Bosses Have Lega Medals 1.0.0

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Bosses have a roughly 20% chance to have Lega Medals in their pockets.


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  • Question - is there a way to add Lega medals to all the bosses and not just the Scav ones?

    I've ran into the Goons squad a few times, and never did manage to find a medal - so I tried looking into the actual .js file of the mod. I didn't find the Goons in the list, so I'm wondering if that's because they're technically Rogue bosses. Is there a technical reason why other bosses like the Goons and Zryachiy don't have Lega medals, or is it just because they're not Scav bosses?


    • I only specified regular scav bosses to ensure you don't end up with a million lega medals.

      I can definitely include them if that's something of interest.

    • Maybe you could make it as an addon.

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    which one could it be?

  • For some reason the mod doesn't work for me. What could be the problem?

    • This mod wouldn't work if you have another mod installed that is completely replacing the boss loot tables, and is loading after this mod.

    • how can this be fixed? Above I posted a screenshot of my mods

    • You would have to remove mods or change your load order to put this mod last. I do not use 90% of the mods you have and thus do not know what exactly their code does.

    • do you know how to change the loading order of mods?

    • Use a load order editor tool.

      This is what I use: LOE (Load Order Editor)

  • A suggestion: It would probably make sense for this mod to add the Lega coins to the list of items that can be inserted into the docs case and the SICC Pouch.

  • How would i go about lowering the chance of the the items to spawn

    • Lower the weights in the mod.ts

      You're on your own for support if you do. I'll probably include a config at some point.

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  • Does this replace there chances of keycards on them or does this not effect it at all?

    • This does not replace or remove any existing loot pools. It does alter the chances because their pools are weighted, so adding anything lowers the chances of existing items.

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