Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul 2.2.1

Complete Recoil Overhaul that makes firing in semi and bursts easier than full auto, effectively removes auto-compensation while firing in auto. Highly configurable and compatible with virtually any weapon mods.

  • Version 2.2.1

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v2.2.1 for SPT AKI 3.7.x - HOTFIX


    • Attempt at fixing the bug where the player's view gets shifted 90 degrees to the right when firing at seemingly random times.
  • Version 2.2.0

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v2.2.0 for SPT AKI 3.7.1

    Updated to SPT 3.7.1, not backwards compatible.

  • Version 2.1.1

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v2.1.1 for SPT AKI 3.7.0 - HOTFIX

    Some config values have been forcefully reset to ensure the intended experience, apologies for the inconvenience if you have already tweaked them.


    • Fixed the muzzle flipping side to side or to the right which gave a strange visual effect.
    • Fixed pistols and weapons using hybrid recoil having too aggressive aim reset when pulling aim down past initial point of aim.
    • Made pistols snappier in general.
    • Lowered the the amount of recoil climb for pistols, it is now half of whatever is set in the config.
    • Fixed issues with horizontal aim reset.
    • Fixed various other minor issues.
  • Version 2.1.0

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v2.1.0 for SPT AKI 3.7.0

    Updated to SPT 3.7.0, not backwards compatible.

    Tweaks & Minor Changes:

    • Limited rearward recoil based on player FOV and if optic is in use in order to minimize cases of the scope getting too close to the player camera or clipping with it.
    • Increased the impact of recoil reduction on dispersion/S-pattern.
    • Modified how vector recoil works to make semi auto and burst consistent and usable.
  • Version 2.0.0

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v2.0.0 for SPT AKI 3.6.1

    WARNING: MAKE SURE TO RESET CONFIG BY DELETING RECOILSTANDALONE.CFG FROM BEPINEX/CONFIGS!! Your config will most likely be reset automatically but just in case.

    It is required to download the latest version of FOV Fix and Combat Stances with compatibility updates if you are using those mods!

    The compatibility plugin for FOV Fix IS NO LONGER REQUIRED! DO NOT USE IT!

    Make sure to install the new version of the compatibility plugin for Combat Stances, Stance-Recoil-Bridge.dll! Make sure to overwrite the old one with the one from the latest version of Combat Stances!

    Complete rewrite of this mod with a new recoil system that fixes all the problems with recoil auto-compensation.

    Auto-Compensation has essentially been removed by making it very fast (base convergence stat is very high), and replaced with a traditional FPS recoil system where the weapon and player camera recoil together and make an S pattern. This removes all issues that came from recoil auto-compensation that even the first recoil overhaul failed to eliminate without massively lowering the recoil which made it too easy to control.

    Iron sights are completely viable now, sights never get misaligned under recoil, the weapon no longer twists in strange directions acting like it doesn't have any stock.

    For pistols and stockless/folded stocked rifles there is a hybrid system that combines the new recoil mechanic and auto-compensation. If you do nothing to control the recoil there will be a lot of muzzle flip and slow recovery. If you move the mouse to compensate for the recoil before and while firing there will be less muzzle flip and faster recovery. It takes getting used to but it makes such weapons a lot more interesting and skilful to use, giving a clear advantage to weapons that have a stock.

    The recoil can be completely customized with the new config options. If you don't want the hybrid system, you can disable it in the config. If you do not want the new recoil mechanic you can set recoil climb multi and the s-pattern multi to 0 and then change the different recoil modifiers to your liking.

    This system will be coming to Realism mod too. Going forward this will be the recoil system for both mods, the previous system will no longer be updated, supported or work with any new versions of SPT/EFT.

  • Version 1.2.2

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v1.2.2 for SPT AKI 3.6.1


    • Fixed burst firemode being treated as semi auto in recoil calculations, burst firemode now behaves identically to full auto firemode.


    • Added compatibility for latest version of Combat Stances which adds mounting that reduces recoil.
    • Reduced camera recoil and adjusted various recoil parameters.
  • Version 1.2.1

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v1.2.1 for SPT AKI 3.6.1


    • Fixed issues related to stationary weapons.
    • Fixed certain settings not taking effect, like sway.


    • Lowered recoil overall by increasing convergence multi for semi and auto by 0.5, and decreasing vertical recoil to 0.55. If you have changed these settings, they will be reset to these new defaults, makes sure to make a note of your custom values.
    • Added config options for the amount of wiggle after firing, and to maker recoil go forwards instead of backwards like it is with unmodded EFT.

  • Version 1.2.0

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v1.2.0 for SPT AKI 3.6.0


    • Fixed horizontal mouse sens being 0 while firing from the hip if hipfire recoil climb is disabled.
  • Version 1.1.7

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v1.1.7 for SPT AKI 3.5.8


    • Added compatibility for the sensitivity changes that are part of the variable zoom update for FOV Fix.
  • Version 1.1.6

    Fontaine's Recoil Overhaul v1.1.6 for SPT AKI 3.5.8


    • Horizontal sensitivity reduction while firing is now a lot less than vertical sensitivity, making it easier to track and transition between targets.
  • Regarding SPT 3.8.0/EFT Patch 14

    All focus is currently on developing Realism mod. Realism mod already incorporates this mod, and its configuration has improved, so this mod won't be updated for some time.

    Do not ask about it, do not ask for updates, commenting won't make it happen.

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    • Very sad :( This was my must have mod as I hate the game recoil. I will wait patiently before upgrading for this to be updated. Thank you for all your hard work!

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    • Same here. I've downloaded all mods I want except this one, and I'm so dependent on this mod that I haven't even played 3.8 yet. I'm waiting for this mod to update.
      But @Fontaine, no worries. Take your time. I just would like to inform you how much better this game is with your mods. Along with SVM, your recoil tweaker is a must.

      Great work :)

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    • I will wait patiently :(

    • This and the combat stance is a must, looking forward to the 3.8, can't play it without them

    • It will be a long time before either of those mods get updated, only thing I can recommend is to give Realism a try, disabling or tweaking features you don't want

  • Does this Mod Conflict with Fershte Balance patch?

  • Sir iam very sorry to bother u with stupid question like this but when 3.8.0 will be out ? Iam waiting just for this and few others to get started . Without your mod its no go for me.

    • Well based on what is written in realism mod i guess updating to 3.8.0 will be not so easy / fast. I will look forward to it tho ! And thanks for the great mods and effort you are providing to the community.

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  • please come back my beloved

  • does anyone have any good recoil presets/ recomendations? im too lazy to spend 30+ minutes trying to tweak it to perfection just to change it after a raid.

  • Trying to complete Gunsmith part 1 and the recoil stat requirement is messing me up on the MP-133, even though my gun has the exact attachments the guides show me. Does this mod change the values of the recoil so that I cant complete this quest?

    • i think it has to do something with the game itself i had a hard time completing this task without the mod even tho my recoil requirements were met i guess you still have to do it the old way try to slap a 12g cylinder on there and the gk-02 muzzle break hope that helps it worked for me .

    • This mod doesn't touch weapon stats in any way whatsoever , it's an issue on your end

    • Can confirm that you need to be 100% accurate with the attachments and if all else fails, buy a new gun and mod it up. Those quests are notoriously tedious.

    • I had the same issue and it got resolved with additional 100k rubles :sob:

  • Any way to tweak this closer to.14? still feels really off, even lowered convergance like you suggested by 75% and still didnt make a huge difference

    • Naturally it's never going to feel exactly like recoil in patch .14, it just accomplishes the same goals which is what matters the most

    • i disagree, but thanks anyways.

    • Both attempt to make bursts and semi auto viable, full auto less meta, and stock guns more usable

  • Great mod, thanks a lot! But one issue I have is when walking sideways and shooting, the weapon get pulled dead center instead of aligning with the sway/inertia, making it a little weird to shoot while walking sideways. Did I fuck up some settings or is it just like that? Thanks!

    • Known/intended behaviour, just a consequence of how the system works

  • Fontaine, I wanted to return to this mod to once again thank you for your hard work! I tried out 0.14 and the new recoil to me is awful. I immediately just turn the game off, because I don't want the game controlling my recoil at all for me. It made me appreciate your mod so much more and I really hope it's coming for the 0.14 release of the game. I hope the SPT community offers a mod to put the recoil back to what it is now, but if not I will be waiting for the release of this mod before progressing to 0.14!

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    • I'm not sure in what form the next version of Recoil Overhaul will be, since BSG completely rewrote their recoil system. Best case scenario it will work the same as before mechanically but it will look and feel different, worst case I modify and adapt BSG's new recoil system to make it better.

  • Package is missing .json

  • Can't load into hideout running 3.7.6 too idk why

  • I have encountered a bug where after this mod is installed, blacked-out arms no longer shake when ads, reinstall doesnt work for me

    • Wrong SPT/EFT/Mod version or pirated version of SPT/EFT

  • Hi lads, used to love using this when I didn't play live much but due to wipe and the recoil reduction it brang has anyone found any configuration that somewhat closely resembles live right now as I've started playing again.

    I switch between SPT and live so I want it to be consistent if possible, many thanks :)

    • Good question, hopefully the main SPT update brings it?

    • Reduce convergence by at least 50-75% as a starting point. Maybe hybrid recoil would help

    • Im also trying to get it as clsoe as possible too, Thank you! Any extra tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work fontaine :D

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  • Thank you Autor!

    nice mode! really helpful

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  • does the recoil is similar to the actual tarkov ? (0.14 patch i mean)

    • he basically made it before they made theirs and its very similar

  • I never really look at this much until I started playing your realism mod and started noticing I was more accurate than on normal tarkov. I then started testing on the shooting range with and without this dll. The difference is night and day! I had a level 70 stacked character that was pull the gun everywhere as the person is controlling it through the perks, with your recoil mod I had to pull down and the hybrid system of if you pull down enough it becomes more stable is so incredible!

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  • will this aim to adjust recoil values by weapon category or by each weapon in the future?

    • It already does but it's not user configurable

  • On AKI 3.8 this mod causes an infinite load on the "local game starting" screen
    It also affects the Hideout, with an infinite loading screen

    I have already uninstalled ALL mods, one by one, until only this one remained, thats how i found out this mod is broken in the latest version of AKI

    All the other mods work properly and let me load the Hideout and normal runs

    • "On AKI 3.8"

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    • Well thanks anyway

      i appreciate your time

    • SPT 3.8.0 isn't even released, the only people using it currently are pirates which is against the rules.

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    • Not trying to be a dick but SPT itself is literally against the rules of EFT.. no way you're using that lol

    • Having the same problem not 2.8, 2.7.6 can't load into hideout

  • I downloaded your mod and I don't have a .dll file, idk if im doing something wrong or what but i can't find a dll file

    • it's an issue on your end

  • Mod causes my character to randomly turn 90 degrees when firing, it's gotten me killed 2-3 times, tf is going on???

    • are you trying to report a bug?

    • @Roylikespie did you ever figure this out? having the same issue

  • If I'm hitting F12 and nothing is pulling up, what could I be doing wrong here? I have no menu in game while in a raid.

    • that means you didn't install it correctly

  • can i port your mod to ? I love your mod so much,and i want to share this mod to others

    • Hi thanks for reaching out to me. You may port it over, so long as you adhere to the mod's license (CA BY-NC-SA), credit me and link to this mod page, and do not charge coins for it.

  • Gotten rid of this? Github link no longer works

    • what does "no longer works" mean?

    • Hmm, earlier it was giving Page not found errors, but must've been Github acting up. Just tried it now and downloaded no issue.

    • Yeah sometimes github acts up

  • I am having trouble with the pkp recoil. Is it possible to edit only pkp recoil for this mod?

    • No, you'll have to find a mod to change individual weapon stats

  • Swaying mechanic appears to break after some time passes in raid. Is it possible that I broke something on my end?

    Version 3.7.0, will update if that is what is needed.

    • For obvious reasons, older versions of mods are not supported. Also please don't just say it "broke", that could mean a million different things

    • My bad. What I mean by "it broke" is that it has effectively ceased to worked.
      And yeah, I figured as much that previous version weren't supported, I just thought I'd see if the problem was on my end or if I just had to update to the latest version.
      Currently, I've held off on updating to 3.7.1 due to some of the mods not yet being updated to said version.

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    • 3.7.1 is fairly stable now, most mods that were updated received decent fixes and content. Hopefully the mods you're waiting on update soon

  • Was wondering if you knew the fix for this. I have 2 other mods, those being Visceral Dismemberment and KMC Server Value Modifier (SVM). Whenever i try to go into a raid with the recoil mod installed it gives me the following error.
    "Could not resolve type with token 01000035 (from typeref, class/assembly GInterface114, Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null)

    • No idea, not an issue with this mod specifically

  • Updated to the 3.7.1 version with SPT and now it says missing package.json. I'm not sure what to do about it. Can I get some help?

    • check the install instructions

  • does this affect the ai ? will they in turn have to shoot slower and more paced or will we have pmcs and bosses still lasering at full auto from distance ?

    • Doesn't affect the AI at all

  • hi ive put the bepin where it needs to be but server tells me im missing json file?

    • oops my bad forgot im on 3.7 got 7.1 version

  • Sup bro, is it possible to make the recoil act the way it did before the V2 overhaul? The new recoil doesn't really fit my taste as it feels more Arcady and I notice it has more of a traditional fps recoil climb similar to games like Rust for example.

    • Nope, btw the previous system also had traditional recoil climb. There's a massive config that lets you customize it in every way possible