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    There comes an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    This window pops up after I left the raid, and after I AltF4ed the game and restarted the game, the same window pops up in the loading screen. The window disappears after I removed the mod folder (while forgetting to remove the .dll oops). So some parameters may be wrong with things in the mod.

    I also find one such issue on official forum but interestingly it is related to the keybind settings.

    The game still functions with mod folder from 1.3.4 and dll file from 1.3.5

    Did you use any mod that added modded weapons/attachments? Because I have a lot of items with no parent IDs, especially in the insuredItems list, and that could be causing the problem

    I wiped them all from your profile so give it a try now:…qbjWFbh6PVbpLrHff6smh2hNL

    i cant test it myself cause like i said im not home rn

    I did use a lot of content mods, one of them being northeast007's 12.12 items which bugged almost all my content mods out and prevented almost all new content mods from functioning. But now the bugged version of his mod has been taken down by him and he added lots of warnings in his mod description lol. Thanks to him that now I carefully backup all my AKI content before I try any mods.

    Thank you for your work but emm it does not seem to work :aquacries::aquacries::aquacries: .

    But I did found something interesting in the logs/error. Seems like it is related to the issue:

    EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    at EFT.UI.OverallScreen.method_0 (EFT.Profile profile, GClass2033 inventoryController) [0x000c8] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    at EFT.UI.OverallScreen.Show (EFT.Profile profile, GClass2033 inventoryController) [0x000d8] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    at EFT.UI.OverallScreen+GClass2260.Show () [0x00000] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    at Tab.Select (System.Boolean sendCallback) [0x00015] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    at GClass2265.SelectTab (Tab tab, System.Boolean sendCallback) [0x00009] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    at GClass2265+Class2121+Struct497.MoveNext () [0x00070] in <8aa258866f3a4b3687094887032ef743>:0

    send me your profile via google drive link, I’ll look at it and see if I can restore it

    Yes I have viewed your explanation on another almost identical issue.

    I do have some charater clothing mods on, the GFL 2 Characters by kmyuhkyuk. However, I do not think that the mod is causing the issue, as I just tried this mod on another profile. The character models do load correctly before entering the raid/ in the loading screen/ in Ragman services.

    Below is my profile and my GFL 2 character mod version is 1.7.0

    Aww man thats sadge

    Anyways This mod isnt critical, Just need to remind myself not to touch that button lol.

    Maybe I will wait for my next wipe with new AKI and try my best to backup when installing mods. kana_oOkana_oOkana_oO

    Thank you as always! bugcatheadbumping

    I encountered this problem today, whereby my overall tab in my character tab cannot be loaded. After clicking into the overall tab, I am unable to switch to other tabs.

    I can still join/exit raids without failures.

    The overall page can be loaded inraid.

    The model of my character is correctly shown before and at the end of the raid.

    I removed all the mods to test out, but the overall page still doesnt load.

    I create a completely new account to test out, and the overall page for that loads correctly regardless of whether I am in raid.

    This bug is not urgent at all but if anyone would like to look into it I will appreciate the efforts :*:senkosmug: