Featured Borkel's Realistic Night Vision Goggles (NVGs and T-7) 1.5.2 (experimental)

Now with new realistic NVG masks and natural light outside the tubes. I looked at real life NVGs and I tried to imitate them ingame. Customizable ingame (colors and everything).


If you wish to support me and help me achieve my dream of owning night vision goggles you can buy me a coffee.


  • Version 1.5.2 (experimental)


    For SPT 3.8.0.

    Improved the masks for the GPNVG-18 and the T-7.

    For the GPNVG-18 I've horizontally flipped the lense shadows so that they appear on the outer lenses and not the inner ones. This makes more sense, since the outer lenses are the ones that are angled (new is top, old is bottom):


    The T-7 is viewed through a digital display, not a lense like with NVGs, so I've made it look more like a display by cutting its vertical FOV (like the FLIR). The old mask is still available in the optional masks folders. This is how it looks now:

  • Version 1.5.1 (experimental)


    UPDATED FOR SPT-3.8.0 (doesn't work on previous versions).

    All should be working properlly but let me know if there are any issues.

  • Version 1.5.0 (experimental)


    Two new features:

    • New manual gating feature! Increase or decrease the gain of your NVGs by pressing a key (it even makes a cool sound). The keybinds are unbound by default to avoid conflicts with other mods' keybinds, so don't forget to bind them yourself to keys of your choice. Higer gain will offer more light amplification, but there will be more visual noise6M9bAsO.png
    • New higher resolution noise texture:7DSs2E2.png

    Let me know if there are any issues. And as always, remember to disable NVG Original Color in Amands Graphics.

  • Version 1.4.8 (experimental)


    New realistic ReShade presets made by FishiDishi, check the instructions in the ReShade tab (the ReShade is a completely optional download and it will never be a requirement for the main mod. It is not the main way to use the mod, think of it as a different experience that you can freely try to achieve more immersion).


  • Version 1.4.7 (experimental)

    Another small update. Added another null check and initialized by default one of the variables, should get rid of the NullReferenceException (thanks Cj).

    Please let me know if there are any issues.

  • Version 1.4.6 (experimental)

    Another small update, but still a necessary update.

    In the past I tried to calculate the FOV of the ingame PVS-14 to adjust the mask size to get a FOV of 40º like in real life, but I was calculating it in the wrong way, resulting in an actual ingame FOV of 37º.

    This is now fixed, all NVGs have a bigger and more realistic FOV. The baseline is always the PVS-14, which has a FOV of 40º when using the new default mask size of 1.07. This was calculated using 59 FOV in the game settings (which equates to 90º horizontal FOV).

    I've also improved the code a little and set the default mask size for the GPNVG-18 to 0.96 (i made the texture too large).

    Also, reminder that I recommend enabling the "Sprinting toggles tactical devices" option.

  • Version 1.4.5 (experimental)

    Very small update.

    • Disabled by default the the toggling of tactical devices when sprinting because I understand that this feature is very confusing for those who install the mod without carefully reading through the mod description first. Nonetheless, I still recommend enabling this feature as it mitigates the IR lights issue. More information in the Known Issues tab.
    • Reduced the noise intensity of the N-15. Being a Gen 3/Gen 2+ NVG it made no sense for it have as much noise intensity as the Gen 2 PNV-10T.
  • Version 1.4.4 (experimental)

    Mitigated the brightness issue by applying a 65% black filter around the tubes (does not affect the image inside the tubes). This is not a defenitive fix, and defenitely not the most elegant way to do it, but I've done my best. Also, as always, this is meant to be used with NVG ORIGINAL COLOR off in Amands's Graphics settings. If, for some reason, you want to use unfiltered mask textures you can still get them from older versions of the mod.


    Also included optional black textures for the GPNVG-18, more information in "user\mods\BRNVG_N-15Adapter\optional black GPNVG-18"


  • Version 1.4.3 (experimental)

    Reworked the mask for the PNV-10T. It's a single tube binocular, so it should take as much screen as a binocular but only provide the image of a monocular. It has its own LensTexture now.


  • Version 1.4.2 (experimental)

    Fixed the vulcan night vision scope not having a night vision effect. Took me hours to figure out I just needed one simple extra line of code :kekw:.

  • Let me know if there are any issues with the Drive download links.

  • Remember to turn off NVG Original color in Amand's Graphics settings.

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  • why i stuck in NSV and AGS when i use them.no loaded animation and press f just cant move

    • Working well on my end, doesnt seem to be an issue with my mod. Do you have any more details?

    • idk man,

      [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

      EFT.Player+FirearmController.Spawn (System.Single animationSpeed, System.Action callback) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player.SpawnController (EFT.Player+AbstractHandsController controller, System.Action callback) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+Process`2[TController,TResult].CreateController () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+Process`2+Class1062[T,U].method_0 () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+Process`2+Class1062[T,U].method_1 () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+FirearmController+Class994.method_0 () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+FirearmController+GClass1624.HideWeaponComplete () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+FirearmController.method_28 () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+FirearmController.IEventsConsumerOnWeapOut () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+AbstractHandsController.GInterface24.OnWeapOut () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      GClass663.smethod_38 (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] eventsConsumers, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      GClass663.AnimatorEventHandler (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] eventsConsumers, System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      ObjectInHandsAnimator.AnimatorEventHandler (System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.method_2 (System.String functionName, System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter, System.Int32 stateShortNameHash) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.method_3 (AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEvent event, IAnimator animator, AnimatorStateInfoWrapper& stateInfo, System.Single normalizedTime) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.EmitEvents () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player+ItemHandsController.EmitEvents () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player.method_76 (System.Single deltaTime) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      EFT.Player.ComplexLateUpdate (EFT.EUpdateQueue queue, System.Single deltaTime) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

      (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.Player.DMD<EFT.Player::LateUpdate>(EFT.Player)

      UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

      Class358:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

      UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • does your problem disappear when you install my mod? can i get your modlist?

  • I set the NVG color all the way to blue, but its still green.

    • you have to lower the green and red values too, and make sure you are selecting the rgb values of your specific nvg

  • Why not have the sprint toggle tactical devices enabled by default if it's recommended? Is there an issue with it on that could happen?

    • It used to be enabled by default, but most users don't read the mod description so they get confused when they see the devices turning off on their own.

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  • Compatible with TANO (Thermal And NVG Overhaul)?

    • TANO includes an old version of this mod, so i advice against installing both.

  • How can I lower the refresh rate of the T-7 down to 30hz?

    • You'd have to change the source code and compile it yourself. Lines 44 and 45 in ThermalVisionSetMaskPatch.cs.

    • Love this mod so much - I'm trying to do exactly as you said and change those lines but when building in Visual Studio I get the error

      "The type or namespace name 'EFT' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

      as well as about 100 other identical errors - any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm very new to this and am not sure sure to how "reference"

      Thanks for reading!

      edit: I've figured out how to add references - just not sure which out of the thousands to add or what i need to download and give to VS as a reference

      edit2: Figured out how to add references, even found the files I needed in my SPT folder (Aki.reflection, Assembly-csharp,Assembly-Cshar-firstpass,Comfort,ItemComponent.Types) but trying to add these .dll files as assemblies/dependencies doesn't work, "the reference is invalid or unsupported"

      Figured it out <3 Now I just gotta figure out how to remove the hazy look of the t-7
      Simply erasing the noise.png files seems to make everything black

    • To make the t-7 clear just comment the thermalmask patch in plugins.cs. To disable individual features you should instead comment specific lines inside of the thermalmask patch. I'll explain further when i get home

    • you'll want to comment or delete these lines:

      __instance.IsPixelated = true;

      __instance.IsMotionBlurred = true;

      __instance.PixelationUtilities = new PixelationUtilities();

      __instance.PixelationUtilities.Mode = 0;

      __instance.PixelationUtilities.BlockCount = 320; //doesn't do anything really

      __instance.PixelationUtilities.PixelationMask = Plugin.maskPixel;

      __instance.PixelationUtilities.PixelationShader = Plugin.pixelationShader;

    • You're a godsend. Thank you for your time and input. Your mod makes this game playable for me <3

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  • Awesome mod! But I have a question, is there a way to change the black filter % around the tubes? I find it's not dark enough (prehaps a slider in the f12 menu would allow people to adjust it to their liking)

    • To do that you'll want to edit the .png files inside of the mask folder, it's very easy to do. You can use GIMP or photoshop. The default value for the filter is 65% opacity.

    • Intresting, i didn't expected that to be in the png files. i will give it a try thank you !

  • No issue, just wanted to share, Dont throw a grenade in factory office with this mod while wearing the GPVNG unless you want to find out real quick if you suffer from epilepsy

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    • Then definitely don't use an unsuppressed M4 while using night vision.

  • Borkel I gotta say I've been watching your development of this mod in the discord server since before 3.8.0 but hadn't actually used it until now and it's...amazing.

    I don't usually use NVG's because I just really didn't like them that much but this mod makes me WANT to play with NVG's again. I love being able to adjust the brightness, color, gating etc to exactly how I like it.

    This mod is by far one of my favorite mods ever.

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    • Thanks a lot. It also makes me only want to play at night. I find even the PVS-14 is enjoyable despite its limited FOV.

  • @Borkel how do i remove the lens effect? those black rings

    • Check out the customization tab in the mod description to learn how to make your own custom masks, or just use a version older than 1.4.0 if you don't want the peripheral vision

  • Hello Borkel!

    I wanted to ask a quick question regarding some Thermals. Is it a built thing how thermal range is limited by some black wall void? Or is it some in game setting that change that or an option im missing?

  • i'll update tomorrow

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    • I can`t wait!

    • H5Kgdgv.png

      Well i'll try again tomorrow

  • For some reason from 1.4.0 to the newest version I can no longer use this mod with my collection. 1.3.1. is the last working one.

    1.4.0. and above simply show the NVG pull down, shows the visuals outside the NVG as it should, but the actual "feed" of the NVG is pitch black or simply missing.

    Link to my load order and plugins: https://drive.google.com/drive…QdmACeY18huRb?usp=sharing

  • Can you tell me how to put a black NVG? I didn't understand what needed to be done. And will this feature replace Beige NVG with Black or will black and beige NVG be available from the merchant?

    • Hi, after installing, go to "mods/BRNVG_N-15Adapter/optional black GPNVG-18", there is the installation.txt, it shows you, what to to, you have to manually copy and paste the nvg.....bundle file. That replaces the the beige one with black... Looks cool.... Hope that helps....

    • Yeah what Mace said

  • Hey Borkel, thank you for this amazing mod. I was wondering, if this was possible, and you just made it... Hope, you can´t read the rest of my thoughts... 8|^^ Keep up this great work! For me, it is always amazing, what you modders can do... :thumbup:

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  • game changer..amazing mod

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  • Bravo 6 going dark level updates !

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  • This is a work of art !! Thank you

  • Amazing work, Borkel! Any plans for a custom mask for the T-7? Cheers <3

    • Thanks. The T-7 already has a custom mask. Zoom in:


    • 4rnOTsc.png
      Oh, my bad. I meant the translucency effect around the lenses instead of just a black frame :saint:

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    • Ah well, that would require Arys to make another custom shader, and he has already done a lot for this mod

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  • Thx for the constant updates bro !

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  • Hey borkel, your attention on this mod is appreciated, but out of curiosity, do you have plans for other tarkov mods in the future?

    • I do. One idea I have is improving bullet hole wounds, as right now they aren't even holes.

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  • The black version looks dope and tbh I wondered why my pmc turned off the attachments while sprinting. This is one of my favourite mods so far and it keeps getting better.

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  • awesome mod thank you for the constant updates

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  • Thx for enabling black NVG-18 but I failed to change any setting on it when I am using Atlas GPNVG-18


    • I should've tested this further, I'll look into it now

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    • it's working perfectly on my end, can you confirm you are using the vanilla GPNVG-18 and not some modded ones? The optional black texture of my mod will replace the vanilla one

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    • Sorry I didn't modify the original NVG-18 with your custom one.

      Now it works like a charm https://imgur.com/a/m3v1uXK

      ATLAS Black NVG ofc will not work.

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    • Can someone elaborate on this? I placed the file "optional black GPNVG-18\nvg_l3_gpnvg-18_anvis.bundle" in "BRNVG_N-15Adapter\bundles\assets\content\items\equipment\customizable\gpnvg" as instructed but I still only have the original tan version of the GPNVG and the black Atlas one with a green lens filter ?(

  • First of all - one of the best mods out there. Already was and will stay a must-have for me. With the most recent updates I'm meanwhile playing night raids only :)
    Regarding the brightness behavior. I saw you thanked somewhere Amands. So my question would be, is it possible to somehow link the 2 mods, i.e. so whenever the NVG (with a much higher brightness) is turned on your mod throws a signal Amands Graphics reacts to and automatically decreases the overall brightness level?

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    • I'll also try adding a dark filter around the tubes

    • Amands has shown me a solution, tomorrow I'll look into it

  • N-15 on helmet is kill?

    I can't for the life of me find a compatible mount.

    • This was fixed in the version 1.4.1. Make sure you've updated the mod.

    • I've got the most recent version. I can't find the name of the mount anywhere. Is it supposed to be able to be attached to the same mount as the PVS-14? Does a trader sell it?

    • PNV-10T dovetail adapter

    • Thanks mate. Apologies, I might just be dumb, but I swear there was at least an attempt made first 😂

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  • Bug i noticed: If you have an IR attachment activated you can see it in your peripheral vision .

    • See the known issues tab

  • There it is, i have a erection right now

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  • Oh Good! I was wondering if the Vulcan thing was intentional and decided not to report. God speed.

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