Reflex Sights Rework 1.0.1

Make Aimpoint Great Again

  • Getting doge cubes with your Holosun HS507C ACSS Vulcan mod sadly.

  • Acog4Life and now this? I will name my next child after you, if I ever have sex again (unlikely, only because of your amazing mods. Who could compare? Exactly)

  • One of the best mods I've been waiting for all my TARKOV life!!!

    I play on 3.2.4 instead of 3.3.0 due to the large amount of mods I have.

    My mod environment conflicts with ACOG4Life, so I had to get a little creative.

    Overwrite the ACOG4Life bundle files with the default bundle in the EFT database and delete ACOG4Life in the mod folder.

    This worked perfectly! YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!

  • I tried everything is fine

  • Glad to see you back SamSWAT hope you are doing well mate, I look forward to trying this mod soon.

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  • YAAAAY youre back hope you have some great mods

  • :thumbup:

  • Honestly one of the best mods on this site, thank you so much.

  • Great work again, really appreciate what you do I personally have nine of your mods. Not trying to sound cheeky .... but .... love to see the Beretta ARX160 in the game.

  • I have been a huge huge fan of the reflex sights in this game for a long time, I was so opposed to using any form of scope and now I'm just really happy that all of these mods on SPT have came out over time that just make every sight functional to an almost sadly huge exponential amount compared to the actual in game versions, I wish BSG would contact you people to implement these amazing fixes into the base game sometime! One could only dream I guess, but thank you for putting this up; I can finally take in my beautiful AimPoints, UTGs, and the Holosun with it's quirky little laser pointer and not feel like I'm looking through a scope with glaucoma!

    The UTG reflex now gives more FOV than my actual glasses IRL almost, nice.

  • Great idea, great implementation and now compatible with Geff's scope overhaul. What more could you ask for?

  • Absolutely love this!

    Reflex sights went from being my least used sights to my favorite sights. It's going to be hard to go back to online after using this.

  • NOW i can actually see on interchange THANKS

    the rework is absolutly great and it works really well for now, but i am really exited to see sam swaty boy back on board whit great mods. :):)