CWX GrassCutter 1.0.1

Cuts grass obviously


Requested and thought it might be useful to some,

this will remove the sprites of grass for maps

HOW TO INSTALL: (this is how to install for AKI 2.3.0 onwards)

1. Open the Zip

2. inside you will see, a BepInEx folder and a user folder.


3. copy these and paste them to your AKI install folder.


4. Done! there is nothing else for you to do.


  • SPT Install / BepInEx / plugins / CWX-GrassCutter.dll (this dll file)

Any issues or bushes you found that you can't run through, use the support thread to the right >>>>

and let me know.

  • It works on 3.8.0 :)

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  • Does this work?

    • I assumed it did based on reading the Post immediately before this one, and then knew after actually trying it. Give it a shot, it worked for me.

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  • Works on 3.7.6, BoopsQuestZone is outdated and can cause the mod to not work

    • Does not work for me.. Install instructions say there should be a user folder but it's not in my download so maybe that has changed but after installing and uninstalling several times, no dice here on 3.7.6

    • There's no user folder anymore in the mod. Try using this BoopQuestZone version by CactusPie, it made the mod work for me:

    • user folder gets created after launching spt-aki server

  • Works fine in 3.7.1 installation, TSKR

  • Does it work for 3.7.1?

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  • You're a life saver! I really appreciate what you did to the low performance pcs players!

  • i thought this was like a multitool add-on that would let you cut the grass to snipe HAHA

  • Hi, can you create a mod which removes stone, rock pebbles, trash and other useless entities for low end pc guys like me? Thank you in advance.

  • Can ye make a mod that removes the aim punch and screen blur when getting hit? it heavily disrupts the ability for me to fight back

  • How about taking out the trees and the big shrubs too?

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  • Is this works on old versions? (rly old versions, like 3.5.0)

  • I've noticed that even with the mod where bushes block the sight of AI, they would still see me through grass before I saw them, so this just evens the playing field for me. :D

  • This mod is the bomb! My Tarkov experience was never smoother and I can finally find all the downed bodies on woods. 20/10 mod! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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  • I'm waiting for the brush cutter, top mod, + 30-40 fps increased

  • based

  • 3.5.8 works?

    • 3.5.3 даже работает)

  • guh, good job

  • Guessing this also saves FPS?