Reflex Sights Rework 1.0.2

Make Aimpoint Great Again


  • Still waiting u to come back

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  • Any chance of someone making a fork or update to this wonder of a mod?

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  • we miss you sam

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  • 3.7.3?

  • update please my eyes hurt

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  • please update

  • When will you update it?

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  • will this work with 3.6.0

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    • It says on 3.6.0's release notes "0% of client mods are compatible and will need updates", since this is a client mod, it won't work until updated for 3.6.0

  • Does this work with 3.5.8?

  • checking functionality on 3.5.7

  • Please update to 3.5.7

  • Very cool mod. But I'm desperately looking for an HHS-1 hybrid (Eotech with magnifier) mod fixing the goddamn wobble in the original game.

  • Has anyone found a fix "easily" done oneself? Playing 355 without this reminds how shiet the basegames optics are like they are for ants. cantseeshitcaptain.jpg Will write songs about your heroic deeds anyone able to point to right direction and yeah thanks for reading.

    This is not hate towards SamSwat as he is Chadest

    • works fine for me on 3.5.5

    • Yes it works for me now as well. Weird tho since I have same mods/config etc. Oh well now everything is cash money so thanks for confirming on 3.55 :)

  • IDK if just me the download link is showing me a Blank (IDK how add images on this)

  • essential mod.

  • Seems to work for me on 3.5.4

    • can tell how it must be instal ?

    • I have mine in BepInEx\plugins\SamSWAT.ReflexSightsRework folder.

  • works for 3.5.2?

  • It says 3.5.0, but the latest version is for 3.4.X

    Will this still work on 3.5.0?

  • Those are amazing! what are the odds on reworking the PK-A? its an optic that i actually used IRL in the range one day and the tarkov's rendition doesnt make it any justice :( it was an really accurate and nice optic, on tarkov, it just looks like trash

    • the one ingame if anything reminds me of the airsoft replica's with how its depicted. Its a very nice looking optic and now is useable to

  • Works fine for me.

  • Common SamSWAT W

    edit: compatible with 3.5.0 btw

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  • 3.4.x link doesn't seem to work

  • will it work on 3.4.0 ???

  • how install it? extract only folder into plugins or folder and dll or only dlls in plugins and folder to mods? RAWR! animetantrum


      After you downloaded .zip archive, unzip it somewhere and drag&drop SamSWAT.ReflexSightsRework folder into the BepInEx/plugins/ folder.

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    • rawr! pikapika

    • Code
  • How do you even install the new ACOG4LIFE compatibility mod? Do you just drag into mods?

    • Read overview tab of the mod carefully

    • Damn guess im blind

  • Getting doge cubes with your Holosun HS507C ACSS Vulcan mod sadly.

    • it's aki issue, not mine. Reload a game and/or server few times

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  • Acog4Life and now this? I will name my next child after you, if I ever have sex again (unlikely, only because of your amazing mods. Who could compare? Exactly)

  • One of the best mods I've been waiting for all my TARKOV life!!!

    I play on 3.2.4 instead of 3.3.0 due to the large amount of mods I have.

    My mod environment conflicts with ACOG4Life, so I had to get a little creative.

    Overwrite the ACOG4Life bundle files with the default bundle in the EFT database and delete ACOG4Life in the mod folder.

    This worked perfectly! YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!

  • I tried everything is fine

  • Glad to see you back SamSWAT hope you are doing well mate, I look forward to trying this mod soon.

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