Path To Tarkov 2.7.1

Connect all available maps through the extracts points, bring a multi-stash system, lock traders according to the player offraid position and remove exfils restrictions.

Please backup your profile before using new mods!

Thanks to Theta for the image


This mod bring the notion of "offraid position" for the player, it locks certains maps according to this offraid position, change all player spawn points to reflect this positions, bring a multi-stash system and lock/unlock traders according to the config file.

For example, if the position is "FactoryZB-1011", only Customs and Factory maps should be available for infiltration.

All corresponding offraid positions, extracts and spawn points can be configured via config.json file.

New spawn points can be added in player_spawnpoints.json


- Highly configurable

- Moddable: modders can edit the config dynamically using the PathToTarkovAPI (see below for more details)

- Maps are locked/unlocked according to the offraid position
- Several hideout stash according to your offraid position (and the configuration file)
- Hideout features disabled when player is not on the main stash position
- Traders are available only on certains offraid position
- Tweak exfiltrations points (fixed for each map + removed restrictions)
- Changed spawn points according to the offraid position

- Certains offraid locations enable/disable the hydration/energy/health restoration (according to config)

- Integration with Priscilu: the trader

- Integration with Operator trader (from Alex-AIO)

- Integration with all Andrudis-QuestManiac traders

How to edit the current offraid position

The offraid position is stored in your profile in a dedicated field `PathToTarkov`, you can edit it with a regular text editor.

Known issues

- Sadly, Scav exfils cannot be used by a pmc (I don't know if it's a BSG limitation or if SPT-AKI doesn't implement a way to tweak this values)

- Some hideout features cannot be disabled without crashing the game (generator, water collector and air filtering unit)

- Jaeger is unlocked as soon as the mechanic quest is completed (he should be unlocked on his location only and after the quest has been completed)

Configuration fields

- enabled: When false, start the uninstallation process

- initial_offraid_position: First start or when player die

- hideout_multistash_enabled: if false, the main stash is accessible everywhere

- traders_access_restriction: if false, all traders are unlocked like in the vanilla game.

- bypass_exfils_override (since 2.7.0): is used if you don't want to let Path To Tarkov override the exfiltrations

- bypass_uninstall_procedure: for development purpose

The other fields speak by themself, don't hesitate to comment if you don't understand something about the config.


- PTT Extract Requirements

- Dynamic Time Cycle


Before deleting the mod, you can set the `enabled` props to `false` in `config.json` and start the server once.

It does 2 things in all existing profiles:
1. Ensure the main stash is selected
2. Unlock all traders listed in the config (Please note Jaeger will be unlocked even if the regarding quest is not completed)

Customs spawn points

Lua's Custom Spawn Point Maker can be used to get position and rotation.

For modders

You can change config and spawnConfig dynamically using PathToTarkovAPI, please see example in README.

More informations on the README

Please read the file for more details on the default configuration.


- Thanks to Theta for making the image.

- Thanks to adudewithbadaim for making the second image.

- Thanks to r1ft for his contribution.


  • Version 2.7.1


    update for aki 2.3.0

  • Version 2.7.0



    Added bypass_exfils_override config field (default to false).

    This allow to let other mods set their exils (warning: exfils from PTT config will be ignored).


    Removed broken (and off-topic) remove_all_exfils_restrictions config field.

    If you want to tweak exfils, turn on the bypass_exfils_override option to true and use a mod like AllExtractionsAvailable.

    Special thanks to r1ft for his contribution.

  • Version 2.6.0



    Add workbench_always_enabled config option (enabled by default) to enable modification part of the hideout.

  • Version 2.5.3



    the Introduction quest given by Mechanic don't unlock Jaeger (when traders_access_restriction is true)

  • Version 2.5.2



    Bad D-2 spawn point in player_spawnpoints.json

  • Version 2.5.1



    Setup a proper empty stash id when stash is not accessible.

    This fix ensure to not use money in previous stash when trading.

  • Version 2.5.0



    • default config: Fence is now a repairman, this prevents client freeze when trying to repair an item without repairman being available in your current hideout


    • modding support: config and spawnConfig can be changed dynamically using PathToTarkovAPI (see README for more details)
    • added repair_always_enabled and repair_config field to traders_config
  • Version 2.4.0



    • add insurance_config field for trader (traders_config) when insurance_always_enabled option is set to true
  • Version 2.3.2



    • properly remove all initial player spawnpoints
    • Lua's Custom Spawn Point integration: prevent CSP to override PathToTarkov spawnpoints (configurable)
  • Version 2.3.1



    • missing D-2 and Safe Room exfils in the default config
    • missing restrictions_in_raid field in default config
  • Hey I am having an issue where the game will not load at all to main menu after adding this mod. See below for server data and error meesage:

    Server: executing startup callbacks...

    [INFO] Importing database...

    ModLoader: loading mods...

    [WARNING] Mod Alex-alex-aio is not compatible with the current version of AKI. You may encounter issues - no support will be provided!

    [INFO] Loading: Optics Rework

    [INFO] Loading: Alex-AIO

    [INFO] Loading: Chomp-EasyPMCs 1.1.0

    [INFO] Loading: Hex'sFPBTrader

    [INFO] Loading: Priscilu

    [INFO] Loading: Revingly-NeverLoseEquipments

    [INFO] Loading: GhostFenixx - Server Value Modifier 1.4.8

    [INFO] Loading: PathToTarkov v2.7.1

    [INFO] Loading: WeaponTrader

    SVM has awoken, EmuTarkovRC wishes you a good day

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'factory4_day' of undefined

    at C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:661:72

    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

    at PathToTarkovController._updateLockedMaps (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:655:17)

    at PathToTarkovController.updateOffraidPosition (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:729:14)

    at PathToTarkovController.init (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:586:14)

    at C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:847:40

    at Function.GameController.gameStart (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\user\mods\ZTrap-PathToTarkov\package.js:445:9)

    at Object.gameStart [as aki] (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\obj\src\callbacks\GameCallbacks.js:16:24)

    at Function.getResponse (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\obj\src\routers\HttpRouter.js:26:26)

    at Function.sendResponse (C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - Copy\obj\src\servers\HttpServer.js:149:33)

    Any help would be appreciated on how to get this to work properly.

  • I am unsure if I'm just dumb, but I have noticed after like 2-5 extractions when I extract the screen goes black and just stays that way. I do get the extract credit so when I force close the game. So once I launch, I do get the extract XP/items. Please let me know what I have borked, and thanks. Love this mod and even with this glitch I can't bring myself to remove it.

  • hey i am wondering. is it correct that i can use mechanic when i logg in? or is that a bugg.

    • nvm after playing i understand. it prop thinks i start in customs so unlocks mechanic after playing the first time i see how it works

  • When I leave Woods through Factory Gate (to see Prapor and Therapist), I can't get to Factory. Only back to Woods. Does the game know if I have the Factory Exit Key in my inventory or something? Do I need it to go from Woods to Factory?


    • i went to gate 0 but i can still enter factory. maybe the bug was one time?

    • This wasn't Gate 0, it was Factory Gate in Woods. Can you go that way?

    • i havent gone there yet. if i go there i will let you know

    • hey man i checked. it worked for me

    • Thanks, just tried again recently and it worked for me too. Must've just been a passing bug.

  • This Mod is addicting, painful... but addicting.

    Just a small suggestion, if possible, is there a way that we can keep the FIR status for items that by pass run-thru and map transit? Especially when we found item in reserve but mechanic is in between custom and factory which require at least transverse minimum 2 maps, which strip off the FIR status of the item.

    Of course there are ways to "cheat" thru them, ie. adding spawnedinsection: true per item in profile or make all trader available. But I feel like this could be a nice QOL improvement so we would not be limited to scavenge for item in map next to trader.

    Since this is a single player mode, FIR and run thru are something that applicable here.

    • Came here to say the same thing! Not sure how to do the FIR quests with this limitation. Gonna have to gather the items and then make them FIR in my profile or something like you say.

    • There's a separate mod on here that adds the FIR tag automatically to extracted items. I think it's called Orbitas' Mark Items FIR. I think the comments section has an updated version for the current patch.

  • Where is price for car extract set. Currently getting an error where its not usable and says requires Shortname(0)

    • THIS :(

    • Cars broke with the latest Aki patch you can use the requirements addon that will add them back to be used but no cost right now until I can figure out why its not taking the Rouple ID.

  • hey is there a way to restrict access to the flea market unless you are in a location with your main stash within the configs? If not may I suggest this? :D

    This is a fantastic mod yo.

    • I don't tested yet but maybe adding `ragfair` in `traders_config`:

      "traders_config": {
        "ragfair": {
          "access_via": []
      Thanks 1
    • I added these lines and modified them accordingly but seems as though its a blank effect. Flea market still operates as normal regardless of access being set elsewhere. ^^

      Hope that helps with anything idk.

    • Thanks for feedback, I'll check soon for flea market integration ;)

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  • "remove_all_exfils_restrictions": false is not working for the extracts sewer manhole or cliff descent. Possibly gear restrictions are not being enforced.

    Sent a pull request to you on github.

    Thanks 1
    • Thanks for contrib ^^

      I let my review.

    • remove_all_exfils_restrictions has been replaced in favor of bypass_exfils_override (please see 2.7.0 changelog for more details)

      Thank you again r!ft ;)

    • np

  • Hey, so, I love this mod. It's cool as hell.
    However, I got some MAJOR loot, like a GP coin and a air filter on a Scav. I extracted through Custom's road to military base.
    How do I, as a PMC, access that stash?

    • Unfortunately , it's impossible to take a scav-only extract as a pmc, you have to go back on military reserve, then take the Scav Lands exfil to access the stash, this stash is a bit complicated to access, sorry.

  • Hi all,

    Maybe someone can help me, i started to play with this mod, but no matter what exfill
    i choose from Customs map , raid is ended and i always end up in the main stash.

    Am i missing something?

    • Hmm weird.

      Need more infos on your setup to investigate:

      - what is your version of path to tarkov ?

      - did you used the default config file ? (paste your config here if not)

      - can you provide a list of used mods ?

      - spt-aki version ?

    • Trap, thx for your answer. I forgot to mention that i had this problem using PathToTarkov
      indirectly through SPO mod. I thought that i didnt understood how your mod should work,

      but after reading your answer i knew that i wasn't doing anything wrong,so i decided to run
      the mod directly,without SPO. And,bang!, it worked perfectly :)

      Afterwards i managed to make it work from within SPO also by editing 'loadorder.json' file and moving PathToTarkov at the bottom of the file to load it lastly.

    • So for now, this is considered as a SPO issue.

      Thanks for reporting anyway.

  • Woah..

    Haha 1
  • For now I can only access 3 merchants: Lizard, Mechanic and Fence. Can anyone tell me how to unlock all merchants?


    • You can read the Traders availability part in the readme for more infos about that ;)

    • For example, If I go through the Gate 0 to unlock Prapor, after I return to the Factory, can I still access to him?

    • No it's locked/unlocked using your offraid position.

      Because Prapor live in the factory, you need to go to the factory to see him ;)

      you can still disable this feature with `traders_access_restriction` field in config

    • Thank you very much!

  • Hello developer or someone that helps me kindly, could you tell me how to make it so the weapon modification part of the hideout is always there in the hideout? I tried looking in the config of the mod and of the server and maybe you can't, i don't really know...

    • Hi, thanks for reporting.

      For sure, the workbench not being accessible from everywhere is a pain, I'll change that in next minor version (2.6.0). stay tuned.

    • 2.6.0 is out!

      The workbench is available everywhere now (default config) ;)

  • Hey I've been enjoying the mod, how i thought tarkov would be when i joined the alpha.

    Anyways, i've experienced an error when extracting from Reserve D2 extract and go back to Reserve, game gets a syntax error, i forgot what it said nad i didn't think of taking a screenshot.

    • Oh actually there is an issue with the `player_spawnpoints.json` file.

      I'll release a 2.5.2 with a fix in 5 minutes...

      Thanks for reporting.

      EDIT: 2.5.2 is now available.

  • amazing mod thanks for your works but i have a issue when i buy items from traders away from the main stash it doesnt seem to subract the money from my stack i bring so i just get free items

    • Thanks for reporting, I'll check that

    • I cannot reproduce but I think this is fixed in the latest version 2.5.1

    • so ive done some more testing the error occurs when you dont bring money with you and sell items to tarders or buy like us dollars from peace keeper when u dont have any on you then when u spend moeny the trader will not take it adn you get free stuff

    • also is there any way i can edit labtory infill spawns and exfills like taking sewer on reserve and spawing at the Sewage Conduit in labs

    • Sorry for now laboratory cannot been edited like the other maps. added to my todolist anyway

  • Does this completely disable the hideout? Ie) workbench, medstation etc?

    Theres a comment about disabling hideout features in the description that confuses me.


    • Your hideout is available only where your main stash is accessible.

      Check the hideout_main_stash_access_via option field in the config.json file if you want to customize the access locations.

      EDIT: Thanks to the hideout_multistash_enabled option, You can completely disable this feature.

    • thanks for the quick reply! I've downloaded and installed the mod. Is there a guideline or something to help me customize it?

      I'm looking to have the multi-stash feature disabled (i've done this change in the config file), I don't want infiltration restricted. Mostly I just want to be able to visit the different maps in a single raid via the extracts. ie) path to shoreline takes me to shoreline or road to customs takes me to customs.

      I don't want any restrictions for hydration, health or energy. Or trader restrictions. Is there a way to turn those features off?

      Or even a list of how the various extracts are identified?

      Thanks again!

    • For the infils restrictions, I'll add an option to be able to disable it. (stay tune for new versions)

      For the health/hydration/energy restrictions, you can disable it using this offraid_regen_config:

      For the list of exfls, check in `Aki_Data/Server/database/locations/<mapname>/base.json` files

    • Sweet! Thank you so much for the fast reply. I'll make these changes and can't wait to start playing!

    • For now, I've uninstalled the mod. Those changes (or maybe another conflict) kept crashing the game.

      Removing the mod fixed it so I'll have to keep trying cause I really want it lol

      It kept saying syntax error at 791 and then refused to load my mods so maybe a conflict.

      for references, i'm using Alex-AIO (only the smg holster option is enabled, core, AIO, proteccclava, and aki configurator.

      I'm a weekend player so I'll try again another time. Thanks for all the help!

  • dude, thisi is awesome! omg why havent i heard of this mod before. Nice work!!

  • Any chance Path to Tarkov can be tweaked to prevent using the extract you came in from? Feels too easy to cheese car extracts for easy loot.

    • Actually, Path To Tarkov is highly configurable, you can tweak the `exfiltrations` part (in `config/config.json` file) and remove exfils you don't want.

    • Any way to disable exfiltrations dynamically based on which infiltration you took though? Seems like the Exfiltrations JSON object just ties the extract as the key to the in-between stash/transition.

      Edit: just looked at the code and it seems like exfils are initialized at startup. Not sure if the exfil chance can be adjusted between 0 and 100% mid-game then :/

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    • Ahah it's funny, I just work on an api to allow other mods to change the config dynamically.

      release 2.5.0 available soon ;)

      EDIT: Actually it's not so simple, the client does not refetch locations immediately, so I have to play one raid before updates are taken into account.

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    • Version 2.5.0 is out, you can check here how to dynamically change the config or spawnConfig from another mod.

  • 1726370537242699

    Hi-Res Full map of Tarkov zone with all maps connected with exfils according to Path to Tarkov.

    I tried rescaling the image to get it in the comments but ran out of time before I had to go to work.

    • can u pls upload to imgur? so we dont have to make a account on this website? ty

    • I tried to make an account on imgur but they wanted my phone number. Not for me...

      So instead I pm'd you the picture.

      If anyone else doesn't have Shutterfly account, I can PM them the map as well.

    • I uploaded the image on my side, thanks again for the contrib :)


    • good deal thanks Trap!!

  • Fun Config Infill on any boat, extract from shoreline pier only. No traders, stash, healing, or food/water recovery while in tarkov. Fence is the only trader available when on land.

    Thanks 1
    • Good !

      I'm happy that other players make custom configs, thanks for sharing.

      Would be interested by a config editor or something like that ?

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    • No its simple to config. I wonder if its possible to lock the times for raids to keep a day night cycle?

      I may look into this unless someone knows something more?

    • It should be a separated mod, nice idea btw

  • Is the Andrudis-QuestManiac merchant added to this mode?

    • Nope, you need to install `Andrudis-QuestManiac`.

      If you don't have the mod installed it's fine too.

      Hope this helps.

  • Hey trap, have been enjoying the mod so far, really changes the dynamic of the game in a positive way! I can see it becoming a staple mod for sure.

    So I have encounted a slight issue... I had created a custom config for 2.0.0-rc2 to include support for Andrudis' QuestManiac mod. It was working flawlessly enough to release it here, but today I saw the latest 2.2.0 version of your mod, and after updating and adapting my config, I'm getting this trace error:


    My config:

    I don't have the expertise to understand why it no longer works, just that it doesn't and that makes me sad :(

    • Is the Andrudis quest mania is loaded before or after PathToTarkov ?

      EDIT: I just take a look, it seems because there is a missing locale (kr) for andrudis traders, I'll release a new version that will drop a warning message in the console instead of crash.

      I think I'll add quest maniacs integration by default (if the mod is installed)

    • This is fixed in new version 2.3.0

      QuestManiac traders are now integrated in the default config file ;)

      Thanks for contributing

      Thanks 1 Haha 1
    • No, thank you for all your hard work! :love:

  • Here's the config I'm using:…14JDLfth1TCW_5gHjHHa?dl=0

    Differences compared to default:

    - Customs: Crossroads leads to Interchange: Emercom Checkpoint instead of Railway

    - Reserve: D-2 is connected to Interchange: Safe Room, and has it's own stash

    - I have spawn points for the train extracts in the configs, but the train isn't working for some reason, so I removed the extract configs for now (must be some special thing with the train)

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    • Noice ! for the d-2 extract I will add it in a future release ;)

      Please note the `traders_config` field in `config.json` has a bit changed in the 2.1.0 (it's not a breaking change, you can still use this config file in 2.1.0)

    • No worries, I'll update it to 2.1.0 soon.

  • => disable health: undefined

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'insuranceStart' of undefined

    I'm getting this error at the end of the raid

    • Can you provide more details please ?

      - what is the extract used ? which map ?

      - version of PathToTarkov

      - version of spt-aki

      - mods used

    • I got it.

      it's fixed in the next version (2.0.2) as well as a problem with missing extracts points. Thanks for reporting.

      Thanks 1
    • I'm on the custom map, using the latest version of tarkov along with spt, the game saves the raid lot, but it has to exit with alt f4

    • Which version of PathToTarkov do you use ?

      Which extract do you use on customs ?

      This should be fixed in 2.0.4 (latest available version)

    • I just downloaded it, I played again this Sunday, I thought I would be on the last one, I'll test it and I'll tell you if everything is ok, thank you very much

  • Btw, how do you get coordinates for custom spawn points? Is there a way to display them somehow in raid?

    • You can use Lua's Custom Spawn Point Maker ;)

      It's what I did.

    • btw if you get the coords for D-2 and Safe room, I'm interested ;)

    • Yeah, I'm planning to create a custom config file with those, plus the Train extracts, plus probably the "official" trader locations, too.

      I'll share it here when ready.

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  • On the one hand, the mod is worthy of attention. But it’s quite difficult for me not to play a cyber cutlet with this now. One raid at customs - I had to go to the forest - I went there completely clogged with loot - I took a letter for the huntsman and some powerful bot appeared right at the exit (like a retinue, probably) and I took him 500 hp - but he didn’t give a damn and soaked me in as a result - and go 2 more raids to get a letter - a dubious event in general.

    • бывало и так, что после первого рейда - мне было нечего одеть - и барахолка была заблокирована и якобы голой идешь на рейд? с одной стороны интереснее, с другой душно

  • This mod is incredible!

    My only wish is that you would have another extract on reserve using either D2, Hermetic or both to get to a secondary stash. You wouldn't be able to access any different maps but you could spawn on reserve again at the bunker doors. Just seems like a spot a PMC could have a stash or maybe even hideout access.

    • You can change the config according to your need.

      Also, since the v2, there is several secondary stashes available.

      D2 is a cool extract.

      I like Safe room extract (interchange) too.

      What about connecting D-2 and the safe room ?

      Thanks 1
    • That is an excellent idea! Just fun to have more links between the maps and I just felt like reserve was a bit low. Mostly since it's my favorite map to play.

      Also could have a train extract such as car or boat possibly between the train exfil on interchange, reserve and lighthouse. I will look more into modifying config files. This mod is very much fun!

    • You could also connect the 3 train extracts (Reserve, Interchange, and Lighthouse), like the car and the boat (with own stash maybe), and have Customs Crossroads lead to Emercom Checkpoint instead.

    • The only limitation is:

      scav-only exfil cannot be used by a pmc :/

    • All 3 train extracts should be PMC (as well as Emercom on Interchange)

  • Not sure if you've found this bug already, but the this.stashSizes = {}; line prevents the stash from being reset more than once.

    (Empty objects arent falsy in JS, so the sizes will never be collected again, so the next reset will set the stash size to undefined).

    Also, Jaeger is a bit bugged atm: You'll have access to him in the Car before completing Introduction, and if you complete introduction at Mechanic in the Factory, he'll imediately be avaiable there.

    Suggested fix: add a quest check to Jaeger, so he remains locked until completing it, plus run a trader refresh on quest completion (so he gets locked if he shouldn't be available in the same location as Mechanic).

    • Hi, thanks for reporting the `this.stashSizes` issue.

      I just published a 2.0.1 with a fix.

      About the Jaegger issue, I'll take a look as soon as possible.

    • Since 2.5.3, Jaeger is no longer unlocked when introduction quest is completed (only when traders_access_restriction is true)

  • I would change the default config to have the traders locked according to their ingame locations, so:
    Fence - Car
    Skier - Customs
    Peacekeeper - Shoreline (Since terminal is not available yet)
    Jaeger - Woods
    Prapor - Not sure about him, most likely town, but since it's not ingame i'd say reserve or customs
    Therapist - Not sure either, interchange maybe? idk
    Ragman - Interchange maybe too? Both the therapist and ragman should be in streets of tarkov, once it comes out

    Oh btw, I can't see the map you posted in the description, it says I don't have the permissions to do that

    • I will release (very soon) the final 2.0.0 version with this settings

      the image map link in the description has been fixed btw, thank you for reporting.

  • current download says not found

  • Great Idea

    i personally recommand turn "hideout_multistash_enabled": true, to false for a regualr users

  • Woah..


  • Best mod released yet

    Autor done release version of tarkov before BSG. The game become something whole, not like session looting with original raid system.

    The only problem - with this mod client sometimes freezes on raid extraction. Server shows that offraid position changed all gear saved, but need to restart a game

    Reply from trap ():

    Can you tell me which mods did you use ? what is the map ? what exfils ?

    EDIT: Did you change the default config.json ? which version of Path To Tarkov did you use ?

    EDIT 2: The D-2 exfil has been fixed in latest version (2.5.2)

  • Love It


  • Worth it! A Whole New Game

    This brings Tarkov into a new area of "hardcore". When combined with Andrudis' Quest Maniac (trade restrictions on), you are pretty much playing a whole new game. Phenomenal! Excited for the future of this mod. <3