Recoil Tweaker 2.2.1

Change recoil to all guns, by class, or specific weapons. Completely customisable.

3.3.0 AKI Update

You can now fully disable recoil properly. Hidden values that added flat values to recoil were finally set to 0. Have fun!

This should still be compatible with AKI 3.2.5.

If you find pistols too recoil heavy, tone them down.

Camera recoil becoming a pain in the ass? Turn it off.

Do you find rifles too easy to use? INCREASE THE RECOIL TO INSANE LEVELS. :evil:

This mod allows you to change recoil values for all the weapons in the game, by weapon category, or specific weapons using a simple config file.

Camera recoil can also be changed with this mod.

Please use CTRL-F to find the specific weapon you want to change in the config.json.

If you have any questions regarding what the different values do, please refer to this article:

Recoil Values and What They Do


Drop the CreamCheese-RecoilTweaker folder into user/mods/


If you're using another mod that changes these recoil values, IT WILL CONFLICT.  ;(

If you want to overwrite another mod's changes, please change the filename of the mod in your mods folder to:


This essentially puts priority on loading this mod last. As long as the folder is alphabetically last, then it should work! I can't guarantee that this will work all the time depending on what mods you're running.

Please note that this mod will alter changes made by other mods if this mod loads last. For example, if you're running the SPT Realism Mod, you will be changing the recoil set by the mod first, not the default Tarkov values. Hope that makes sense.

This mod was made as I saw that most recoil tweak mods have been left in older versions and/or don't get anymore support.

Credits to Kiki and Yim for the idea, and code references. It helped me learn TypeScript syntax pretty quickly.

Thank you to Fontaine for the documentation article.

  • Version 2.2.1

    Minor update

    • Changed how weapons are categorized. If you noticed that weapon categories were a bit iffy, the weapon category options should be as per the wiki.
    • Credit to k4a for the suggestion.
  • Version 2.2.0

    Updated to AKI 3.3.0.

    This should still be compatible with AKI 3.2.5.

    • Added new global values to play with.
    • Removed all hidden recoil bonuses from the game. If you noticed that no matter how low you set your recoil settings, recoil didn't fully go away, this should fix that problem for you. This was something I overlooked, this should work exactly as intended now.
  • Version 2.1.0

    For version AKI 3.2.5

    Ever got really annoyed when your PMC breaks his neck whenever he is shot and flings your view into the stratosphere? Well no more! By default, the mod will now turn this off.

    • Turns off aim punch by default. You can reset this value in the config.json by setting it to 1.
  • Version 2.0.1

    • Made code more future proof. It will be easier to add additional guns to the config, or if ID changes ever happen. :thumbup:
  • Version 2.0.0


    • Added the ability to change the recoil stats on ALMOST ALL WEAPONS.

    Took ages, but now we done. :)

    Please let me know if any guns don't seem to be changing when the values are changed in the config.

    • Created toggle for weapon classes and specific weapon toggle.

    If there's any weapons that you want included that I've missed, please let me know.

  • Version 1.0.0

    First version.

  • I changed some of the values on global weapons and now I get a message saying the client had a critical error when trying to start up the aki server.

    • This is the message:

      SPT-AKI 3.3.0 │

      │ │

      │ This work is free of charge │

      │ Commercial use is prohibited │


      ModLoader: loading 8 mods...

      Mod AKGUY version3.3.0 by Fershte loaded

      Mod armalite-reloaded version3.3.0 by Fershte loaded

      Mod RecoilTweaker version2.2.1 by CreamCheese loaded

      Mod GearGal version3.3.0 by Fershte loaded

      Mod degredationremover version1.4.1 by Kiki loaded

      Mod NLE version4.2.0 by Revingly loaded

      Mod SVM version1.5.8 by EmuRC/GhostFenixx loaded

      Mod AmmoStats version2.1.6 by RaiRaiTheRaichu loaded

      The application had a critical error and failed to run

      Exception produced: SyntaxError: C:\stp2\user\mods\CreamCheese-RecoilTweaker-2.2.1\config\config.json: Unexpected token . in JSON at position 1335


      SyntaxError: C:\stp2\user\mods\CreamCheese-RecoilTweaker-2.2.1\config\config.json: Unexpected token . in JSON at position 1335

      at parse (<anonymous>)

      at Object.Module._extensions..json (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1173:22)

      at Module.load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:981:32)

      at Function.Module._load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:822:12)

      at Module.require (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1005:19)

      at Module.require (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1855:31)

      at require (node:internal/modules/cjs/helpers:102:18)

      at new RecoilTweaker (C:\stp2\user\mods\CreamCheese-RecoilTweaker-2.2.1\src\CreamyRecoilTweaker.js:5:23)

      at Object.<anonymous> (C:\stp2\user\mods\CreamCheese-RecoilTweaker-2.2.1\src\CreamyRecoilTweaker.js:1205:25)

      at Module._compile (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1105:14)

      Press Enter to close the window

  • Hi, was wondering if this also affected AI/Scavs? Assuming it does as I'm getting laser beamed from across maps by full auto weapons, It might also just be the PMC AI

    • All weapons recoil stats are affected. I can only assume that they will also get an increase in accuracy. If you want a similar experience to live, use a difficulty modifier mod like POOP, to change how they behave. I'm sure you'll find a preset you like that comes with the mod.

    • Yeah I've definitely noticed the AI is much more accurate and I die more often to them, but it's mostly just a skill issue on my part :D Thanks for the reply

  • Hello, I wanted to ask - in config.json everything is 1, which line should be edited to reduce recoil, for example, I run with AK-74. And in "////Global Settings":"////",

    "gVerticalRecoil": 1,

    "gHorizontalRecoil": 1,

    "gConvergence": 1,

    gDispersion: 1

    "gCameraRecoil": 1,

    "gCameraSnap": 1,

    "aimPunch": 0, - also needs to be changed

    • To reduce recoil, set gVerticalRecoil and gHorizontalRecoil to something lower than 1 but not 0. So something like 0.5 will halve the recoil for ALL WEAPONS, minus 20. So play around with the values until you find something that feels realistic and fair for you.

      Also, reduce gCameraRecoil to reduce the recoil seen by the player. It makes it easier to place shots as your PMC fires.

  • can you add ergo option for this mod?

  • May I ask what the Convergence and Dispersion in the data represent, and where did they affect the weapon?

  • thanks for the mod!

    Can anyone tell me what Yims default settings used to be in his recoil tweaker?

    thanks again

    Thumbs Up 1
    • Sorry for the late reply, here are the Yim default values:

      I might make a config preset for these values if enough people want it.

      If you want to use these values, just copy the individual values to the right values in my config.

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  • Absolute lifesaver of a mod, but unfortunately it doesn't affect the MP5

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      I tried it with the MP5, seems to be working fine. What mods are you running, and what values have you set?

    • LMFAOOOOOO noice

    • CreamCheese, that looks like irrefutable proof it does in fact work :)

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    • I'm not running any mods that affect recoil or the guns at all, I usually set the global value to around 0.5 and the other guns in my stah are affected

    • Quote

      I tried it with the MP5, seems to be working fine. What mods are you running, and what values have you set?

      Please, what would be the global settings for my weapons to look like the one in the video?

      I got it, thanks.

  • A must-have mod.

    Makes the game 100% more enjoyable.

    With adjustments you can make recoil behave actually realistic.

    No more watching the skies at full auto MP5, no more guessing where bullets go, no more PPSh 41 behaving like a full auto .50 BMG...

    I love it!

  • It's...*SO* GOOD.

    I got real bored running around on live branch tonight and decided to hop on SPT to screw around with gun builds again but for some reason today I got real tired of the recoil finally, and I'm real glad to see this beauty of a mod is just chilling here. I was real shocked to open open the config to see literally every single gun perfectly laid out in a super easy to search and read while still being cleanly formatted config. Been looking for something like this for a bit, and I enjoy how easy it is to scroll around and find values that I'm looking for, thanks B)


    Super clean lines + can relate to the aimpunch hate tbh

    Reply from CreamCheese ():

    Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

    If anyone has any further requests, please send me a message, and I'll get right to it.

  • Excellent!

    Works exactly as expected. Has a lot of great options/settings, but also has a global setting that is really easy to understand if you dont want to configure individual weapons or weapon classes.

    Thank you!

  • Very good and useful, :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: