Grapple Gun (GG) 1.1.0

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There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

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This is jankiest grapple hook you will ever use. Buggy and you may end up flying into space. I blame tarkov for weird physics.

SPT 3.5.3


  1. If you fly into space and can't get back, use the emergency restart option in the bepinex F12 menu and then grapple onto an object to clear that wierd force that happened to you.
  2. No holding in place because tarkov wierd physics made you clip through the world.
  3. Mess with the gravity setting, if you guys find something that makes the grapple work well, let me know.
  4. Fall Damage Safe Height is set to 99999f. you would instantly die without this trying to grapple.


Unzip the folder into your bepinex/plugins folder


  1. Set a key for the grappling hook in the bepinex
  2. Imagine a invisible crosshair in the center of your screen and aim.
  3. Hold down the key to use the grapple.
  4. When you release, it will release the grapple.
  5. ALSO JUMPING BEFORE YOU SHOOT seems to work better? maybe i'm tripping.

you can replace the sounds in the folder with the same name and ogg type if you want.

  • Version 1.1.0

    1. switched to coroutine (should be smoother)
    2. added height to the F12 Bepinex Menu so you can set it up to land higher than the grappling point.
    3. You will still follow the original grappling route if you let go of the grappling hook.

    Let me know if there are areas you cannot grapple - i have to add exclusions manually so a screenshot and short explanation would be nice if you really need to be able to grapple there. Keep in mind that if you can't grapple for some reason, you are either clipping with an object or running into an object( e.g. what you are standing on so make your player jump and then grapple).

  • Version 1.0.0

  • I thought about adding an apply damage patch then i thought naw (me adding another patch would make that one incompatible). If you guys don't want to take damage when grappling, use my dad gamer mode mod and set the damage threshold or use cod gamer mode.

  • What app to use to open .dll files; to adjust fall damage?

    • can't adjust it.. i hard coded it. why you need to change it?

  • I dont understand how this works. Im doing exactly as the usage description says but when i release the key it just doesnt do anything. I installed the mod properly by tossing the folder inside the plugins folder. How long should i hold the key before releasing?

    • You probably can't grapple that object then. I only put it so that it counts objects that the player can run into in the game (that bsg decided) so they did a shit job on that. I didn't want to open everything up because you would more likely fall through the world.

    • Mmm i see. I was trying to get on the roof of the customs building in customs (big red werehouse)
      I suppose i cant get up there then. I'll try other locations.

    • My newer version i was working on was able to get on the red warehouse.

      Tweaking the code so you end up in a position above where you grappled in a parabolic arc.

      Maybe i changed the layers but it was working for me.

  • Also, a suggest... Can you make usage of hook more punishing? Like increase waste of stamina/energy or maybe more fixable "pay" of energy for use per hook, etc.
    You get the idea. And if it can be customisable - it would be great too.

    Thinking 1
    • i mean i do have a one second delay setup before you can grapple again.. I could make that an option you can set manually.

      I don't think energy will work well because it regenerates so quick for what you are looking for. Plus even if all your energy is eaten while grappling, you will still arrive at your location (i don't want to change the law of physics and make you fall out of the air).

  • The one and only Tarkov Space Program.

    Happy 2
  • I finally got it to work but;

    1 - The grapple crosshair is definitely not at the centre, it's like 35 degrees to the the right instead.
    2 - I take a lot of damage from simply grappling and hitting a wall
    3 - When it bugs out (which is very often), I use the reset to start, and if I'm at a "higher" altitude than the start, it counts it as fall damage when I reset / teleport back, killing me if it's too high up.
    4 - Grapple refuses to grapple to 90% of the surfaces / things I try to grapple towards

    • haha. yeah i'm glad you didn't have higher expectations.

      1) ok, its centered mine.. hmm.. are you using a widescreen by chance?

      2) expected. is fall damage not working?

      3) same as above

      4) so you have to make sure you are not standing near an object that would be counted as something that counts as an obstacle. i know.. i had to use a really shitty way to do detection.

      are you on version 3.5.3?

    • 1) Not ultra-widescreen, but I'm playing on 4k (42"). Not sure what the issue is or how I can help, not much in ways of debugging that I can do. If I stand and look towards a wall and press the grapple, i can physically see the yellow line for like 2 ms shoot out from my right arm / right side of the screen

      2) fall damage IS working, but I was hoping that there wouldn't be any damage from hitting the wall itself, only actually falling.

      3) -

      4) If it's hard to fix then it's not much to do, it does work on occasion and I'm happy it still kind of works, even though it's maybe 5% of the time.

      I'm on 3.5.3, I have other mods installed as well but I don't think any of those would be conflicting with a mod of this caliber.

      Nice job regardless. I think with a few tweaks (especially so that grappling is reliable without ending your life), it's potentially usable. Even simply setting the fall damage / ANY damage taken to 0 while grappling (or falling after grappling) would maybe help a lot.

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  • Lmao, cool.

  • the way i will use this is to loot sniper scav while having fall damage off just in case

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  • so the grapple works by launching the pmc in the air and then its like a zipline.

    could you use this line like a some sort of rope, so you can climb up or down a mounten or swing over a hole

    • As of right now, it only moves the player towards the hook.

      That was the thought because i wanted to loot bodies on top of buildings or snipe in non reachable areas like the towers.

      I will look into fixing things later, for now this is it. i'll think about the zip line.

  • Tarkov Space Program 2

    Kerbal Tarkov Space Program 2 have unique graphics, I must say. :kekw:

    Also, yes, idea of sniping from roof is wonderful.

  • The Stars Call Me

    Just like Props I aimed for the skies, only to find myself amongst the stars. 10/10