notGreg's Scope Tweaks 3.8.0

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Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Tired of the sights breaking at high FOV? Try this!

Fixes towards optics breaking at high field of view values.



Scope resolution is now peripheral resolution and affects image outside the scope due to recent changes made to the game.

Unfortunately the following aspect of Scope Tweaks is no longer functional, as the required component has been removed from the game. Another way to achieve the same result might be found in the future, but for now it's gone :(

Improved performance while aiming with magnified optics.

Picture-in-picture in Escape From Tarkov ignores settings like Resampling, FSR, and DLSS. This results in massive amounts of overdraw (and lowered performance) while aiming, as the scope image resolution is always based on the window size.


  • 1920x1080, No resolution scaling:
    • Scope resolution can be expected to be roughly 85% of the screen height: 920x920px
    • 40% more pixels drawn.
  • 3840x2160, FSR Performance (50% scaling):
    • Game is rendered at 1920x1080 and upscaled to 3840x2160.
    • Scope resolution: 1840x1840
    • 163% more pixels drawn. 75% of them are immediately discarded due to the image being rendered at 1080p before it is upscaled to 4K.
  • Version 3.8.0

    * Updated for SPT-AKI 3.8.0


  • Version 3.5.7

    • Updated for latest SPT-AKI version
    • Temporarily removed camera resolution scaling while ADS - you can thank BSG for this change.
    • Added peripheral resolution scale, thanks to FlashMode for suggesting this change.
      • Fixed resolution scale applying to non-magnified optics


  • Version 3.5.4

    Consider this a pre-release, if anything breaks - please let me know!

    • Removed ADS FOV Fix settings as they were no longer compatible with the way the fix operates in this version (old: arcane method abuse, now: method patch)

      • This part of the plugin should automatically disable itself if Fontaine's FOV Fix is present.
    • Hotfix:
      • Removed ADS FOV Fix settings as they were no longer compatible with the way the fix operates in this version (old: arcane method abuse, now: method patch)
        • This part of the plugin should automatically disable itself if Fontaine's FOV Fix is present.
    • Hotfix #2:
      • Fixes towards weapon scaling when not aiming.


  • Version 3.5.3

    Consider this a pre-release, if anything breaks - please let me know!

    • Updated for 3.5.3
    • Removed main camera resolution scaling due to performance issues
    • Improved compatibility with Fontaine's FOV Fix - configure this plugin instead to achieve a similar result.

    Known issues:

    • ADS out FOV change is instantaneous - I'll figure this out some day, I promise.


  • Version Version 3.5.0

    • Updated for SPT-AKI 3.5.0
    • Added support for FSR2.1


  • Version 3.4.1

    Updated for SPT-AKI 3.4.1


  • Version 3.3.0

    • Updated for SPT-AKI 3.3.0

    Thank you for making this mod available again This part in use got bugged, can you check it?

    AKMP system rear sight device

    • This is not an aspect of the game ScopeTweaks touches in any way. I'll take a look just to be sure, but cannot promise I can do anything about the issue you are seeing.

    • This is an SPT render bug and is not related to Scope Tweaks

    • i am having the exact same problem with every iron sight after having installed the scope tweak mod. restarted multiple times but that didnt help. after uninstalling scope tweaks i didnt have it anymore.

  • Please update to 3.8.0, I really want to run with optics, but the FPS drops very much

  • Source pls

  • will this be updated to 3.6 and above?

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  • Great, thanks! Will be for 3.6.0-3.6.1?

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  • Please update, without this, Tarkov's FPS drops too much

  • Doesn't seem to work on 3.6.0., are there plans for an update of a fix?

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  • for some reason the mod is not working for me i have a 18fps to 21 drop when aiming with any scope so put the mod in and still 18 to 21 fps drop

    • BSG changed how scopes work in a recent update. If you see the periphery pixellating (try without AA or DLSS/FSR) - it's working, it cannot provide as much of a performance boost as scaling the scope did.

      I might be able to find a way around it, but long story short, BSG killed this aspect of the mod and left us with a half measure.

    • ahhh ok, i tried with that stuff on and off made no diffrence for me, i think its just the BSG changes are keeping it from working for me. if you figure somthing out ill downlad it right away. thanks for trying.

  • Code
    Прибавки фпс в этой версии не будет?
    • I have updated the description. The old method (image within the scope) doesn't work any more, in this version you can adjust the peripheral (outside the scope) to regain some performance.


      Я обновил описание. Старый метод (изображение внутри области видимости) больше не работает, в этой версии вы можете настроить периферию (вне области видимости), чтобы восстановить некоторую производительность.

  • Peripheral scale is extremely weird. It feels like you're blinking every time you ADS. Thanks for the update otherwise, great mod.

    • What kind of resolution scaling system are you using? DLSS doesn't enjoy any kind of resolution changes at runtime, FSR2 causes some reconstruction errors for a few frames after the change, FSR1 and TAA should work without an issue.

  • I know ive fixed this problem in the past but forget how. My vision flips upside down for about 25 frames then returns to normal everytime I scope in. i dont have any error messages, so could another mod be causing this? or possibly could disabling the FOV fix work?



    Found the solution, 2X SuperSampling does not like this mod and causes the screen flipping upside down. thank you random guy from 2022.

    • Can't say that I ever expected a performance-focused mod to be used with such overkill settings.

    • pretty crazy. anyhow thank you for updating this to 3.5.7!

  • Hello my dear community, your enthusiasm and patience is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to commit to this project in the past few weeks.

    As @TheSoullesOne has noted, BSG appears to have nuked SSAAOptic this mod relied upon to achieve the resolution scaling while ADS. This component doesn't appear to have been replaced - it has been completely removed from the scope camera in the game and the related assemblies.

    I'm not aware of any quick workarounds that can achieve a similar result at this time - I will look into it once I have more time to commit to this project, but for now you can expect an update to the remaining functionality of this mod in the next few days.

    Thank you for your continued support.

  • For anyone wondering when there is gonna be an update there might not be any, ever, as the thing the autor used to change the scope res is not in the games dlls anymore. He might find another way to do it but its not a simple fix i think, as i tried few ideas and none of them worked, granted i know basicaly nothing about modding of this game specificaly but i have some programming background.

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    Will the update be on 3.5.6?
  • Any plans to update this for 3.5.5?

    I always use this mod because I have potato PC and aiming boils my rig.

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    кто-то начал на 3,5,5?
  • Apparently an update is required, it turns the download on the home screen after installation... I was hoping so because in my sights the FPS drops sharply to 15...

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    Есть ли планы по обновлению мода? или последний патч все исправил и мод уже не актуален?
  • Update please

  • On 3.5.5 its Stuck loading

  • So...

    I have Fontaine's FOV Fix. And I use the zoom options.

    I also have your Uniform Aim plugin.

    Somehow, This scope tweak plugin is causing severe ADS Stutter when I play on Streets of Tarkov. Everytime I ADS the game pauses for about 100~300 milliseconds.

    I'm really not sure what's the cause, but after I removed this Scope Tweak plugin, the stutter almost disappeared.

  • Hi, I have a technical question for you

    We have two renderings in the game:

    1) External (usually picture)

    2) Internal (which is Picture in Picture) and enable only during the use of optical sights

    Your mod (in its most recent interpretation) only changes the resolution of the internal renderer (in the sights)

    Is it possible to add a change to the "external" rendering?

    The idea is to significantly reduce the resolution of the external rendering while aiming through the optical sights, and hide the resulting pixelation from low resolution behind the DoF (Depth of Field) effect, which is available in Amands Graphics

    Considering that the external rendering area is larger than the internal one (in the sights), the frame rate increase from this should be much higher

    Does it make any sense at all, will it work as intended?

    • Quote

      The idea is to significantly reduce the resolution of the external rendering while aiming through the optical sights

      I have considered it, however it is incompatible with the way PIP scopes are implemented in Tarkov.

      Scope cameras render to a texture within the scope housing, then this texture and everything else is seen by the main player camera.

      Unfortunately reworking this system to make it possible is currently beyond my ability.

  • Hey man! Love your mod, it helps a ton. Thank you! However, after this last update I get some strange bug ( I'm not sure that's directly something with your mod but I don't have it when I uninstall this one) where my gun is like on 120 FOV and in-game FOV is 75. My PMC moves like it's 75 but my gun is waaaay more stretched. Just wanted you to know IF that's something that has to do with last update! Thanks again for this awesome mode!

    • Investigating.

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    • Please redownload the latest version of the plugin from dev.sp-tarkov.

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    • Hey, now it's fixed! Thanks! BUT... (sorry, man ;( ) now when I ADS, the FOV is not same as not ADSing... Just saying! (I'm not using the Fontaine's FOV)

    • I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. The purpose of this mod never was to make the FOV stay the same while aiming or hipfiring, it aimed to resolve the inconsistencies while using scopes at higher FOVs (going blind while shooting etc.).

      Could you please describe the issue in more detail?

    • Then maybe I'm just overthinking! Probably it's not your mod that's causing what I mean, sorry! Either way, thanks for resolving the 1st issue, love your mod, keep it up! :thumbup:

  • Fixed the issue I had with Fontaine FOV fix, although I'm not sure if its working as intended since moving the slider in the ingame menu doesn't seem to lower my scope resolution/quality at all and still get 10-15fps drop every time I ADS with a 1x-6x. I tested it at my normal resolution without any dlss or fsr. I'm playing on a 4K Oled panel with a 21;9 custom resolution if that matters (i9, 3080ti, 32gig mem).

    Edited- Disregard my comment about the slider not working, I started seeing the lower scope resolution at around 15% scaling, the problem is even with slider at 10 the fps loss remained the same as normal (15fps drop while ads at the minimum slider position (10%)

    • Unfortunately it's not a magic bullet - it aims to resolve the issue of massive overdraw when using PIP scopes and resampling, and its effects should be most noticeable in GPU-limited scenarios.

    • I understand. I'm grateful you made this mod. Scopes definitely feels consistent. I was under the impression the lower you set the scope resolution the greater the performance gain.

    • That is true to a point - below certain resolutions you become limited by different aspects of the game (and Tarkov is notoriously CPU-limited). Taking load off your GPU will not offer any additional benefit when it's not the limiting factor.

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  • Re-downloaded the latest version 10 minutes ago to make sure the problem is not already fixed.
    I play 75 fov on a 21:9 screen. When I use my rifle with a scope and zoom in and out, the fov seems to be at 50 or 60 after that.

    It stays zoomed in, until I crouch, for example, which resets my FOV to 75.

    • Same here. ?(

    • I'm still digging to figure out a robust way that doesn't break the fov lerp at random.

      You can still use this mod for performance reasons (scope resolution scaling), but when it comes to making the scopes not break when firing, consider using Fontaine's FOV Fix - should allow you to achieve a similar result.

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    • This combination is working fine. Thanks .

  • I dont think 3.5.3 fixed the weird FOV Glitch. (when using Samswat FOV Fix 1.0.0)

    I uploaded an video for better understanding but basically this is what happens:

    1. FOV normal, not scoped in

    2. Scoping in works fine, Zoom in animation works fine

    3. Scoping out, weird glitch happens, Zoom out animation followed by zoom in anim. remains zoomed in after

    4. to reset FOV i pressed "switch magnification" key

    Link to Vid -->

    DLSS not enabled, FOV 80

    • Thanks, please redownload the latest version of this plugin from dev.sp-tarkov.

    • Got a Link? I dont quite understand how to navigate the Site.

      Edit: Found this -->

      but theres no .dll?

    • The archive can be found here Releases - ScopeTweaks

    • Disabling FOV changes was a smart move.

      Resolution Scaling alone improved Frames a lot.

      Also this is now Compatible with all FOV mods, I guess?

      BTW 353 also was stuck on 50 FOV without FOV mods (atleast for me), but this fixed it.

    • SamSWAT's increased FOV range shouldn't cause any issues (once I resolve the issue of FOV getting stuck at min value).

      Fountaine's FOV Fix is not compatible and I'm not seeing a way to resolve this in any way at this time.

  • Work great so far besides glitched FOV in hideout. Thanks for update!

    • I'm going to need more information to figure what's going on and how to fix it.

    • Hideout at shooting range when using scope the fov glitches out and stays zoomed in, it doesnt brake anything else and you can go into raid no problem.

    • Thanks, please redownload the latest version of this plugin from dev.sp-tarkov.

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  • Seems to break Fontaine's FOV Fix unfortunately :( FOV Fix settings are ignored and there's this weird zooming when you press alt.

    • Please download the latest build again and let me know if any issues persist - my fov fix should not apply at all while Fontaine's is present. Resolution scaling will remain untouched.

    • works fine for me now with version you uploaded on saturday :) thanks

  • Doesn't seem to do anything other than breaking my FOV settings. Maybe because I don't use dlss or fsr. Ill be keeping a eye on this mod since its a really cool idea.

    • DLSS is notoriously difficult to test for me because it cannot run on my hardware.

      Please check if the same happens with FSR/Resampling, it's that or conflict with another mod.

    • I did more testing and it seems to work with fsr, dlss and no scaling. Its actually pretty neat. The problem is it gradually lowers the fov each time you ads and stop when it reaches 50 fov. And stays there until I change it again to my desired fov. It will go back down to 50 again. See the clip I made.

    • Seems to break Fontaine fov fix.

    • I can make the resolution scaling work with Fontaine's FOV Fix, you can use Fontaine's values to achieve a similar effect.

  • C'mon, fix it already! This mod is a must have.

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    • Should be working now! Thank you for your patience.