WTT - Armory - ČZ-75 1.0.2

The venerable CZ75 has arrived in Tarkov.

  • Version 1.0.2

    - CZ75 added to pistol quests: Stirrup and Mall Cop

    - Tundra Suppressor added to quest: Punisher Part 2


  • Version 1.0.1


    - Gemtech Tundra suppressor is now incompatible with Glock 9x19 Fischer Development FD917 sound suppressor.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • where cna i purchase WTT Items in-game ?

    • Each WTT standalone mod will state in the mod description where it can be purchased. It varies per weapon, per mod.

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    • oh man im gonna shoot my eyeballs and get new one. thx anyway

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  • Waiting for the next Thursday like it's Christmas, wonder what Santa got for us.

    • Will be a drop from one of the new guys, as we continue to train asset creation and staff up with more talent. <3

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  • omg moar gunzz!!!!

  • (⩺_⩹) it's ČZ-75

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  • Can you add the SIG 550 please?

    Thank YOU! ^^

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    • Wholy shit I can't possible second'd this comment enough....need some SIG love beyond MCX and Spear in tarky.

  • LOL any plans on adding AEK971/AK107/AN94 to the WTT?

    Man it would be a hell of joy!!!!

  • nice,is there the automatic and semi ?

  • How about m248 or m249?

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  • GJ!

    I love it.

  • Thanks for the mod! Quick question, any particular reason why the settings below are set to "false"? Should I turn these to "true" to spawn items in containers and on bots? Thanks!

    "loyallevelitems": 1,

    "addtoBots": false,

    "addtoStaticLootContainers": false,

    "StaticLootContainer": "LOOTCONTAINER_WEAPON_BOX_4X4",

    "Probability": 250

    • Adding to bots will not work. That is for testing purposes on our end.

      Adding to static loot containers will work. However, I believe you can already find these weapons in containers. I think this just overwrites the default probability to whatever you set it to here.

  • Just a personal opinion, it would be very nice to have rails and mounts for optics and laser/flashlights. Improved iron sights, ones with the green dot thingy (sorry, i forgot what they are called) would be nice too.

    awesome mod tho :)

  • he'll yea kanayes

  • Made an account just to say I love you guys for this. <3 <3

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  • Fantastic Finally got the greatest pistol of all time in the game

  • CZ75 auto when?

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  • Another one.

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  • WTT Thursday 8)

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