More Stim Injectors 1.1.1

Adds a handful of stimulant injectors.

This mod currently adds three more stimulant injectors.

They can be bought from Therapist at varying levels.

Taking requests for more stims. Comment!

Code: E.H.E.T.S.
Therapist level 2

Increases weight limit by 75% for 900 seconds
Increases stamina regen by 1.5 / tick for 900 seconds

You lose 0.3 health / tick for 900 seconds
You lose 0.3 energy / tick for 900 seconds
Code: SaL+NRG
Therapist level 2

Increases energy recover by 1.5 / tick for 300 seconds
Increases hydration recovery by 1.5 / tick for 300 seconds

Tunnel vision for 300 seconds after 150 seconds
Code: E.S+M
Therapist level 4

Increases health regen by 1.5 / tick for 90 seconds
Removes fracture
Surgery kit 68% - 76% (Slightly better than Surv12 Kit)
  • Version 1.1.1

    Fixed an issue with the surgery stim. (I think)

  • Version 1.1.0


    CHEETA Stim

    Sold at Therapist level 3 for 59000 Roubles

    + 70 Points into skill 'Strength' for 300 seconds

    + 70 Points into skill 'Endurance' for 300 seconds

    + 70 Points into skill 'Mag Drills' for 300 seconds

    + Increases stamina recovery by 1.5 / tick

    - Decreases hydration rate by 1.5 / tick for 180 seconds

    - Decreases energy rate by 1.5 / tick for 180 seconds

    - Contusion for 150 seconds after 150 seconds

    - Hands Tremor for 150 seconds after 150 seconds

    + E.S+M Stim

    Sold at Therapist level 4 for 69000 Roubles

    + Increases health regen by 1.5 / tick for 90 seconds

    + Removes fracture

    + Surgery kit 68% - 76% (Slightly better than Surv12 Kit)



    Added - 25 Points into skill 'Stress Resistance' for 60 seconds

    Added - 25 Points into skill 'Vitality' for 60 seconds


    Changed the item texture to the SJ12 from the 3-(b-TG)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • E.S+M still does not work

  • I cant buy the stims anywhere, not the flea market, not in therapist (i have lvl 3 rn) and i have only found them in an airdrop

  • Please papershredder432 check this :

    tell me what you think :saint:

  • This appears in the console whenever I use the mod.

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    at MoreCombatStims.postDBLoad (D:\Battlestate Games\SPT 3.7.1\user\mods\shredder-MoreCombatStims\src\MoreCombatStims.js:56:90)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

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    at MoreCombatStims.postDBLoad (D:\Battlestate Games\SPT 3.7.1\user\mods\shredder-MoreCombatStims\src\MoreCombatStims.js:56:90)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

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  • Surgery stim is still not working :c I would love to have it working tho -w- Downloaded the latest release and it's still broken :c

  • Hei man, I completely love the idea.

    I don't know if this is because of any update, but the black limbs are not being healed.

    Thanks ^^

  • Hey, nice mod. However, there's a problem that your stims don't stack with base game ones. If it's intended that's fine but imho they should stack. I got told that it's most likely due to the fact that you're cloning existing stims. Namely I'm talking about MULE, not stacking with your weight stim. I also got told to check out how stims are made in here: Olympus so I'll relay that info to you, hopefully it can be fixed. :)

    • Got the exact same problem

    • I don't think it works on anything below 3.5.5

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    • I'm on 3.5.5 :/

      Each time I try to load the server with this mod, it don't load.

      I use a lot of "old" mods without any problem ^^'

      I tried without anything than this mod and I still got the same error.

      EDIT: Well, I tried again after creating a new profile, putting only this mod first and adding the others after, and now it works well. I don't really understand what I did differently this time, but I don't complain :P

  • I have 2 more ideas, one might be a bit bland but easier todo, and the other ones a bit more complicated because idk if it would even work:

    The Simple one would work like a Fallout Stimpack and just give you 50 HP immediatly (0.1 second or something like that).

    Negative effects would be reduced Health and Reduced Vitality for 3 minutes.

    Second Stimulant which would be more complicated (but also more interesting) since it would work similar to the adrenaline syringe from the Get a Life HL2 mod, or the Slow-Mo ability from F.E.A.R. , it would add tremors and concussions after 20 seconds and increase your energy consumption rate for 5 minutes but it would also slow down time to rougly 75% of the normal time scale for 20 seconds

  • I heard it's an issue that can't use this mod and SVM together, just like MICC 3.8.0

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    at MoreCombatStims.postDBLoad (D:\SPTARKOV-3.5.4\user\mods\shredder-MoreCombatStims\src\MoreCombatStims.js:56:90)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    at MoreCombatStims.postDBLoad (D:\SPTARKOV-3.5.4\user\mods\shredder-MoreCombatStims\src\MoreCombatStims.js:56:90)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    • I've no issues running SVM + this mod together. What have you changed with SVM?

    • everything I guess?


































      "IDBox": [




































      "FenceBlacklist": [





































































































































































































      "FleaBlacklist": [



































































      "WeeklyTypes": ["Elimination","Completion","Exploration"],



      "WeeklyReputation": [0.02, 0.04, 0.06, 0.08],

      "WeeklyItems": [3, 5, 7, 9],

      "WeeklyRoubles": [120000, 200000, 2000000, 5000000],

      "WeeklyExp": [40000, 80000, 400000, 1600000],

      "WeeklyLevels": [1, 20, 40, 60],














      "DailyTypes": ["Elimination","Completion","Exploration"],


      "DailyReputation": [0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04],

      "DailyItems": [2, 4, 6, 8],

      "DailyRoubles": [60000, 100000, 1000000, 2500000],

      "DailyExp": [20000, 40000, 200000, 800000],

      "DailyLevels": [1, 20, 40, 60],







































































































































































































































      "UsecNameList": [

      "Wilson Mahood",

      "Jimmy Jo Walker",

      "Lieutenant Byrd",

      "Stoney Cooper",


      "Jack McGee",



      "Agent J",

      "Atticus Finch",

      "Axel Foley",



      "The Bride",

      "Buzz Lightyear",

      "Jack Sparrow",


      "James T Kirk",


      "Clark Griswold",

      "Derek Zoolander",

      "Harry Callahan",



      "Emmett Brown",

      "Doc Brown",


      "Anton Vanko",

      "The Dude",

      "Ed Scissorhands",

      "Ferris Bueller",

      "Forrest Gump",


      "Freddy Krueger",



      "Hannibal Lecter",

      "Indiana Jones",

      "Boris Turgenov",

      "James Bond",

      "Jason Bourne",



      "John McClane",

      "The Joker",



      "Mad Max",

      "The Mask",

      "Justin Hammer",



      "Michael Myers",




      "Inigo Montoya",



      "Norman Bates",

      "Igor Vanko",

      "Patrick Bateman",


      "Rocky Balboa",

      "Ron Burgundy",







      "Chess Roberts",


      "The Terminator",

      "Tony Montana",

      "Travis Bickle",

      "Tyler Durden",

      "Vincent Vega",

      "Vito Corleone",



      "William Wallace",

      "Peter Parker",

      "William Wallace",

      "Wizard of Oz",







      "HL3 Confirmed",

      "EA Games",


      "EPIC GameStore",

      "Harley Jarvis",


      "Heart Disease",














































































      "FK ORCA",





      "TSM SmaK",


      "Jasper Sitwell",











      "Clint Barton",




      "itzz chrizz",




















      "Steve Rogers",

      "Johann Shmidt",

      "Bucky Barnes",


      "Arnim Zola",

      "Abraham Erskine",



      "Dum Dum Dugan",

      "Gabe Jones",

      "Jim Morita",

      "James Falsworth",

      "Jacques Dernier",

      "Michael Duffy",

      "Gilmore Hodge",

      "Heinz Kruger",


      "Georgi Luchkov",



      "Aldrich Killian",


      "Eric Savin",

      "Jack Taggert",


      "Taneleer Tivan",

      "Alexander Pierce",

      "Aleksander Lukin",

      "Sam Wilson",

      "Brock Rumlow",


      "Georges Batroc",

      "Ferdinand Lopez",

      "Jack Rollins",

      "Cameron Klein",


      "Pietro Maximoff",

      "Peter Quill",



      "Rocket Raccoon",



      "Yondu Udonta",

      "Nova Prime",

      "Nova Omega",



      "Irani Rael",

      "Meredith Quill",


      "Moloka Dar",







      "Howard theDuck",




      "Ulysses Klaw",


      "Hank Pym",

      "Scott Lang",

      "Darren Cross",

      "Blake Burdick",

      "Mitch Carson",

      "Black Panther",

      "Baron Zemo",

      "Stephen Strange",





      "Tullk UlZyn",



      "Flash Thompson",





      "Fenris Wolf",





      "Matt Murdock",


      "Foggy Nelson",

      "James Wesley",

      "Ben Urich",

      "Wilson Fisk",



      "Frank Castle",

      "Luke Cage",

      "Billy Russo",

      "William Rawlins",

      "Curtis Hoyle",

      "Stan Ori",

      "Phil Coulson",

      "Rick Deckard",

      "Philip J Fry",






      "Jason Voorhees",


      "Geralt of Rivia",


      "Bart Simpson",

      "Hey Arnold",

      "JarJar Binks",









      "Harry Potter",








      "Buck Rogers",

      "Lord Buckethead",


      "Godzilla Junior",

      "HAL 9000",


      "Ian Malcolm",


      "Optimus Prime",

      "Snake Plissken",


      "Robby the Robot",

      "Solid Snake",



      "Biff Tannen",

      "Jason Voorhees",





      "Grand Slam",



      "Rock n Roll",



      "Snake Eyes",







      "Cover Girl",




      "Snow Job",




      "Wild Bill",



      "Deep Six",


















      "Heavy Metal",


      "Lady Jaye",

      "Quick Kick",

      "Sgt Slaughter",



      "Beach Head",




      "Dial Tone",

      "The Fridge",










      "Wet Suit",








      "Fast Draw",





      "Law and Order",

      "Lt Falcon",






      "Red Dog",




      "Sneak Peek",


      "Steam Roller",


      "Tunnel Rat",








      "Hit & Run",









      "Storm Shadow",

      "Super Trooper",








      "Hot Seat",


      "Long Range",









      "Capt GridIron",


      "Cold Front",

      "Drop Zone",


      "Major Storm",



      "Rapid Fire",



      "Static Line",






      "Big Ben",



      "Heavy Duty",

      "Major Altitude",








      "General Flagg",







      "Colonel Courage",

      "Long Arm",




      "Snow Storm",


      "Space Shot",

      "Cobra Commander",


      "Major Bludd",




      "Storm Shadow",

      "Wild Weasel",



      "Snow Serpent",





      "Dr Mindbender",





      "Big Boa",

      "Croc Master",

      "Crystal Ball",








      "Royal Guard",

      "Sea Slug",


      "Night Creeper",







      "Desert Scorpion",



      "Night Vulture",


      "Sky Creeper",

















      "Red Ninja",







      "Rip It",


      "Shadow Viper",


      "Sub Viper",



      "Shock Viper",

      "Skull Buster",




      "Ghost Bear",



      "Sand Scorpion",

      "Snow Wolf",

      "Swamp Rat",


      "Cobra Commander",

      "Jungle Viper",



      "Shadow Strike",

      "Coil Trooper",


      "Grim Skull",


      "UsecEquipmentChanceList": {













      "UsecAttachmentChanceList": {




































































      "ScavEquipmentChanceList": {















      "ScavAttachmentChanceList": {









































      "RaiderEquipmentChanceList": {















      "RaiderAttachmentChanceList": {
















































      "RogueEquipmentChanceList": {















      "RogueAttachmentChanceList": {


















































      "BearNameList": [



      "Dericka Ruthless Fingers",

      "Derickaasaurus Rex",

      "Dericka Scheming Hands",

      "Dericka Irish",

      "Uber Ruthless Elephant",

      "Disguised Elephant",












      "Dericka Tactless Elephant",



      "The Ruthless Gamer",

      "The Scheming Gamer",

      "The Tactless Gamer",






      "Elephant Boy",

      "Elephant Girl",

      "Elephant Person",

      "Captain Ruthless",


      "Total Elephant",

      "The Ruthless Irish Dude",

      "The Gaming Elephant",

      "Gaming With Dericka",

      "Mr Game Elephant",

      "Ms Game Elephant",























































      "Yul Brynner",

      "Victor Buono",

      "George Burns",

      "Richard Burton",

      "Gary Busey",

      "Red Buttons",

      "James Caan",

      "Adolph Caesar",

      "Nicolas Cage",

      "James Cagney",


      "Michael Caine",

      "Louis Calhern",

      "Steve Carell",

      "Harry Carey",

      "Art Carney",

      "John Cassavetes",

      "Seymour Cassel",

      "Rich Castellano",

      "George Chakiris",



      "Jeff Chandler",

      "Charlie Chaplin",

      "Don Cheadle",

      "Michael Chekhov",


      "Thomas Church",


      "George Clooney",

      "Lee J Cobb",

      "Charles Coburn",


      "James Coburn",

      "James Coco",

      "Ronald Colman",

      "Sean Connery",

      "Tom Conti",

      "Bradley Cooper",

      "Chris Cooper",

      "Gary Cooper",

      "Jackie Cooper",

      "Kevin Costner",


      "Tom Courtenay",

      "Bryan Cranston",


      "Donald Crisp",

      "James Cromwell",

      "Hume Cronyn",

      "Bing Crosby",

      "Rupert Crosse",

      "Russell Crowe",

      "Tom Cruise",



      "Tony Curtis",

      "Willem Dafoe",

      "Dan Dailey",

      "John Dall",

      "Matt Damon",

      "Bobby Darin",

      "Jaye Davidson",

      "Bruce Davison",



      "Robert De Niro",


      "James Dean",

      "Beniciodel Toro",



      "Johnny Depp",

      "Bruce Dern",

      "Brandon deWilde",

      "Leo DiCaprio",


      "Matt Dillon",

      "Richard Dix",

      "Robert Donat",

      "Brian Donlevy",

      "Kirk Douglas",

      "Melvyn Douglas",

      "Michael Douglas",

      "Brad Dourif",

      "RobertDowney Jr",



      "Adam Driver",

      "Jean Dujardin",


      "James Dunn",

      "Michael Dunn",

      "Charles Durning",

      "Robert Duvall",

      "Clint Eastwood",

      "Jesse Eisenberg",



      "Denholm Elliott",

      "Sam Elliott",

      "Stuart Erwin",

      "Peter Falk",

      "Rich Farnsworth",

      "Mike Fassbender",

      "José Ferrer",

      "Ralph Fiennes",

      "Peter Finch",

      "Frank Finlay",



      "Albert Finney",

      "Colin Firth",

      "Peter Firth",

      "Larry Fishburne",


      "Henry Fonda",

      "Peter Fonda",

      "Harrison Ford",


      "Robert Forster",


      "Jamie Foxx",


      "James Franco",

      "Morgan Freeman",

      "Leonard Frey",

      "Clark Gable",

      "Andy García",


      "Andrew Garfield",

      "John Garfield",


      "William Gargan",

      "James Garner",

      "Michael V Gazzo",

      "Leo Genn",

      "Chief DanGeorge",

      "Paul Giamatti",

      "Giancarlo ",

      "John Gielgud",

      "Jack Gilford",

      "Jackie Gleason",


      "James Gleason",

      "Thomas Gomez",

      "Cuba Gooding Jr",

      "Dexter Gordon",

      "Ryan Gosling",

      "Louis GossettJr",

      "Elliott Gould",

      "Cary Grant",

      "Richard E Grant",

      "Graham Greene",



      "Joel Grey",

      "Hugh Griffith",

      "Alec Guinness",

      "Edmund Gwenn",

      "Jake Gyllenhaal",

      "Gene Hackman",

      "JackEarle Haley",

      "Tom Hanks",

      "Tom Hardy",


      "Woody Harrelson",

      "Ed Harris",

      "Richard Harris",

      "Rex Harrison",

      "Laurence Harvey",

      "Ethan Hawke",

      "John Hawkes",

      "Nigel Hawthorne",

      "Sessue Hayakawa",

      "Lucas Hedges",


      "Van Heflin",

      "Justin Henry",

      "Charlton Heston",

      "William Hickey",

      "Jonah Hill",

      "Judd Hirsch",

      "Dustin Hoffman",

      "Phil Hoffman",

      "Hal Holbrook",

      "William Holden",



      "Ian Holm",

      "Oskar Homolka",

      "Anthony Hopkins",

      "Dennis Hopper",

      "Bob Hoskins",

      "Djimon Hounsou",

      "John Houseman",

      "Leslie Howard",

      "Terrence Howard",


      "Trevor Howard",

      "Rock Hudson",

      "Tom Hulce",


      "John Hurt",

      "William Hurt",

      "John Huston",

      "Walter Huston",

      "Timothy Hutton",

      "John Ireland",


      "Jeremy Irons",

      "Burl Ives",

      "Hugh Jackman",

      "Sam Jackson",

      "Richard Jaeckel",

      "Sam Jaffe",

      "Dean Jagger",

      "Emil Jannings",

      "Richard Jenkins",

      "Ben Johnson",



      "JamesEarl Jones",

      "Tommy Lee Jones",

      "Daniel Kaluuya",

      "Michael Keaton",

      "Harvey Keitel",

      "Cecil Kellaway",

      "Gene Kelly",

      "Arthur Kennedy",

      "George Kennedy",

      "Ben Kingsley",


      "Greg Kinnear",

      "Kevin Kline",

      "Alexander Knox",

      "Jack Kruschen",

      "Burt Lancaster",

      "Martin Landau",

      "Frank Langella",


      "Jude Law",

      "Heath Ledger",


      "Jack Lemmon",

      "Michael Lerner",

      "Jared Leto",

      "John Lithgow",

      "Gene Lockhart",

      "Robert Loggia",

      "Paul Lukas",

      "Alfred Lunt",

      "William H Macy",



      "Karl Malden",

      "Rami Malek",

      "John Malkovich",

      "Joe Mantell",

      "Fredric March",

      "John Marley",

      "Lee Marvin",

      "James Mason",

      "Daniel Massey",

      "Raymond Massey",



      "Walter Matthau",

      "Kevin McCarthy",


      "Ian McKellen",

      "Victor McLaglen",

      "Steve McQueen",

      "Adolphe Menjou",


      "Ray Milland",


      "Jason Miller",

      "John Mills",

      "Sal Mineo",

      "Thomas Mitchell",

      "Robert Mitchum",


      "Ron Moody",

      "Dudley Moore",

      "Frank Morgan",

      "Pat Morita",


      "Robert Morley",

      "Chester Morris",

      "Viggo Mortensen",

      "Paul Muni",

      "Eddie Murphy",

      "Bill Murray",

      "Don Murray",

      "Liam Neeson",

      "Paul Newman",

      "Haing S Ngor",


      "Jack Nicholson",

      "David Niven",

      "Nick Nolte",

      "Edward Norton",

      "Jack Oakie",

      "Gary Oldman",


      "Edward Olmos",


      "Clive Owen",


      "Al Pacino",

      "Jack Palance",


      "Larry Parks",

      "Dev Patel",

      "David Paymer",

      "Gregory Peck",

      "Sean Penn",

      "Anthony Perkins",

      "Joe Pesci",


      "Joaquin Phoenix",

      "River Phoenix",

      "Walter Pidgeon",

      "Brad Pitt",

      "Chris Plummer",

      "Sidney Poitier",


      "William Powell",

      "Robert Preston",

      "Jonathan Pryce",



      "Randy Quaid",

      "Anthony Quayle",

      "Anthony Quinn",

      "Claude Rains",

      "Basil Rathbone",

      "Stephen Rea",

      "Robert Redford",


      "Eddie Redmayne",

      "John C Reilly",


      "Jeremy Renner",

      "Burt Reynolds",


      "Jason Robards",

      "Tim Robbins",

      "Eric Roberts",

      "Cliff Robertson",

      "Sam Rockwell",

      "Howard Rollins",

      "Mickey Rooney",


      "Tim Roth",

      "Mickey Rourke",

      "Mark Ruffalo",

      "Geoffrey Rush",

      "Harold Russell",

      "Robert Ryan",

      "Mark Rylance",

      "George Sanders",

      "Chris Sarandon",

      "Telly Savalas",


      "Roy Scheider",

      "Max Schell",

      "Joe Schildkraut",

      "Paul Scofield",

      "George Segal",

      "Peter Sellers",

      "Michael Shannon",

      "Omar Sharif",

      "Robert Shaw",

      "Sam Shepard",


      "JK Simmons",

      "Frank Sinatra",

      "Gary Sinise",

      "Will Smith",

      "Kevin Spacey",

      "Robert Stack",

      "Sly Stallone",

      "Terence Stamp",

      "Rod Steiger",



      "James Stewart",

      "Dean Stockwell",

      "Lewis Stone",

      "Lee Strasberg",


      "Robert Strauss",


      "Russ Tamblyn",

      "Akim Tamiroff",

      "Billy Bob",



      "Richard Todd",

      "Franchot Tone",


      "Rip Torn",

      "Lee Tracy",

      "Spencer Tracy",

      "Henry Travers",

      "John Travolta",

      "Massimo Troisi",


      "Stanley Tucci",

      "Tom Tully",

      "Peter Ustinov",

      "Robert Vaughn",

      "Jon Voight",

      "Max von Sydow",

      "Mark Wahlberg",

      "Chris Walken",

      "Christoph Waltz",

      "Jack Warden",



      "Ken Watanabe",

      "Sam Waterston",

      "John Wayne",

      "Clifton Webb",

      "Orson Welles",

      "Oskar Werner",

      "Forest Whitaker",

      "Stuart Whitman",

      "James Whitmore",


      "Richard Widmark",

      "Jack Wild",

      "Cornel Wilde",

      "Gene Wilder",

      "Tom Wilkinson",

      "Robin Williams",

      "Chill Wills",

      "Paul Winfield",

      "James Woods",

      "Monty Woolley",



      "Ed Wynn",

      "Burt Young",

      "Gig Young",

      "Roland Young",

      "Barney The Boss",

      "Dean The Dean",

      "Jake Malloy",

      "Joe Tanto",

      "Kit Latura",

      "Robert Rath",


      "Judge Dredd",

      "Ray Quick",

      "John Spartan",

      "Gabe Walker",

      "Snaps Provolone",

      "Lt Raymond Tango",

      "Lincoln Hawk",

      "Cobra Cobretti",

      "John Rambo",

      "Robert Hatch",


      "Deke DaSilva",

      "Cosmo Carboni",

      "Johnny Kovac",

      "Rocky Balboa",

      "Rocky Caddo",

      "Machine Gun Joe",

      "Jerry Savage",



      "Gordy Brewer",


      "Jericho Cane",

      "Dr Victor Fries",

      "John Kruger",

      "The Eraser",

      "Harry Tasker",

      "Jack Slater",

      "Ivan Danko",


      "Joseph Brenner",

      "John Matrix",






      "Joe Santo",


      "Dink Heimowitz",

      "Mr Suave",

      "Frank Moses",

      "Harrison Hill",


      "Doug Masterson",

      "Mr Goodkat",

      "Sonny Truelove",

      "AK Waters",

      "Jimmy Tudeski",

      "Trey Kincaid",


      "Harry Stamper",

      "Korben Dallas",

      "Muddy Grimes",

      "itzz chrizz",

      "Butch Coolidge",

      "Tom Hardy",

      "Hudson Hawk",

      "James Urbanski",

      "Tom Mix",

      "Lee Christmas",

      "Jensen Ames",

      "Terry Leather",


      "Chev Chelios",

      "Tony Stark",

      "Handsome Rob",


      "Evan Funsch",

      "Jericho Butler",



      "Jean Vilain",

      "Samson Gaul",


      "Vincent Brazil",

      "James Rhodes",


      "Jack Robideaux",

      "Phillip Sauvage",

      "Ben Archer",


      "Rudy Cafmeyer",

      "Edward Garrotte",

      "Alain Moreau",

      "Darren McCord",

      "William F Guile",

      "Obadiah Stane",

      "Chance Boudreaux",

      "Luc Deveraux",

      "Chad Wagner",


      "Frank Dux",



      "John Shepherd",

      "Joshua McCord",

      "Jake Fallon",


      "Nick Fury",


      "Jake Wilder",

      "Frank Shatter",

      "Cordell Walker",

      "Matt Hunter",


      "Sean Kane",

      "John T Booker",

      "Chuck Slaughter",


      "Happy Hogan",

      "Gunner Jensen",

      "Max Gatling",

      "The German",

      "Sage Mennox",

      "Edward Genn",

      "Mike Riggins",


      "Xander Ronson",



      "Ho Yinsen",

      "Lance Rockford",

      "Frank Gannon",

      "Sam Decker",


      "Frank Cross",


      "Michael Dane",

      "Nick Gunar",

      "Anthony Santee",

      "Jack Caine",

      "Howard Stark",


      "Ivan Drago",


      "Tom Steele",

      "Elijah Kane",

      "Rogelio Torrez",

      "Samuel Axel",



      "Cock Puncher",

      "Bruce Banner",

      "Simon Ballister",

      "Marshall Lawson",

      "Jonathan Cold",

      "Harlan Banks",

      "Travis Hunter",

      "William Lansing",

      "Robert Burns",


      "Frank Glass",

      "Orin Boyd",

      "Emil Blonsky",

      "Austin Travis",

      "Forrest Taft",

      "Casey Ryback",

      "Gino Felino",

      "Mason Storm",

      "Hugh McKraken",

      "Benjamin Benson",

      "Freddie Wiseman",

      "Arty Snodgrass",

      "General Skyler",

      "Thaddeus Ross",

      "Adam Beaudreaux",

      "Hurricane Smith",

      "Carl Brewster",

      "Kyle Western",

      "Action Jackson",

      "Cullen Monroe",

      "Harry Braker",


      "Dreamer Tatum",

      "Bateman Hooks",

      "Leonard Samson",

      "Apollo Creed",

      "Jack Hopper",



      "Bad Sam",

      "Clint Armstrong",

      "Not Hasselhoff",

      "Little G",

      "JD Gold",


      "Samuel Sterns",

      "Leland Duvall",

      "Warden Pitt",

      "Joe Joiner",

      "Huck Finney",

      "Mac Miller",

      "Jack Saxon",


      "Jack Maxwell",

      "Van Vandameer",

      "Victor Lundgren",

      "Jim Wilson",

      "Alriss Ryder",

      "Di Nardo",


      "John Luger",

      "Sam Striker",

      "Luther Regency"],

      "BearEquipmentChanceList": {













      "BearAttachmentChanceList": {












































































    • Getting the same error message, hmm.

  • I have a couple of request if thats possible:

    -A Stim that restores blacked limbs.
    Like one Limb Restoration per Stim and health regen +2 for 90 seconds? Or make a cheap Stim where only restoration takes place and an expensive one with Health Regen? Should also take up MASSIVE ammounts of Energy/Hydration

    -I also liked Eagleclaws17s Suggestion! Movement speed is something i would be DYING for! Also massive energy/hydration nerf

    -Some sort of Adrinaline2 Stim that makes you reload faster/make actions faster like dropping backpacks, speeding up healing animation, maybe eating?

    • So for the health regen ones:
      A more budget propital, and a more potent eTG-change?
      I can make the one that restores blacked limbs, and I'll look into the movement speed and faster actions one as well. I know for sure I can do the faster reloading I think, but the others I'm a bit unsure on.

      Heart 1
    • Holy Shit that would be soooo epic!!!!

    • I already made a movement speed/faster reloading one and pushed it. It does it by increasing the related skills. It's a temporary way, but should do for the time. I also added the one that restores blacked limbs, it also heals fractures. (Slightly better than the Surv12 kit)

      Heart 1
  • Im not sure if it would be possible, but having a Stimulant that would increase your Movespeed at a cost would be nice (something like +Movespeed/-Max. Stamina

    Heart 1
  • great idea and thank you

    we could always use more stimmies!!

  • Cool mod thanks!

    Heart 1