Borkel's Big Realistic Thermal Package - Bring real life realism to your thermal scopes 1.0.1

This mod reworks Tarkov's thermal scopes to match their real life specifications. The main points are: - Most scopes are 30Hz or 60Hz - Dsiplay resolution increased on all scopes. - Increased range on all thermal scopes, no more hard limit.

Borkel's Big Realistic Thermal Package

Someone suggested I make a big package with my previous two thermal mods, but I decided it would be wise to wait for 3.7.0 to include the new thermals aswell. So now here it is, my Big Hot Thermal Package has arrived.

What's unique about this?

Other thermal overhauls aim to uncap the refresh rate and offer a perfect clear view through the display of the thermal, with no pixelation, noise, blur... Instead of that, I aimed for pure realism, so I researched the real the life specifications of Tarkov's scopes and injected them into the ingame scopes. For example, the FLIR had a resolution of 172*129px and a refresh rate of 21Hz, while in real life it would be 320*240px at 60Hz. On top of that, and thanks to TEOA's work, I've erased the max range limit of 250m that all thermal scopes had, making them usable at longer ranges.

Stats and Pics (make sure to click on them to see them in full resolution)

- FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz

320*240px 60Hz

Now with a new more realistic reticle from Geff Hannigan's EFT Scope and Red Dot Sight Overhaul. Also thanks to Fontaine for updating Geff's mod.

- Trijicon REAP-IR 60Hz 640*320px

640*320px 60Hz

- Armasight Zeus-Pro 640 2-8x50 30Hz

640*512px 60Hz (the display itself is 800*600px, but the thermal sensor is only 640*512px)

FUSION mode is now easier to use

- SIG Sauer ECHO1 1-2x30mm 30Hz

206*156px 30Hz

FUSION mode is now easier to use

- Torrey Pines Logic T12W 30Hz

80*60px 30Hz


Should work perfectly with EFT SCOPE AND RED DOT SIGHT OVERHAUL BY GEFF HANNIGAN - Reupload, just make sure my mod loads after it.

Not compatible with other thermal overhauls but even then it's not going to break the game.


Drop inside of user/mods.

Also check out my Realistic Night Vision mod, it has the T-7 thermal goggles.

If you wish to support me and help me achieve my dream of owning night vision goggles you can buy me a coffee.


  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated for 3.7.1, just to get rid of the version warning. I don't have 3.7.1 myself so let me know if something is not working. birbgunthreat

  • Version 1.0.0

    Do let me know if something breaks. 3.7.0

  • If anyone has any issues please report them here or in the support thread

    • my thermals just wound up as missing textures

    • Well that is weird. Try to download the mod again and make sure there's no other mod replacing the same files. What SPTarkov version are you using?

  • it says not compatible with my current version of aki even tho its 3.7.6

    • you can ignore the message, it is compatible

  • Sadly I got an Issue with the FLIR 60hz Thermal Sight. Took me a while to figure it out why I wasn't hitting shit with it. For some reason the Shots will land a good shot left of what I aimed for @100m easy a meter to the left.

    Aside from the mod that fixes Scopes and FOV I have no mod installed that should alter scopes and to be sure I load your mod last in loadorder. Any Idea what I could try?

    • I'll check now

    • It's working perfectly on my end. What weapon and ammo are you using?

    • T-5000 using MK316(modded) and tried M61 too. Using normal scopes, basicly any 34mm scope, gives normal shooting results. Unfortunately I don't have access to other thermals like Zeus yet to test further.

      Edit: Img-Link to clarify, here you can see how much I have to aim off center to hit a shot.
      FOV: 68 @1440p resolution if that matters.

    • If you want to test things you can always create a new SPT Developer profile in the launcher. I recommend you uninstall all mods that alter scopes (including mine) and then try them individually, see if something changes. This way we can properly find the source of the problem.

    • Ok not really a satisfying solution but it fixed the issue for me:
      - I re-installed borkels thermals AND SPTRealism (I previously disabled stuff like ballistics and medic changes)

      - put SPTRealism after Borkels

      I dunno what broke it but its working now.

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  • can it work on 3.6.0 ?

  • package says 3.7.1 tho side say 3.7.6 any chance u could make it 3.7.x if compatible to that ?

    • It's perfectly compatible with 3.7.6 so you can just ignore the warning. But if you really want it, I can upload a new version just to get rid of the warning.

    • Would be lovely as it has to do with support in general at other situations.

  • I'm using this and the re-uploaded Geff's overhaul. I set this to load after Geff's but all the scopes and reflex sights appear blacked out with the T-7. I assume I missed something, but as far as I can tell I followed all the directions for installing both.

    • you are trying to aim through thermal scopes while using the T-7 thermal goggles?

    • No, I was using standard scope (ACOG) and some reflex sights. I'll test the other thermals scopes.

    • Still, you can't see through any scope using the T-7 thermal goggles. Thermals can't see through glass. It's not a bug.

    • Oh ok, I missed that, thx

  • I don't have. he doesn't give out an error either, it just doesn't work, only this mod has been installed

    • well i'll work on it when i finish my exams

    • Have you started to work on it again?

    • tomorrow is the last exam

    • the mod is working perfectly for me in 3.7.6

  • Will there be an update for 3 7 6?

    • does it not work?

  • is it possible to make torrey pines screen higher resolition to work like ECHO1

    • It is possible yes, but it is not realistic. The aim of this mod is realism.

      You can always edit the bundles yourself and change the values to the ones you want.

    • i ask you here coz i m shit when it comes to modding... if there would be some tutoriał how i would menage...
      how hard and timeconsuming such tweak would take?

    • it's quite easy, you have to use Asset Studio and Asset Bundle Extractor. You have to research editing unity bundles.

      Inside of the torrey pines bundle, you want to modify the thermalvision asset. The line of code you want to change is 'blockcount' or something like that

  • Any chance for the next time you decide to update the mod you could turn off the motion blur option cause it looks pretty terrible and causes really weird ghosting especially in fusion mode

    without motion blur:
    with motion blur:

    • Yes it looks terrible, but the point of this mod is to make thermal scopes as realistic as possible. So unless it is unrealistic, I'm going to leave it as it is.

      I'd be very thankful if you provide me with footage of a display of a thermal scope to see how much motion blur there is and then I may update the mod (not footage recorded with the thermal scope's own recorder).

    • Probably realistic to some extent but the way bsg does it does not interact well with the distance limit being removed from what i can tell and causes very noticeable ghosting if a object is in front of the skybox if that makes any sense

    • This is for Borkel.

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      This is what real thermal optics look like.

    • It seems like there is some motion blur when it is zoomed in between 0:19 and 0:21. But still, that is footage recorded with the thermal's own recording software. What we see here is not the physical display of the thermal, which would be the most interesting thing to see.

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      Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
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      Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
      Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

      Closest I could find.

  • hey i got some issue with the Zeus thermal scope, normally it should have 2 fusion modes and 2 white modes but mine has 1 fusion and 3 white ones, so i can only use the colored thermal image on 2x zoom and you can barely see anything with the white mode.
    It worked fine for me in 3.7 so idk what is causing this

    • are you using any other mods that deal with thermals or night vision?

    • i checked and didnt find any

    • Well that is strange, it works well on my end. Try to download it again.
      I was asking about mods that deal with night vision because some of those will also replace the thermal scopes. Do you perhaps use the FOV Fix mod? Or any mods that rework scopes in general?

    • i think i have optic rework but that one doesnt change the Zeus, the other thermals so far worked fine

    • well i'm very sorry but i don't know where could the issue be if it's not a load order issue. Is the refresh rate of your Zeus 60Hz?

  • I'm having trouble getting this working in 3.7.1. Your Flir thermal mod worked perfect in 3.6.1 but when I updated I found you'd combined them into one big package (love it) but it seems to hate me. Installation was the same as before. Dropped into User/Mods folder. Server readout recognizes it on startup too with no errors thrown, but it doesn't actually make the changes from the looks of it. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • There's probably another mod that is overwritting the bundles of my mod. Try to uninstall other mods to find out which one it is.

    • Thanks for the reply. I did give that a shot. I tried it with no other mods installed, and same result. I'll note that I was also using a .dll file from Kobrakon previously to unlock the FOV and clear up NVGs and Thermal goggles. I recently (like an hour ago) found that your NVG's mod gives granular control over the FOV and etc so I removed Kobrakons mod as well in case it was causing some issues (though it was client side so I'm not sure if it would cause the issue I'm having). I'm not sure what to try next. I've all but reinstalled SPT at this point haha (I may actually try this soon). Any other thoughts before I go to the "nuclear" option?

    • Hmm, if no other mod is overwritting the bundles then I don't know. A .dll would also be able to replace ingame assets so it could also be a client mod, tho less likely.

    • Thank you again for getting back with me on that. I'm not sure what's causing my issue but I've decided to take on what may be the impossible task of breaking into the bundle file in the base game in order to identify which assets I would need to modify on my own in order to forcibly overwrite the pixel density and refresh rate of just the FLIR scope in particular. I'm no programmer by any means but I'm determined, not totally retarded, and have the help of chat GPT to explain some of this to me as I'm learning.

      Without taking up too much more of your time, what assets should I be keeping an eye out for to modify? I'm using Asset Bundle Extractor to look through the bundle file.

    • If you want to just replace the assets, take the assets folder that is inside of "Realistic-Thermals-1.0.1\bundles\" and drop it inside of "SPTarkov3.7.1\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows". This will inject the mod into your EscapeFromTarkov_Data.

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  • Does it works with Fontaine Fov Fix?

    • I don't know, feel free to test it and report back, you'd do me a favor. I doubt it would work since they probably modify the same bundles.

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    • Oi, working noice with Fontaine Fov Fix.

      The SIG Sauer ECHO1 1-2x30mm still has 4 modes (2 reticles and 2 vision modes), but workin' noice.

      How do you make the optics?

      I want to add 4 (or more) visual modes for the optic.

    • Nice to know it works fine. I edit the bundles of the optics using Asset Bundle Extractor and Asset Studio.

  • Thank you for your mod, works fine, appreciate the work you put in! :thumbup::thumbup:

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  • Uhm, this is going to sound super weird, by every thermal scope I find/use is a massive doge-covered cube? :D

    The only other mods I sue are Realistic-Night-Vision-Goggles-1.1.5 and refringe-openextracts-1.3.1

    • Well that is weird, have you tried re-downloading the mod?

    • I have, and will try again and report back (as soon as i find/spawn with as scav with another thermal). The funny things was it already showed as a doge texture-covered cube on the weapon on the select scav/pmc for raid screen :) Really weird.

    • Ok, 1st raid in and I found a T12W. Now it works. I believe the issue was with EFT version used. Thank you for you work! :thumbup:

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  • it works on 3.7.1

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    • Did you have to fiddle with any part of the mod to get it working on 3.7.1? I'm having trouble getting mine to work. It appears to load fine, but the changes don't register as they should.

  • Not sure if it is something related to my graphics settings but with the T12W when i flick my gun left and right fast when in a fight the blue of the thermal screen bleeds outside of the scope and leaves a blue trail over my screen. Not been able to find a fix as yet.

    • hmm, that's probably the TAA but i'll check it in a while anyways

    • yeah not even with TAA can i reproduce your issue

    • It's strange. It saw it in a couple of raids yesterday and now i cannot even reproduce it myself.

      I thought it may have been DLSS as i had it on to try it, but even with it on or off i cannot get it to do it as bad as it was before. Played several raids today and it was not doing it.

      If it does it again i will try to take note of the settings or what i did to get it to happen.

  • do any of the versions work with 3.7.0? sorry if its a dumb question

    • The 1.0.0 version is for 3.7.0

  • Well i realy like thermals... Badly we didn't have any mod for T-7 termal googles...
    Nice mod Bro i love it :)

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    • Check out my Realistic Night Vision Goggles mod. It has the T-7.

    • In the latest update of Realistic Night Vision Goggles I've made the T-7 even more realistic

    • i will check it out thx for the good mods bro

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