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    -I had forgot to include the client plugin for Boop's Quest Zones. This would explain why the zones weren't working for a lot of you.

    -Im sorry and this has been fixed (Hopefully)

    Here are all the possible culprits as they haven't been tested with GoblinKing. It's possible they could be overwriting something preventing Boop's from working (Though I'm not sure what that would be. I've put my theories next to the mod, if I have one)

    I highly advise troubleshooting mods using Tarky Menu, Profile editor in combination with a new fresh profile. This is because sometimes where it seems like a mod is broken or incompatible when it's actually just a really old profile with missing mod data



    AT-R201 -

    AT- (Chinese symbols)


    JoshJ5SuperLoot -



    I honestly don't think it's any of these custom items, but it's worth a shot. That said, GoblinKings items were built using the SuperLoot mod as a template and uses a lot of JoshJ5's code from that mod to inject Goblins items so it is possible they are conflicting.

    One of these, or all of these I believe may be the culprit.

    Valens- AIO




    ImmersiveRaids - This adjusts a ton of stuff in raid and is most likely the culprit if any.

    I've got somewhere around 60+ mods installed as well. If you share your modlist I can probably at least narrow down which ones might be the conflict.

    It's still working on my end so it's likely an issue with the install on your end. Make sure you have Boops quest zone api installed.

    This is the location image.png?width=1198&height=674

    If it still doesn't work, check the client and server logs for errors and post them here.

    I don't know what exactly I am looking for in the dorms for the second quest, but it ain't there. No ping for just looking. No search dot popping up when close to whatever I may need to pick up. Nothing.

    The hint says "2nd floor dorm where the crates are". If that's the kitchen area, on the 2nd floor of 3 floor dorms, nothing is there other than randomly spawned loot and the searchable crates.

    There shouldn't be anything to pick up as it's just a visit task, should trigger from you just walking into the room. Once I get home from work I can test it again on my end.

    All right so I added the code to GoblinKing.ts but it still doesn't seem to work.

    Could it be something I did wrong with the coordinates? I couldn't find LocalPlayer as mentioned in the doc so I got them by using the freecam and just mousing over the player. When I set Cube's coords to those it ended up at the players feet so I assumed it was correct.

    Or maybe I should be adding the zones to VCQL's mod.ts instead?

    Not getting any errors from Aki

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not able to get the location to work. Am I missing something?

    I am thinking that VCQ error is the cause there. It's saying it cant find VCQ's mod.js file (or rather that's what main should be pointing to.) Try reinstalling VCQ, then move the Goblin King VCQ folder over.

    I checked and the folders you mentioned are there

    Which version of AKI are you using? Everything looks like it's supposed to so I'm not entirely sure why the tasks aren't showing up. The quest assort warning is normal but isn't why the tasks aren't showing up. When you're in game is the client throwing errors? You can check by pressing the ~ key to open the console.

    Check the VCQL/databases folder and make sure there is a GKQ.json in the /quests folder and GKQLocales.json in locales/en/ (locales/ge if language is set to German.)

    Getting this error, but not red errorswarnings.

    List of mods given.

    This error will get thrown when there are no profiles present or on brand new ones. It shouldn't be game breaking as it's just telling you that there are no presets to fetch for Goblin to sell you.

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    I only updated half because I'm lazy and this is just a holdover until adudewithbadaim updates SWAG Variety.

    Requires SWAG


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    -Fixed broken quest chain. Quest should unlock when they are supposed to now.

    -Fixed some quest rewards now showing up properly.