "botnames" mod and still get randoms nicknames for the bot I kill :/

    • Putting a "Z" in front of the mod folder name did nothing to it. Still the same thing and also the PMCs levels are only level 1 to level 0 :D

      Sadly, It looks like I'll be removing this mod tomorrow since im tired and its late right now. But I will check the messages before I do just incase Reis messages.

      -Goodnight :sleeping::sleeping:

    • try running this mod by itself.

      if you install a mod, for any game actually, and it isnt working, you always try on an unmodded (vanilla) version of the game.

      Most mod authors dont have ANY other mod loaded when they are designing their mod. It makes sense that users should act the same when testing said mod.

    • Sad to read this, my friend. Fortunately or unfortunately AiMate and Finns started to work together with no problems as soon as I did what I wrote below. But I don't have BotNames mod and I'm using Finns default config (I just changed what I listed below). Please check if you are running SPT-AKI 2.3.0 and Finns 1.21.6a. Anyway, fact is AiMates and Finns are mods which sometimes changes the same parameters in the game. And there are so many parameters in both mods. Maybe the issue is one specific parameter you changed in your Finns config to make your game better, maybe it is another mod conflicting. I don't know. I'll keep on watching. If I find any solution to the issue, I'll come here to tell you, my friend. Finally, I want to thanks @Ozburne and @adudewithbadaim for trying to help.

    • Wait! Let me try something here. I may have found the issue. I'm doing some test. When I finish, I'll come here to tell you.

  • Now the only thing to add is to have a couple of PMC's of your faction spawn in and use some part of the GiftGiver AI (who creepily follows you around the map) to follow you around and engage hostiles with you. :/ Well done with the mod!

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    • This is a very interesting idea. I don't know how to do it, but I'll think about it.

      Thanks, mate.

    • I can't wait to try this mod out, and I hope at some point we'll see ThePredator1987's idea realized <3

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    • That would be very interesting to see and cool to have as well. #Teammates!

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    • I thought the trick would be to have #Boss tag as a player with PMC's using the #Bossfollower tag.
      I tried boss scav mod to get followers. I never got the desired result.

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    • This is another good idea, @SickaSalmon. I'm still thinking about how to do it, and your idea seems to be something promising too.

  • why all pmc wear slick and exfil?

    • Good question, my friend. We decided to change PMCs gear to help players recognize them easier. So we wanted to make Bear and Usec appearance completely different. The problem is that Bear and Usec must wear equivalent equipment because we don't want advantages in terms of equipment for any of them. So we decide to give them the same helmet and the same armor but in different colors. Doing this we get different appearance and equivalent equipment.

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  • Would this conflict with Finns ai mod ? like the idea of yours but i also like the challenge with finns :) both together if possible would be awesome !

    • I'm wondering the same thing too.. I use Finns AI mod for adding more PMCs, Scavs, and Raiders cause if i don't have his mod, the raid is just empty and feels boring.

      Let me know if it conflicts with it or not. I may try to using this mod without Finns and see how it goes or both together.

    • Wow. This is exactly what I wanted to complete my experience. Thank you so much for this.
      PS. I love the shop mod too.

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    • Dear friends @Kapper  @Demigods  @SickaSalmon. Hope you don't mind I mention you. But I have good news for you: "Finns ai mod" and "Priscilu-AiMate" can work together.

      I've made some tests and I managed to make it happened. You just need to change this parameters on Finns config.json:

      1) In AIgearChanges\PMCs\ChangeGear: change "true" to "false";

      2) In AIgearChanges\PMCs\moreModVariety: change "true" to "false";

      3) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\allPMCsareBEARs: change "true" to "false";

      4) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\scavReplaceWithPMCsPCT0_100: change "0" to the same number you will see on Priscilu-AiMate config.js\scavToPmcRate\Rate (default is 40);

      5) In AIgearChanges\spawnChanges\controlOptions\maxBotsAlive: change "40" to the same number you will see on Priscilu-AiMate config.js\maxBotCap\Rate (default is 20).

      But it is important to know that although me and others managed to play with both mods together without problems, some players did not. We suspect the problem is another type of mod (like Server Value Modifier) which can also change the bots and in this way conflict with AiMate.

      Thanks 3
    • Awesome Reis !! :thumbup:8o

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  • Better than my real friends (kind of)

    I am still experimenting with this mod. I have tried healing them, dropping drugs, food, water, kit, ordering them, following them, talking to them, giving them shampoo to wash their hair, offering sacrifices, ect.
    Still haven't got them to pick up the sledgehammer. I wish there was a way to just directly edit them, track their progress, name them, learn their birthdays, and follow them on twitch.
    +It works
    +They banter
    +It's really fun to protect them from the horde
    -They never survive the horde
    -I don't understand Russian


    Reply from Reis ():

    Man!!! What a review!!!! This is exactly the spirit of Priscilu-AiMate!!! This is exactly what we wanted when we designed AiMate and we are very, very happy you achieve it. ;):thumbup:

    Thank you very much for playing AiMate, also thank you for your beautiful review and finally: Congratulations! You nailed it! animeproudclapanimelaughinganimehappyhopanimeokay

  • this mod change pmc shooting?

    i have stress when pmc only shoots chest

    but when i use this mod pmc shoots arm,leg

    does this mod affect for pmc shooting?

    Reply from Reis ():

    Thank you very much for your Review! And yes, this mod affect pmc shooting because the default config of this mod changed the ai difficulty for "easy". But if you want, you can make bots more deadly changing ai difficulty on mod config.

  • about to install and try this: grr you beat me to this release;

    ...But in fairness I could release it barebones but i am creating a cfg.exe so players can do more than just have friendly AI but actually customize them, their outfit, weapons, gear, individual skill abilities that i'm replicating from FAIT...
    But still this is the first of it's kind. Deserves 5 stars if it doesn't wreck my game lol

    If you wanna collaborate message me

    Reply from Reis ():

    Man, first of all: thank you very much for your review. :thumbup::)
    Second but not less important: please finish and release your mod! From what you wrote, it seems to be very cool.
    And, of course, it will be a pleasure if I can help in anything.