EZLights 1.1.0

A flashlight to triumph over your enemies

EZ Lights

A flashlight to triumph over your enemies

(should work with all flashlights)

  • New level of Teabagging, EZ Flashlight rave party after wiping Rashala and his butt buddies with a mosin.

  • Okay, I'll ask. Are we supposed to be seeing this big bright EZ logo for the light? If so, this is absolutely unusable.

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    • It is not intended to be good in combat rather it's meant as a joke mod and to maybe encourage other people to explore the modding of .bundle files.

      If you want a light that actually helps you out this is not the mod for you

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    • Thanks for the explaination.

  • My raid now is so EZ thx ^^

    • May your raids be many and your deaths few.

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    • Maybe I need the hard flaslight! :evil:

  • Moved to the Server Mods -> Retextures category, as it was previously miscategorized as a Client Mod.