Kiki-DontTalkToMe 1.0.1

Makes the bots shut up.

Makes all bots unable to talk, warning this adds considerable difficulty.

*Config Explanation*

muteAll: if true will mute all bots, if false then the individual settings in botTypes are used instead.
Then for each bot in botTypes, if muteAll is false, set to true to mute this type of bot.

  • Just tried it out in the factory and yes made alot of difference as the silence made it more difficult to know where the AI are.

  • Good mod it does get a little annoying and repetitive (for me at least) to hear the AI, although I do like the insane laugh you hear every now and then.

  • SPT is way to easy with bots talking. Thank you<3

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  • i like the idea, nice mod
    but if it possible to remove reactions only when they spot you or lost sight, i like the fact they speak when roaming and other things :)

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    • That would be lovely, I spent a couple of hours fiddling with settings and I didn't stumble across anything that caused this behaviour unfortunately. I will have another dig about in the morning, as it would be much better if that was the case.

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  • thank you :thumbup:

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  • :thumbup:

  • I'm not hating but why would you want the AI to shut up? Surely having them shout "cheeki breeki basaquickin" (not sure how it's spelt it Russian xD) or "Is that a f*cking BEAR? F*CK YOU!"" is worth keeping on? ^^

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    • Mostly because it gives a large gap between when a bot spots you, and starts shooting. It gives you way to much time to react, and is one of the things that makes the bots feel too easy for some.

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    • I haven't noticed this gap myself the bots are usually quite talkative and fire almost immediately after spotting me monkas but I'll definitely try this mod to see what it offers.

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    • Good luck :hehecute:

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  • It suddenly got alot scarier...

    This changed the game completely. Makes it way scarier. Especially in Factory and Labs.

    Highly recommended.

  • Настоящие, злые, молчаливые враги.

    Давно ждал мода который позволит поиграть без уголовной мерзости оскорбляющей любой язык. Собака которая лает, не кусает. Огромное вам спасибо. Создается полное ощущение что против тебя опасный, опытный , молчаливый противник. Еще раз, огромное спасибо.

  • They do say silence is golden and yes this is gold, this mod makes it harder to know where the AI are.

  • Stops PMCs from bullying you

    PMCs calling me a "dickhead" before killing me used to give me PTSD from school, this mod fixes that <3

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