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    I do not have a lot of data on this problem, but I too have had this exact problem on Reserve exactly when an airdrop showed up. It has been awhile since I have played, so I haven't attempted to reproduce it yet. As silly as the airdrop being involved sounds, it is the only thing I could think of so I removed anything that altered airdrop chances or the loot that could be in it. Unfortunately I don't have much testing to say if that helped yet or not.

    agreed, it does seem very stupid but the same issue for 2 different people exactly when an airdrop shows up is too much of a coincidence to be unrelated, even though i know nothing about programming.

    Your errors.log in your 2nd log has a password. Reupload it please.

    ah, sorry, i think i misclicked and made a password, here you go

    SPT-Aki CodePaste
    Visit this link to see the note. Giving the URL to anyone allows them to access the note, too.

    so far i can see errors regarding closing a UI but other than that theres no more information,

    Airdrops have nothing to do with this error, can you reproduce this error some what consistently?

    so far it's only happened twice in a row, but the last time i played was when i made my last post, i'll try to reproduce it tonight and i'll let you know if it happens again

    yeah, it's weird, i have no idea what's actually happening but if i had to guess, i'd assume that the game is trying to do an airdrop somewhere, the place it's trying to put the airdrop isn't a possible place to drop it, and it crashes or breaks something with the server and stops sending game updates to the client so everything breaks.

    but, idk why this is only happening to everyone now, i don't think there was an update or anything and i haven't had any issues with any of the other maps with airdrops.

    It happened again, also on reserve, this time i know for a fact that it happened while i was running down the stairs, and i'm pretty sure it also happened while going up stairs last time, but i'm not sure if that's relevant at all
    server log…EdXEgfsYTsSeEsgSo9P8a7f82

    I looked at it, but the only notable thing i saw was this, which i think is about the same time the issue happened

    [2023-01-25T07:13:09.126Z] debug:     Scope whitelist was too restrictive for: 5c46fbd72e2216398b5a8c9c weapon_izhmash_svd_s_762x54, skipping filter
    [2023-01-25T07:13:19.080Z] info:     [Client Request] /singleplayer/airdrop/config
    [2023-01-25T07:13:27.480Z] debug:     [WS] Pinging player: d0d6f504420eb423732aea72
    [2023-01-25T07:13:27.480Z] debug:     [WS] Socket lost, deleting handle

    I also looked at the last server log and it also had the line about /singleplayer/airdrop/config about when the issue happened, so maybe the issue has something to do with airdrops, but only specifically on reserve? idk

    Someone with the same issue here: Hud-ui disappears ingame (worse than it sounds)

    So I was doing a PMC run on reserve, killed a couple scavs, looted a bit, then my UI disappeared. I don't remember why or exactly what i was doing when it happened, but I think i was in the white knight building by the train station when it disappeared. I couldn't open my inventory, the escape menu, or see any of the UI elements like stamina or ammo when checking the mag, but the animation would play for it. I could see the aki version number in the bottom left and the console command though. I hid while trying to press random keys hoping it'd fix it and trying to find something online but the only thing i could find was the forum post above

    I tried to run to D2 but i couldn't turn on the power for it, then i tried to close and restart the server hoping that would fix it but it didn't work.

    Also when i alt+f4'd out of the game and restarted it, all my stuff was still on my PMC like the run never happened

    I'm not sure what would have caused this since the only other person i could find with this issue had it happen yesterday and also on reserve, but i've been playing reserve a lot, and this has only happened today and never before.

    Thanks for any help with this, i'll keep playing and see if it happens again

    exact same thing happened to me, also on reserve. i thought i hit a wrong button that hid the UI or something but i also couldn't open containers and doors and couldn't hit the D2 power switch

    i also wasn't using any mods so i'm not sure what the issue is, i'll make a post with the logs and stuff as soon as i figure it out