Featured Quest Tracker 1.2.0

Track quests while in-raid with a handy toggleable overlay!


  • Quickly see your tracked quest progress via an in-game overlay at the push of a button, or by completing quest objectives
  • Easily toggle whether a quest is tracked by right-clicking it in either your player task list, or vendor quest list
  • Tell which tasks are tracked at a glance via the Status column in either your player task list, or vendor quest list
  • Have a more simplified view with just quest names and their overall progress, or include individual quest objectives for a more advanced look at your quests
  • Separate tracked quest lists for each server profile



1) Open the downloaded zip file in 7-zip

2) Select the folders in the zip file in 7-zip

3) Drag the selected folders from 7-zip into your SPT folder

Demonstration Video (No, you don't need to drop it onto LICENSE-Launcher.txt, just drop it into your SPT folder):



  • Toggle whether a quest is tracked by right-clicking on it, either in your player task list, or a vendor's quest list
  • Note: Only quests that are currently active can be tracked. Completed, locked, or failed quests can not be tracked
  • Whether a quest is tracked is visible via the "Status" column in the player task list, and the right side Status text in the vendor quest list.
  • By default, the keybind to show the task list in-raid is i


Configuration is done via the F12 menu. The below table includes the list of available configuration options, what they do, and what their default value is.

Visible At Raid Start
Whether the quest tracker panel is visible at raid start.
Panel Toggle KeyThey key to press to toggle the quest tracker panel visibilityi
Auto HideWhether to automatically hide the quest tracker panel after a timeouttrue
Auto Hide TimerHow long to show the quest tracker panel when either Auto Hide is set, or Show On Objective Progress is enabled5 seconds
Show On Objective ProgressWhether to temporarily show the quest tracker panel any time you advance a quest objective
The panel shows for "Auto Hide Timer" seconds
Include Current Map QuestsWhether to include all quests for your current map in the quest tracker panel, not just those you've explicitly tracked. This does NOT include tasks with the location marked as "Any"false
Exclude Other Map QuestsWhether to exclude quests that are explicitly not for your current map from the quest tracker paneltrue
Progress As Percent
Whether to show the total quest progress as a percent, instead of a [current]/[total] text display
Hide Completed Quests
Whether to remove quests that are ready to hand in from the quest tracker paneltrue
Show Objectives
Whether to include quest objectives underneath each quest, including their current progress
Objectives As Percent
Whether to show quest objective progress as a percent, instead of a [current]/[total] text display
Hide Completed Objectives
Whether to hide completed objectives from the objective list
Maximum Width
The maximum width of the panel before text wraps
1/6 Screen Width
Panel TransparencyThe transparency value for the panel background40%
Font SizeThe font size of quest names and their progress in the quest tracker panel30
Objective Font SizeThe font size of quest objectives and their progress in the quest tracker panel20
AlignmentWhether to snap the quest tracker panel to the right or left side of the screenRight

Known Issues & Limitations

The following is a non-exhaustive list of issues and limitations

  • Some daily/weekly tasks may have confusing objectives, such as missing what map to extract from
  • Sometimes the vendor quest list "Tracked!" text gets overwritten with "Active" for daily/weekly quests
  • If something goes wrong in the plugin, it can break interacting with the Quest list. A restart of the client should resolve this


There are no currently known conflicts with this mod.

If you are running my "Task List Fixes" plugin, please make sure you are running the latest version (1.2.2 or later) to support sorting tracked quests to the top of your player task list.

If you enjoy my work, you can feed my caffeine addiction

  • Version 1.2.0

    This version is NOT version agnostic, and REQUIRES SPT 3.8.0

    Update for 3.8.0

    Known Issues:

    • Some daily/weekly tasks may have confusing objectives, such as missing what map to extract from
  • Version 1.1.0

    This version was written to be generic, and support as many future versions of SPT as possible. Currently only tested on 3.7.0-3.7.6


    • Re-organized settings. Note: Some of your settings will have reset because of this.
    • Allow hiding completed quests and objectives
    • Allow setting a max width (Default 1/6th screen width)
    • Quest name and objectives will now wrap if they won't fit on a single line
    • Allow setting panel background transparency
    • Allow aligning panel to the left or right side of the screen
    • Make version agnostic
      • Officially tested/supported on SPT 3.7.0 - 3.7.6
      • User tested as working on: SPT 3.6.1

    Known Issues:

    • Some daily/weekly tasks may have confusing objectives, such as missing what map to extract from
  • Version 1.0.0

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1

    Initial Release

  • This mod breaks quests menu in traders when using it with Virtual's Custom Quest Loader and Welcome Gifts


    • Unable to reproduce this behaviour, you're also not on the release build of 3.8.0, I don't support outdated builds of SPT

    • Oh thats totally my bad sorry

      will update immediately

  • the mod was working fine then it stopped working. nothing happens when i press "I" and i dont get notification anymore (i didnt change any settings)

    • The default settings only show tracked quests for the current map only (Right-click in the task list so it shows "Tracked" in the status column)

    • i know, like i said it was working at first, then stopped working. i have quests tracked. but tracking a new quest is also buggy now. when i try to track them, nothing happens at first, but when i reopen the menu they are tracked

      i realized now last part of my message has been deleted for some reason. i get nullreference exception error in console. if you need i can send the files

    • so i dont know what ive done but now its back to normal

  • i can't tell if it's working or not because it won't show up at all at the start of a raid.

    i updated spt from 374 to 375 btw and i really want to go back to 374 to have quest tracker work again.

    Edit: i'm an idiot. forget my complaints please.

    • what did u do wrong

    • i forgot to enable show all quests for all maps option

  • I'm so depressed to discover this insane mod almost at the end of my current kappa run... it could have saved me tons of time ^^. Gg as always.

    In the same spirit I was wondering : could be possible one day to have in the task list a hyperlink pointing to the official wiki for each quest ? Would be nice isn't it ? Like I'm not sure how to complete a quest ==> I click ingame on the name, or any specific icon and it opens my web browser on the quest wiki page.

    • Yep, agree. Though an even better idea would be to use the existing "Map" tab within SPT and instead of showing a map (which you normally anyways don't have) mirror the content of the wiki webpage directly into that field. Dreams :)

  • For some reason it tracks Courier when I'm on Woods. Exclude other Map Quests is enabled
    UPS: or streets, probably on other maps too :shrug:

    • Courier, while being marked on the wiki as being a Customs quest, is marked with the location "any" in the SPT database files. Quests marked as "Any Location" aren't excluded when the "Exclude other map quests" options is enabled

  • when I pressed "i" nothing appeared but a small grey box on the right

    I had Jagger unlock quest active in the woods.

    did I miss something before entering the raid or is the mod bugging out

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    • Sounds like you weren't tracking any quests. Quests are not automatically tracked (Unless you enable the "Include Current Map Quests" option in F12), you must right-click on them in either the vendor quest list, or your characters Task list

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    • Thanks a lot

    • It's working great, but I somehow expected "location marker" indicating the position of the objective(probably because other HUD mod had this feature). Do you plan to implement this in the future?

    • This is just a quest tracker, it shows you the objective that you see in the Tasks panel for your character, but in-game without needing to navigate through menus. There are no plans to expand it beyond that

    • This mod is still very useful. Thanks

  • The Punisher - Part 4 | id: 59ca264786f77445a80ed044.
    Subtask in Shorline with kill PMC not show in mod panel.

    I guess it doesnt work with Any Location quest.

    The mod was load while part of the quest was already done.
    The requirements in the quest were met.
    The subtask in the Tasks tab was updated, so it work.

    • You don't have the task tracked.

      Quest Tracker utilizes the "Location" of the task, if it's set to "Any" it won't be included when you enable "Include Current Map Quests", because "Any" is not the current map

  • Can’t I use it with radar mode?

  • Don't know if it's just me but the game hangs for a few seconds when completing an objective in raid, right before showing the quest tracker. It may have something to do with "show on objective progress", only happens once per raid though.

    • Interesting, I haven't had this happen personally.

      You could try enabling "Show at raid start" along with auto hide, that would cause all the prefabs to be created at raid start instead of the first time the UI is shown.

    • Thank you, enabling that worked. It doesn't hang anymore.

  • Hey, DrakiaXYZ. I just had a crack at using the latest version of this (and Task List Fixes) on 3.6.1, as I've not updated to 3.7.1 yet—and they're both working great!

    Thought you might be interested to know, as well as anyone else who may come along wondering :)

    Thanks for another awesome mod!

    • Thanks, I've added a note on the latest version that it's user tested as working on 3.6.1

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  • I installed the mod maybe five minutes ago and every time I launch it, it says plug in failed, that it has targeted a wrong version of BepInEx. How do I fix this? I have the most recent version of the mod as well as using SPT 3.7.0.

    • I forgot to target the older BepInEx.dll file, the mod would have still worked but with that annoying error popping up.

      I've replaced the 1.1.0 download with the correct build targeting the older BepInEx version, should work correctly if you re-download now.

    • Yeah I was playing earlier and it seemed to work fine, but I'll grab the new download so the pop up is no longer there. Thank you.

  • Hi

    Idk if there is something wrong with the mod but menu for quest tracker isn't showing up in raid, I hit the key that is set to show it but its not showing up. Ive installed the mod correctly by dragging the Bepinx folder in my SPT Folder futhermore I also tried reinstalling but still ran into the same problem.

    • Make sure that you have tracked quests. Read the mod description to figure out how to track quests and what all the settings in the F12 menu do

    • ah I didn't see that my bad that makes more sense now thank you

  • Insane stuff!

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    • no beer and no tv make homer something something...

  • Again?? You DrakiaXYZ are a god.

    Another mod that is now a must have that I never knew I wanted.

    What will you come up with next? <3:P

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  • Cool mod, dude! Sorry again for scaring the poo out of you and then killing you in Streets.

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  • bro thats a cool mod no cap you are a legend <3
    now i dont need to check the quast all i have to do it press i :)

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  • Super dope mod.

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  • Very useful Mod I cant live without! 10 out of 10 Tushonkas!

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  • LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Downloading immediately. Mod number 48 baybeeeeeeeeeee pogpogpog

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  • Beautiful, this should be part of the AKI core.

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  • <3

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  • train go boom

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  • OMG! Thanks this is life changer QOL mod.

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  • Heavenly!

    The official EFT should have this function.

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  • UwU :love:

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  • Amazing work as always!

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  • 10/10. For us with memory loss this is great. I love it.

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    • Or for those of us who got high and forgot what they were doing, speaking of, does anybody know where I left my keys?

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