Kiki-DontTalkToMe 1.0.4

Makes the bots shut up.


  • sorry to bother you kiki, i installed your mod to keep the bots from talking. in a raid I killed a scav that after the name had written psyco mantis in parentheses, is it the work of your mod? XD I know metal gear, but I'd like to know what in particular

  • Works on 3.50 but I still hear some talking on both sides. Scavs and PMCs. Any suggestion?

    On 3.41 I never heard a voice.

  • Hey, question. Is this work for 3.5.0? thanks

    • Yes, :thumbup: just tested and it works perfectly :)

  • anyone who tried this mod can confirm PMC aim/shoot faster ? i feel like if you dont use this mod, the fact that they talk before shooting add 2/3 more seconds before they shot, and i was wondering if it's canceling that or it's just mute them in game

    • yeah it cancels that delay, main benefit of the mod IMHO

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    • thanks for the answer. by any chance do you use poop ? i'm trying to make pmc aim faster and even with kiki, PMC still wait 2/3sec before shooting.
      scav are perfect and aim very fast like players, but pmc are still too slow

    • I dont I am afraid, props would be the best person to ask for that I think, I don't have an in depth knowledge of all the AI parameters.

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    • quick question kiki, is there a way to mute only PMC and not scavs ?

    • yes look at the config.

  • srry when i ask here but.........

    can u make a mod that the pmc'S talk that would be better xD

    because i searching for a mod that they speak because since the last update they dont talk anymore and it was so cool when they talk

  • Maybe it's wrong place to ask this))

    How to make PMCs speak, they are silent.

    It is very difficult to identify a faction.

  • Will it work on 3.4.0?

    • have you downloaded and tested to see if it works on 3.4.0?

    • It seem to work fine as it was for 3.3.0 but also what I see it was updated to 3.4.0
      I think there was no need to update anything but just make it show compatiblity with 3.4.0
      So SPT-AKI would not show potential non compatibility and warns about potential problems.
      There is a file where this value can be edited from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0
      Some mods can be "updated" this way xD

  • Is there any possibility of doing the opposite, to make them speak more? I'm a mediocre player on my best days, so being able to hear where the bots are is really helpful.

  • How do I install it?

    • The same as any other mod, check the FAQ's.

  • Is there a way to still make the scavs talk? Their voicelines are hilarious and kinda make the atmosphere of tarkov what it is in my opinion and makes it seem more like live Tarkov.

    • Sure, there are config options for what bot types you want to mute.

  • Just tried it out in the factory and yes made alot of difference as the silence made it more difficult to know where the AI are.

  • Good mod it does get a little annoying and repetitive (for me at least) to hear the AI, although I do like the insane laugh you hear every now and then.

  • SPT is way too easy with bots talking. Thank you<3

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  • i like the idea, nice mod
    but if it possible to remove reactions only when they spot you or lost sight, i like the fact they speak when roaming and other things :)

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    • That would be lovely, I spent a couple of hours fiddling with settings and I didn't stumble across anything that caused this behaviour unfortunately. I will have another dig about in the morning, as it would be much better if that was the case.

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  • thank you :thumbup:

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  • :thumbup:

  • I'm not hating but why would you want the AI to shut up? Surely having them shout "cheeki breeki basaquickin" (not sure how it's spelt it Russian xD) or "Is that a f*cking BEAR? F*CK YOU!"" is worth keeping on? ^^

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    • Mostly because it gives a large gap between when a bot spots you, and starts shooting. It gives you way to much time to react, and is one of the things that makes the bots feel too easy for some.

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    • I haven't noticed this gap myself the bots are usually quite talkative and fire almost immediately after spotting me monkas but I'll definitely try this mod to see what it offers.

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    • Good luck :hehecute:

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