JoshJ5Hawk's NoHydroEnergy (Updated) 1.3.0

Want to be a hydro homie? This mod is not for you. Set your own Thirst and Energy levels so you don't have to keep drinking like a fish.. or eating like every 2 min.

I went ahead and updated JoshJ5Hawk's mod for 3.3.0 since I needed it.

His original mod can be found here: JoshJ5Hawk's NoHydroEnergy

  • Version 1.3.0

    Only updated so no warning in 3.3.*

    I skipped some versions somewhere but i'm too lazy to retype and zip so this is it.

  • Version 1.0.0


  • The download button seems to lead to the old version, not the updated one.

    • oh crap.. shjould be fixed now

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  • Which folder I put it in? I put it in SPT>user>mods but it gave an error when launching the server

    • Yes it should be in SPT> user > mods... what was the error?

      My guess is you put a value in the config file that it didn't like