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    S1NK0's KeyMaster - All credit goes to him.

    -Updated for 3.5.3 - Should still work on older versions as well.

    -Added some loyalty levels that you can gain buy selling homie keys. Higher LL = More money for keys. Now you have a reason to pick up that useless quest key.

    -Removed durability threshold

    All right so I added the code to GoblinKing.ts but it still doesn't seem to work.

    Could it be something I did wrong with the coordinates? I couldn't find LocalPlayer as mentioned in the doc so I got them by using the freecam and just mousing over the player. When I set Cube's coords to those it ended up at the players feet so I assumed it was correct.

    Or maybe I should be adding the zones to VCQL's mod.ts instead?

    Not getting any errors from Aki

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not able to get the location to work. Am I missing something?

    That must've been a lot of work to track down. Munitions expert by itself works with Realism, I use it myself.

    I don't think InRaidModding was in your list, but mod's or config apps that allow in-raid-modding tend to cause a number of issues, looking at the code for Prop's version looks like it has the potential to conflict, my money is on that being the main culprit.

    Edit: yeah it's InRaidModding, crashed first time I tried it.

    Yeah I'll probably readd munitions and helicrashes today and test when I get home. I think the bot not spawning issue may just be a server bug. after several plays its happened a couple of times even with no mods at all. Fix seems to be to just start a new session. But so far the issues with Realism itself seem to be solved.

    -as usual it's Prop's fault

    I think I've narrowed it down to Prop's InRaidModding and SamSwat's HeliCrashes along with Munitions Expert.

    Seems Prop's mod was causing the actual error, and through the trouble shooting I noticed The Munitions Expert and Heli Crash mod just seem to make the bots stop spawning without throwing errors.

    Your doubts were correct.

    However the other bot mods seem to deal with what those tweaks adjust. Its just confusing as if that's the case, why is it still throwing the error when they're gone?

    The other mods don't mess with bot loadout...

    SamSWAT Heli Crashes? Maybe?

    I disabled the spawn tweaks and the error went away.. so far on customs and woods. Customs and Factory were the maps I was loading when getting the error.

    kinda weird...cuz it seems almost unrelated to the error.


    Disabled the Spawn Tweaks in bot settings and the error seems to have go away.


    Been getting errors with bots loading and i've narrowed down the bot settings in realism to be conflicting with one of the mods I have. Seems to be an issue with bot loadout and inventory.

    I've tried removing the following mods I think might have caused the conflict with the bot settings.

    POOP, POOP Variety, TrapsAIO, Immersive Raids, SWAG, Loose Loot Containers, and Lua's Spawn Rework.

    Error persists without them.

    [2022-12-06T18:21:04.516Z] error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_max_count')

    [2022-12-06T18:21:04.516Z] error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_max_count')

    at BotWeaponGeneratorHelper.createMagazine (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\BotWeaponGeneratorHelper.js)

    at ExternalInventoryMagGen.process (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\weapongen\implementations\ExternalInventoryMagGen.js)

    at BotWeaponGenerator.addExtraMagazinesToInventory (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotWeaponGenerator.js)

    at BotInventoryGenerator.addWeaponAndMagazinesToInventory (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotInventoryGenerator.js)

    at BotInventoryGenerator.generateAndAddWeaponsToBot (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotInventoryGenerator.js)

    at BotInventoryGenerator.generateInventory (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotInventoryGenerator.js)

    at BotGenerator.generateBot (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotGenerator.js)

    at BotGenerator.generateByCondition (C:\snapshot\project\obj\generators\BotGenerator.js)

    at BotController.generate (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\BotController.js)

    at BotCallbacks.generateBots (C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\BotCallbacks.js)

    I've noticed when this error occurs no bots seem to spawn on the map. Disabling Realism's bot settings seems to fix it but I want the tiered loadouts.

    Mod list

    Client/Server Mods -

    1- AILimit - Limits AI activity outside of specific range - Helps with performance

    2- Amand's Graphics

    3- Tarky Menu - This is a cheat menu for testing purposes.

    4- Realism Mod .

    5- Faupi Hideout Architect

    6- Faupi Munition's Expert

    7- KcY See Item Value

    8- Kobrakon ImmersiveRaids

    Mods -

    1- Trap's AIO

    2- SVM - Only have Safe Exit enabled.

    3- Clear NVGs

    4- K-9 Case Vendor

    5- LootinLooseContainers

    6- RaiRaiRaichu's All The Clothes

    7- SamSWATS- HeliCrash

    8- SamSWATS- FireSupport

    9- LocalDBWebsite

    10- Trap's Path To Tarkov

    11- Trap's Progressive Stash

    Quest Mods -


    2- Trap's CustomQuests

    3- Virtual's CustomQuests

    4- Martinb's Darker World Questline

    5- Lavax's The Double Agent Questline

    Bot Specific Mods -


    2-POOP Variety (Hurt Me Plenty Settings)


    4-Lua's Custom Spawn Points

    5-Extended Bot Spawn Points

    Anyone got any idea which one might be conflicting? Kinda don't want to go through the tedium of booting it up one by one.