Inscreased FOV 1.0.0

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you can have wider FOV

  • Possible to remove fov change/zoom when ads with 1x optic?

  • Holy shit, I Love you so much.

  • is there an advantage to a bigger fov? i been playing at the default 50 since i been playing

    • its pretty self-explanatory.. you see more..

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      This is yet another one of those "to each to their own"-things.

      But generally speaking the more wider screen / display / monitor one has, the more field-of-view generally means less "tunnel-vision" and overall wider/better, well, field-of-view.
      In practice if you'd be surrounded by monitors, you could use the full 360-degree FOV-setting to be able to see "circularly" fully around you;
      otherwise you will experience "fisheye" or other "perspective distortion"-effects if your FOV-setting is too large for your monitor-setup.

      Of course, the opposite is also true:
      If you have a miniscule display-monitor, then to avoid the fish-eye-effect you're pretty much locked to use the lower than 100-degree-FOV-settings.

      On a related note, if one was to use "virtual-reality"-goggles or other related motion-tracking-devices

      ( E.G. "TrackIR" ),

      you could essentially turn any display-monitor to be able cover the 360-degree-field-of-view through the "panoramic"-effect
      ( though, of course, the FOV-setting itself shouldn't be 360-degrees in this situation unless you want to pretend to be a 360-FOV-action-camera ).

      For a reference:
      In real-life, generally humans (homo sapiens) have around 120-140-degree "stereoscopic" field-of-vision even without "speed-reading" or other related training-training and without having to into a "chameleon"
      ( though of course, the edges of the real-life-FOV are much more smeared since our eyes also aren't protruded to increase the focus ).

      (( Sorry-not-sorry-at-all for getting an inspiration to write a "explain-like-I-am-five (ELI5)"-comment in relation to the question. ))

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  • Loved the Original, but This is WOW

    I didn't think a GUI with sliders would be possible, but SamSwat did it again. I don't even wonder about what he'd do next because I know he's already thought it. This is some darn good coding and I'm glad Sam is still around doing what it do. Can't thank him enough for the time and effort he spends making these mods, keeping them up to date, etc. Just fantastic.

    Thank you. animehappyhopanimehappyhopanimehappyhopanimehappyhopanimehappyhopanimehappyhop

  • this man IS A MACHINE, I inquired if I could either be given access to enough code so i could create a few variants/options and literally under 56 hours later he releases what i was hoping for, but instead of fixed settings HE MADE A UI WITH SLIDERS!!

    Give this man 5 stars and donate to his patreon when you can, i doubt there's even ONE SPT player that hasn't installed his work, and i doubt there are any still active moder's who didn't learn a lot from him.

    Thanks samswat

  • Big thanks to you

    Been dreaming about mod like this. Thank you very much!


  • I love SamSWAT

    Mmmmmm.. FoV...