WTT Armory - Rex is a Prodigy 1.0.2

Become a prodigy with the Prodigy.

  • That's a nice addition, im asking for John Wick weapons since 2 years in SPT community, Taran's Tactical shits are awesome, we are not here yet but this one looks gorgeous, so thx !

  • Mw5FYce.png

    hi getting this error when i try to load cz75, wilsoncombat or rexprodigy mod from wtt. every other mod works.
    Do you know any fixes for that?
    deleted the mods for now but i would really love to have those since all of the wtt mods are insane

    • i'll ask someone with more braincells than me.

    • "is he running Realism with mastery changes?"

    • no realism mod, no mastery changes

    • :shrugemote:

    • Is it the right file? it doesn't ay 1.0.2 on the download or anything like the previous versions. and 1.0.1 works fine. maybe it's sending people to the 3.8.0 1.0 download which gives this same error?

  • Bro you've gotta make custom mods for this gun, I mean stuff like barrel mods, grip mods etc. Would be awesome and you should absolutely make Sig P320 pistol. If you can do that, I would give you the highest quality, U.S Navy grade, non gae, bl0wj*b and a cookie. That's a deal that no one can turn down.

    pls do it 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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  • i like the name of the mod post

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  • It'd be pretty cool if there were models added for a rmr plate or an aimpoint acro plate to be added onto the mos slot. besides that, amazing mod

  • Thank you guys so much for all your hard work. You’re the reason this game is getting better by the day.

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  • The day I get a 10MM 1911, I will nut so hard

    Till then, this nifty cannon'll do just fine

    • Soon TM. 10mm TRP operator previews are on my prof wall.

  • The name of the mod had me hyped, I thought we were getting the REX from battlefield lol. Great mod though, very cool

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  • These mods are so well made!, I would love it if you guys could make a doublestacked .45

    • Tron seems to already be thinking about it as evident from an earlier comment

    • oh yea i just saw that lmao, its going to be great

  • Great work! Looks amazing! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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  • Any ideas of bringing the AEK-971/ Ak-107 or AN-94 into the game? It would be a large amount of joy X(

    • I would pay money for an AEK in Tarkov

    • I hate warsaw pact weapons, ask a different member of the WTT team.

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    • welp, then what about some extra mod to build a URGI or any AR beauty. Or some NATO stock with cheekrest :*

    • May or may not be a Skeletonised AR in the works

    • i cannot confirm or deny.

  • Love this. This is my new go to sidearm.

    I hate to say this, isn't this mods guns hammer place little bit weird?

    I checked M1911A1 and M45A1 form vannila and googled some photos, I think the hammer place too high and backward.

    Can you fix the position of the hammer...?

    Still, I really love this gun.

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    • yeah I noticed the hammer too. I don't think it would contact the firing pin with where it's at now. Not a huge deal tho

    • lol, i was streaming myself positioning the hammer to some people and it got moved multiple times. I'm going to be busy this weekend, getting ready for next thursday as much of WTT will be busy with the main project.

      I could fix it but it's such a small small detail.

    • yeah, hammer is screwed on placement as putting it on another 1911, or using the other hammers don't let it close fully. A "small small detail" sure, but one worth at least pointing out for a fix sooner or later

    • Hammer-Updates.png


      Fix will be pushed tonight. :thumbup:

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    • Oh wow... Thank you for doing this! I shot 9mm more than any other ammo yesterday because I fell in love with this mod. I can't wait next thing comming out!

  • Thanks for the mod! Quick question, looking at the config, would items spawn in the loot containers if I set the config below to true?

    "loyallevelitems": 1,

    "addtoBots": false,

    "addtoStaticLootContainers": false,

    "StaticLootContainer": "LOOTCONTAINER_WEAPON_BOX_4X4",

    "Probability": 250

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    • addtostaticlootcontainers? yeah set that to true, my bad bro.

    • For bots, it won't work. That's for internal testing on our end.

      For containers, it will work, but there's not really a point because our stuff will already spawn in containers and loot by default. This is just an override system we put into our code in the event we need to spawn it 100% of the time for testing purposes.

  • I was so excited when I saw a mod adding the 2011 Prodigy to SPT!

    "Double-stacked .45 ACP, FINALLY!" I thought to myself.

    But I am dumb and didn't realize it's actually 9x19mm ;(

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  • "I'm starting to think all Rexana mods are half-baked"

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  • WTT Thursday:!:<3