Bacon's Better Launcher 4.2.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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This is my attempt at an SPT Launcher. Clean and Simple with AutoHotKey.

This is my attempt at an SPT Launcher. It uses AutoHotKey and is rather simple. All the others seemed too complex or required too much user action. With this you just install and use the desktop icon.


1. Install AutoHotKey (Link In Dependencies)

2. Extract TarkovLauncher.ahk, DesktopShortcut.ahk, and Tarkov.ico to your SPT-AKI install folder.

3. If you want a desktop shortcut launch DesktopShortcut.ahk and select your SPT-AKI install folder when prompted.

4. Launch Tarkov From Your SPTarkov Desktop Shortcut or just double click TarkovLauncher.ahk in the game folder.


- 1 EXE Launches Aki Server and Launcher

- Automatically closes the server and launcher when you close Tarkov

- Creates Desktop Shortcut

WARNING: People are pointing out AHK getting you banned in some online games. If you use AHK to alter those games you have a much higher chance of getting banned. I haven't had an issue with games like Apex and GTA Online and I usually have a script to swap steam accounts open all the time. This script automatically closes when you close Tarkov so you really shouldn't even have a chance of getting banned unless you have Tarkov and another game open but let me know if you have issues.

  • be VERY careful using AutoHotkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it can and will get you banned from other popular games such as: Apex Legends, CS:GO, League of Legends, etc.

    • Yeah some games can detect it but I always have a script open to swap steam accounts and I've been fine. I even use it for gamechat in apex sometimes. This one closes when you close the game so you will ok here.

    • 2 Questions.

      1) If AHK will get you banned on other popular games, why suggest people to use it?

      2) Why is your first version 4.2.0, I'm guessing it's something as simple as "Cause 420" lol

      I would also recommend making people aware that AHK can get you banned in other games as all it takes is one little error to cause the program to not auto close and get you banned from another game.

    • 1. It can get you banned if you abuse it but I play Tarkov, Apex, GTA Online with a script to swap my steam accounts open because I forget to close it often. The only issue I've had is Splitgate detecting AHK and temp banning you for a few minutes. Always do a quick search to see what games really don't like it.

      Why do I suggest people use it? AHK is a VERY powerful and easy tool to automate everything on your pc. Wanna turn your bedroom light on with a keypress. AHK. Want to open a bunch of apps and close them automagically. AHK.

      2. I was stoned and bored. Figured why not.