The Black Beard 1.0.2

Add another beard color (black) for the original red beard mask. NEW! Black mustache too!

Black beard + mustache mask added to Ragman LL1.

This will add an item, not overwrite the red beard. This is my first mod ever created for any game. So keep that in mind. But I've tested it on 3.5.5. Works like a charm both in inventory and in-raid.


To install the mod, just drag and drop the first folder in the archive into your SPT AKI root folder.

To uninstall the mod, REMOVE all of your black beard masks from your stash / PMC, and make sure the profile is saved. Then you can delete the folder "TheBlackBeard" with all its content from your mods folder.


  • 3.7.3?

  • Miss my beard. Is it 3.6* compatible? Or is it easy DIY fix?

    Just wondering/Not begging for update.

    TY for neat mod OP

    • Thanks! It should be. But I'm not going to update this mod in the future.

  • All this mod is very nice I hope you improve it and produce more various beard or mustache mods

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  • Hey! Just a heads up, you don't have to manually navigate to that cache to clear it. In your settings in the SPT launcher, there is a "Clean Temp Files" button that does it for you.

  • Stashe up y'all. Ty bropi

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  • y1Vafx5.jpg

    It works perfectly for me!
    thank you :thumbup:

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    • "Walk the plank, ye scallywag."

  • this mod made the smoke from the extract in customs old gas extract black, for some reason

    • My smoke is green. SPT AKI 3.5.5?

    • ofc i go to look and its working lol

    • also what is the root folder like it said ?

      for download ?

  • Image link appears to be broken

    • Works here. I use Imgur so maybe their server is down for you?

    • Yeah I'm having issues with other imgur links too, I think it's in my end. My b, nice mod!