Modded Ammo Balancing Patch (MABP) 1.0.1

Makes modded ammo have reasonable accessibility

  • Great mod! Was hoping someone would make something like this.

    However there is one thing I would like to mention. There is two ammo's that are available with this mod(and quite cheap at that) that should definitely be locked behind quests or only be found through loot. The .338 Lapua Magnum API526 and the 7.62x54R B-32M gs. Both of those ammos might not have a lot of pen and damage however they are both explosive rounds and 1 shot most people most of the time.

    • I haven't really used those so tbh I didn't know that one. You are free to lock them from flea.

  • My baaaaaaaaad I think I clicked straight over the install instructions I had 3 tabs of your various mods open so I may have just missed it idk but its all working good now!