WTT - Armory - HK417 1.1.4

WTT presents the next chapter for battle rifles.

  • Version 1.1.4


    - fixed extra brackets on quest compatibility code.

    ty groovey

  • Version 1.1.3

    OSS Suppressor can now be used for Punisher Part 2


  • Version 1.1.2

    - Fixed left hand animations not playing - Thank you Choccy <3 8)

  • Version 1.1.1

    Fixed muzzle flashes and muzzle jet - Thanks MassiveSoft! 8)

  • Version 1.1.0


    1.0.1 Patch Notes:


    -Added Black Sturmgriff Foregrip - MECHANIC LEVEL 1

    -Added compatibility with offset mount for HK417 Standard Handguard

    Minor Fixes:

    -Changed some of the locales

    -potential fix for Color Converter API

  • Version 1.0.0

  • How to add this weapon to game? It download a file to be opened in notepad and i dont know how to do this

  • I am finally getting to use this gun since I found it. It is awesome in FA, feels just right (I am playing with realism)

    • btw A company named "handl defense" makes magwell adapters to fit standard KAC mags into the 417 and g28. Could be something to add to this mod.

  • Hello Tron,
    I was wondering if I could the raw SPP files as there's a few compression artifaction going on and its a bit of an eyesore to look at.
    Thanks in advance!

  • The HK levels G28 Mastery, intended?

    It makes sense either way to be fair just thought I'd check.

  • Might just be a me issue but for anyone else who has the same problem:

    Issue: This mod somehow made my game load infinitely.

    Fix: Just redownload the mod. -_- lmao

    • Yeah I had to push a small hotfix. Should be working now though.

    • Wonderful! Thanks so much! You're a beast!

  • sexy

  • Thanks for the mod! Quick question, any particular reason why the settings below are set to "false"? Should I turn these to "true" to spawn items in containers and on bots? Thanks!

    "loyallevelitems": 1,

    "addtoBots": false,

    "addtoStaticLootContainers": false,

    "StaticLootContainer": "LOOTCONTAINER_WEAPON_BOX_4X4",

    "Probability": 250

    • Refer to my comment on the other mod where you posted the same question.

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  • this is so perfect now all i need is a drum mag to fit this baby (real or fictional) and i think ill just start crying from joy

  • is it possible to get bigger mags for the gun?

  • Do you plan on adding some western mg's down the line? Like m249, m60, aws...
    That would be amazing

    • BSG beat us to the M60. We have a m249 animated, thanks to a collab with choccy. We have to put it through Unity still.

      More to come.

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    • nice

  • Make the OSS muzzle device compatible with other .308 rifles (and with an AKM with an adapter for .308)

  • can work with SPT-Realism?

  • sounds of gunfire from Contract Wars? Well, that's a like.

    P.s. Add an Osprey Silencer to fully comply with the meta matches of that time)

  • I noticed that you can't attach a few of the reflex sights from the "Tactical Gear Component" mod. I guess that needs a compatibility patch?

    • Correct. Custom items need to be added into the filters.

      All you would do is take the ID of the custom item and add it into the list of acceptable items of the HK417 upper receiver.

    • Good to know! I think I'm going to drop TGC/Painter anyway in favor of smaller additions but if I go back to it I'll have a crack. :thumbup:

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  • Its a great weapon with a great firing sound too! Only gripe is that I cant sell the black G28 mags to any of the traders.

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    • Hmm. Very strange. I can sell them just fine.

      Might be a conflict with another mod you're running.


    • I have painter and raid overhaul - I don't think any of the weapon mods should affect sales prices

    • It might be Raid overhaul.

      Raid overhaul has made it so flea prices of custom items are 1 rouble. I've seen that issue on another one of our mods.

    • Is there anything within Raid Overhaul that I should disable?

    • Unfortunately, I am unsure what that mod does to the pricing. I have not used it before. I just know that it touches a lot of stuff and that custom items seem to be having issues with it unless they are implemented to it properly. ?(

  • Heads up! A couple of the links on the "other WTT mods" (like the ACR) link to a picture instead of their mod page.

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  • Wonderful work with insanely high quality, but it seems that you forget to set muzzle jet material for the weapon container. The weapon has no muzzle jet. Same thing also happened to the EDC X9. It will be nice if you can fix that.

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    • Hi Massivesoft.

      Thanks! I'll take a look. I probably overlooked something :)

    • So, you were correct about the Wilson! I had muzzlejet scripts added in Unity but I had forgotten to configure it.

      For the 417 however, I don't see that I am missing any values. We should connect offline ! :)

  • weird question but whats the item id for this gun and where can i find it in the jsons? im looking for the g3 as well as im trying to put these weapons in a loot pool for another mod

  • did a few run with you HK417, killed some boss and cultists. works fine to me.

    i suggest make DDC (Desert Dirt Color) version of HK417 and barrel variants (12 inch and 20 inch)

  • Well all WTT guns I downloaded cost 1 rubel on the flea market and the error messages i get is "Unable to find live-flea or handbook price for czsuppressorshort, defaulting to 1, if this is a modded item contact the mod author"

    • What other mods are you running? Are you only running WTT weapons, or are there other mods enabled as well?

      I've seen this error come from other mods adding items. I'm beginning to think it's either load order conflict or a conflict with another mod.

      Would love to track it down and find out exactly what causes this.

    • image.png

    • hmm, the only mods in my mind that could have anything to do with this I have are SPT realism mod, RAID OVERHAUL, or Fika but. SPT realism should be fine since I have the patch for the SPT realism mod installed as well for them all. so it should not be that. but could be that. i can give a comlpate mod list i am using but i really don't there is reson to do so

    • The SPT Realism patch only patches in the weapon/attachment stats to work well with Realism. It doesn't do anything regarding flea pricing. If you have Realism's economy settings turned on, there's a chance it's affecting pricing. I'm not entirely sure on that front. I'm not sure if RAID Overhaul touches economy/flea, I'd assume not. Fika shouldn't be a problem. Many of our weapons are tested in Fika environment.

    • im also having the same problems, using both realism and raid overhaul. so the culprit must be one of those

  • Amazing work. Thanks a lot.
    Any chance you would do this lime / green handguard as an option?


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    • Yeah it will be a pity having HK417 but missing M110A1 setup

    • Yeah, you're right, plus M110A1 has nice green/ lime receiver too ;)

  • The quality is insane, can't wait for the RK-95 to drop.

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    • the kac pdw will be great to,i loved that gun on cw,cant wait to play it in eft ;D

  • Hey can i get a raging judge shotgun revolver and a pmm12

    this weapons are from contract wars and i would dying to see this guns in eft

    btw this project wtt is awesome cant wait when its complete

    thx and great work <3

  • Ohh my....
    This is insane- Can we get an AK-107 (900 RPM balanced recoil AK-74) or an AK-108 (same but based off the AK101 instead) with this same method?
    I've been looking for an AEK-971 (kord 6p67) and their AK platform derivatives for a loooong time... Pettan has a "pretend it sounds as powerful as it is" gun in his mfac guns mod, but it sounds god awful slow... and also is missing the most important section: the gas tube is different to fit the balanced recoil system.

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    • AK-107 is on the list for sure.

      Also just pushed a small content update. Make sure you grab that!

    • yooo hell yeah

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    • can i get SG-553 aswell, i've dying to see the SIG-550 family in SPT.

  • Works like clock, like every other mod you guys have released.

    Me and my boys love the WTT project, all this content we have for now in our disposal is great!

    Can’t wait when this is complete. ❤️❤️

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    • Thank you for your support. :) <3

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  • hope you didnt put much effort into this. the g28 is the same thing as a 417

    • This one took about 1/4th of the time it usually takes to create an entirely new weapon. The 417 was a highly requested weapon in our community, so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult of an ask.

      But yeah, they are pretty much the same. The only difference is that the 417 has full auto capabilities.

    • still, looks great <3

    • Thank you! :thumbup: Much appreciated.

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  • Hello, I found a possible bug. The mod seems to have incompatibility with Color Converter API. When loading up you get: Failed to read JSON value for Taxonomy Color. TokenType -> String, Value -> "Blue"

    • This might be fixed by changing "Blue" to "blue" in the items json.

      Ill push it in the next update. For a quick fix, you can go into the json and change them yourself.

      No guarantee that this would fix that though. I've never used Color Converter API myself.

    • This did fix it. Thank you.

      I also want to thank for you adding Realism compatibility patch!

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  • hey, I actually appreciate the hell out of your how you did it section on this mod. We've had 417s before in older mods, and this is probably the highest quality! Always nice to see in the end. As my go to in most F2P shooters from the past, its nice to have her back

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  • this is awesome, thank you. keep the weapons coming!! any chance you could make the muzzle break/suppressor work for other guns? and if its possible making a 556 version of the muzzle break/suppressor?

    • Isn't the 556 version of the 417 just the 416?

    • yup. and the g28 is the same thing as the 417...

    • He's asking for a 556 version of the muzzle brake so that the suppressor added in this mod can be used on 556 weapons.

      - There's already a 556 variant of the OSS suppressor added by Epic in his pack. It will be incorporated into WTT.

    • i have the epic range time mod, which has the huxwork suppressor (which is the new name of oss now) but honestly the model in this mod is so much better lol

  • ah my favorite weapon when i used to play contract wars.. it was so op and broken and it wasnt even a tier 5 or 6 weapon