Fontaine's Combat Stance Overhaul 1.4.2

Adds High Ready, Low Ready, Point Shooting, Mounting. Short-Stocking and alternate pistol idle with ADS animation. Bots also use the stances. Highly Configurable.

  • Version 1.4.2

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.4.2 for SPT AKI 3.7.1 - Hotfix


    • Fixed walk speed not updating correctly when transitioning between active aim and aim, and lowering faceshield while aiming.
    • Fixed player camera distance from sights changing when aiming out of a stance.
    • Fixed game hanging when un-aiming if you have been aiming for an extended period of time.
    • Fixed camera recoil getting set to 0 after firing from stance.
    • Fixed side-side recoil not being smooth when combined with Recoil Overhaul.
    • Fixed pistol position/rotation getting stuck if alt position is disabled and transitioning from stanced rifle to pistol.
  • Version 1.4.1

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.4.1 for SPT AKI 3.7.1 - Hotfix


    • Fixed recoil being permanently lower than in base EFT.
    • Fixed camera bugging out if exiting mount while prone using the crouch keybind.
  • Version 1.4.0

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.4.0 for SPT AKI 3.7.1

    Updated to 3.7.1

  • Version 1.3.0

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.3.0 for SPT AKI 3.7.0

    Updated to 3.7.0


    • Made mounting UI not display if sprinting.
    • Smoothened dismount transition when not moving
  • Version 1.2.1

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.2.1 for SPT AKI 3.6.1


    • Fixed weapon wobbling a lot when doing stances while walking.


    • Updated compatibility for the latest rework of Recoil Overhaul. This is required if you are going to update Recoil Overhaul. Make sure to use this download's version of the Stance-Recoil-Bridge.dll!
  • Version 1.2.0

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.2.0 for SPT AKI 3.6.1

    WARNING: MAKE SURE TO RESET CONFIG BY DELETING COMBATSTANCE.CFG FROM BEPINEX/CONFIGS!! Your config will most likely be reset automatically but just in case.

    There is now a compatibility plugin included that is required to be used with Recoil Overhaul. If not using Recoil Overhaul then do not install the compatibility plugin. You must also update Recoil Overhaul. There is also now a folder for the mounting icons that must be installed in the BepInEx/Plugins folder.


    • Fixed issues with arm stam drain under certain conditions.
    • Fixed excessive weapon movement while walking.


    • Mounting & Bracing Mechanic: if the player's weapon is next to cover, they will be put into a Bracing state. This applies a bonus to recoil and weapon sway, and will pause arm stamina loss. Bracing bonuses will increase gradually over time from 0. If the player is aiming and bracing, they can press a keybind to Mount the cover. The weapon will be locked to the cover point with limited rotation, with a significant buff to recoil and sway and will have stamina regeneration.

    • Stance Improvements: reworked and improved the look and feel of stances, stance transitions, and ADS from stance. These enhancements will come to Realism Mod in the next update.
    • Patrol Stance: added the patrol stance/weapon unready stance as seen used in Hideout and loading screen. It increases walk speed and arm stam regen the most. It's mostly for roleplaying and screenshots.
    • Various minor tweaks to stam drain and stance bonuses.

  • Version 1.1.0

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.1.0 for SPT AKI 3.6.1

  • Version 1.0.14

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.0.14 for SPT AKI 3.5.8


    • Fixed pistol to blind fire transition


    • Tweaked how pistol position is set and reset, making ADS smoother
  • Version 1.0.12

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.0.12 for SPT AKI 3.5.7


    • Reduced base hand damping, reducing weapon movement while walking.
    • Tweaked and corrected bot stances to be closer to how they were before the rewrite.
  • Version 1.0.11

    SPT Combat Stances Overhaul v1.0.11 for SPT AKI 3.5.7


    • Fixed weapon movement animations becoming very wobbly after interrupting stances with sprinting, aiming in and out quickly, etc.
  • Regarding SPT 3.8.0/EFT Patch 14

    All focus is currently on developing Realism mod. Realism mod already incorporates this mod, and its configuration has improved, so this mod won't be updated for some time.

    Do not ask about it, do not ask for updates, commenting won't make it happen.

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  • Please provide an adaptation for version 3.8. X

    Realism has no fixed pose animation

    The animation of changing the bullet and bolt in the high and low gun positions will restore the initial posture

    Also, there is no activation function for gun raising tactical equipment

  • How to change the ammunition action without returning to the recovery action?

  • Hi. I was wondering is there a way to set pistol ADS to use other pistol ADS?
    Some pistols have weird right hand position. Or maybe camera ADS position is set the way that it colides with right shoulder and it is clipping through it. And I use your other mod "FOV-Fix" and there I just slightly moved pistol ADS to the back and the awful BSG hand positioning is visible for some pistols.

    No idea how you made stance mod to have so many stances but I wonder if you would be able to make alternative pistol ADS so player character is straightening his arms instead of curling them to the chest and face? Some games have it way better so pistols are held while ADS so pistol is not taking so many space in player sight. Some games makes this so silly that pistol is just near character jaw obstructing view.

  • is there a new version on github for 3.8..0 ?

    • we are still waiting...

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    • there is new version now that has been updated for 3.8.3 by someone, but its only source code ;( , too bad i have no idea or skills to compile it :D :D :D

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  • Hope this one is getting updated soon. Definitely one of my favorites.

    • I agree, I check this dang near daily. Lol

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    • Yes, I'm also waiting for the update, because... my mod pack with the realism mod doesn’t work for some reason (and these stands are incredibly chic

  • Just tried 3.8 and had to revert back to 3.7.4 as can't play without this mod, it's a must have for sure.

    I tried your realism mod but it conflicts with a fleamarket mod and a couple of others :(

    I will Look forward to finally being able to play 3.8 once this is updated. Thanks Fontaine for your time and work on the mods you do, it's crazy some of the stuff you (and other modders) create isn't already in game!

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  • Is it possible to get the high ready sprint animation always, regardless of the current stance?

    • Not possible, tied to high ready

  • Fontaine, hello!

    I'm wondering is it possible to make separate weapon position (x,y,z) for different weapons?

    For example, i want my sig spear to be x: -0.025, y: 0.005 and my ak-103 to be x: -0.01, y: 0.01 but don't want to go to settings every time when i switch weapons

  • I'm not really sure what happens but I seem to get stuck on low ready stance. I try to switch out but it keeps switching back to low ready automatically, only way to fix it is to restart my game. Any idea whats causing this or how to fix it?

    • Read the mod description.

    • Hmm I did but there doesnt seem to be anything in there about getting stuck in stances. It only seems to be low ready that it gets stuck on, I can switch to shouldering stance but neutral and high ready switch back to low ready when it happens. Any idea whats happening there?

    • blacked arms reduce speed, depending on arm or if both are blacked, blacked arm can force low ready

  • Photo of the error message in full Hey i used to use this plugin, but when trying to use it with this version of SPT that being 3.7.3 i got a weird error, it says its missing a dependency called RecoilStandalone

    • Check the install instructions.

    • Oh i see, i thought i had removed that, sorry

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  • i keep getting a white square in the bottom left side of the screen , i assume its because of the icons and ive tried everything like reinstalling and of course carefully following the instructions but still no change.

    • if the icon is a white square then the mod wasn't installed correctly or on the wrong version of SPT.

    • yeah ill try to figure out the issue cuz the icons i have in the bepinex plugins as stated in the instructions on spt 3.7.1

    • You dont have the folders with the icon in the right spot. I had the same issue at 1st. Move the folder up so its not in the spt with the .dll

  • Is high ready just better then low ready in every way?

  • "How about you look to see if there was a new version since I posted this"

    - How about you actually double-check if you got rid of a bug completely before making a snarky response to a genuine question? It still happens even with the latest "fixed" version, but now it only affects and removes the camera recoil completely. I wouldn't be writing to you if I wasn't on the latest version ffs, I'm not oblivious.

    Here is a video example of me shooting before going into a low-ready position and then after:

    • This is a good way to get a mod author to ignore you forever

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    • Sure thing, if you want to get butthurt after being called out on your snarky attitude when the issue was still not resolved then go ahead, won't affect me in any shape or form, just makes you look childish. lol

    • You came out the gate with "Does that mean that there will be no fix for that issue or?" and you have the audacity to call anyone snarky or childish.

      A well-adjusted adult would say "hey, here's the bug, here's how to rerpoduce it, this is the version I am using" instead of "UHMH ASCKTUALLY!!!! are you ever going to actually fix this OR?!?!?!?" like you did. It's wanting to actually help fix the bug vs. being an entitled child, which do you think is actually useful and worth anyone's time?

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    • "You came out the gate with "Does that mean that there will be no fix for that issue or?" and you have the audacity to call anyone snarky or childish. A well-adjusted adult would say "hey, here's the bug, here's how to repoduce it, this is the version I am using" instead of "UHMH ASCKTUALLY!!!! are you ever going to actually fix this OR?!?!?!?" like you did. "

      - I didn't "come out the gate" with anything, nor did I pull an "uhm ascktually" on you, you're literally grasping at straws and mischaracterizing my question right now. All I did was ask a genuine question out of curiosity which stemmed from the fact that even after playing with the at the time latest October 19th version the issue was still present, despite it saying that it was resolved (hence me asking if it was even possible to fix a few days after that update was dropped), to which you've then responded with a literal "uhm ackhually, how about you check if there was an updated version" as if I'm an idiot.

      " It's wanting to actually help fix the bug vs. being an entitled child, which do you think is actually useful and worth anyone's time?"

      - Asking questions is not entitlement nor am I acting childish by calling your behavior out. I did want to genuinely help fix the bug, but first I had to ask a question, which was if it was actually fixable (I've already explained why I asked it), which I did, to which you've then proceeded to make a snarky response. What may seem like entitlement to you in written text doesn't reveal the person's actual intentions. Do you actually think that 1. putting my question into a negative light, 2. dismiss it and 3. make a snarky response because you've perceived it as negative was more useful and worth your time instead?

      - My original question to you had zero malice and ill-will behind it. It doesn't fall under the definition of snarky nor was it mocking you in any shape or form whatsoever, your response to that question however was snarky. It's really weird to me how you're trying to uno-reverse your own attitude onto me, and trying to lecture me on how a "well adjusted adult" is supposed to act when you're the one acting childish by saying "oh, well now I'm going to ignore you" after being called out on your snarky attitude. Not only are you trying to project the exact behavior I called you out for onto me but you're even trying to put my original question to you into a negative light, when there was literally nothing negative nor entitled about it, expect your own perception of it.

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    • You're utterly deranged writing this novel thinking anyone is going to read it, touch grass and learn how to interact with people

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  • Can add "mwheelup and Down" bind key?

  • Im having a lot of trouble with this mod and Realism... Mainly I CANT CHANGE stances, aiming and unaiming quickly like 2 or 3 times causes shaking hands???

    I disabled Nvidia since I couldn't change keybinds it would auto fill to "F13" at this point I the USP45 is either glitched or just me.


    • "Im having a lot of trouble with this mod and Realism"

    • Realism includes this mod, that's probably causing your issues.

  • Hello, I'm looking to install this with your Recoil Mod, I downloaded the compatibility plugin and just wanted to verify its installation. Does the "SPT-Stances-Recoil-Bridge-main" folder go into the 'SPT/BepInEX/plugins' folder location, or do the 7 files of various types go in there loosely?
    Thank you

    • Check the install instructions

    • I did, however it just states for the compatibility plugin "If you are NOT using Recoil Overhaul, remove the compatibility plugin". I'm unsure where the compatibility plugin is supposed to go, whether on its own, or inside something else.

    • When you download the mod, how is the file structued? Where are all the mod's files located? We can deduce from that where the plugin should go.

  • I can't use my mouse to look around after installing this and recoil overhaul. It works in menus but not in hideout nor raids

    • I don't have that issue on my end so

    • I might have done a stupid but how do I install the compatibility plugin again? Where does what go?

    • Check the install instructions

  • I Got no recoil after mount

  • I found a problem where after mounting to the ground the recoil reduction still exist even after i dismount and have no recoil on any gun. did i do something wrong or is it a bug?

    • Try latest version

    • Also getting this. SPT 3.7.1 and CombatStance 1.4.0

    • Just an update to the issue, even after restarting the guns still have to recoil before I mount it or do anything to it and I still encounter this issue with the latest version, is it a must to use it along with your recoil mod?

    • It's literally impossible for the guns or anything about the game state to be affected after restarting the game. You're doing something very silly.

    • I looked into it, the bug is just that the recoil is lower permanently it seems

  • Hey Fontaine, any chance you could add the t-7 thermal goggles to the "nvg ads patch", so it also uses active aim?

    • T-7 can be used with iron sights so I'll leave it as is for that functionality

    • I was more thinking of it using active aim whenever we have any scope installed besides iron sights. But sure, your mod, and i can more or less emulate it with using keybind and toggle for active aim
      Thanks anyways for this mod :thumbup:

    • Oh right I understand now, I'll look into it

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  • any way to have it so u can only mount while ADSing, and if u stop it auto unmounts. ? ty in advance

    • currently no, I'd have to create some config option for and don't have the time atm

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  • wahoo! being looking forward to this update :D any idea when your Realism mod will be ready? :)

  • Of course take your time but really looking forward to the update for this. Love it.

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    • The update is here, let's gooooooooooooooo! Thank you for your hardwork. Will modding qol be getting an update as well btw? Not asking for a eta just curious. Such a handy mod.

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  • i wonder what new features we'll have in the new update! love the mods dude, keep up the hard work :)

  • I looked a bit but didn't quickly see an answer already, maybe this is more unique to me.
    what settings would i change to reduce how much over-swing the weapon does when ADSing from stances? currently, it is slower to get a clean sight picture from any stances compared to default high ready.

    using 'active aim' i should be able to snap up to my optic choice in half the time as low or high ready, but the gun rolls around so strongly, my sights/reddot settle far slower than other options.

    I have well-leveled recoil skills and mastery, if that helps. I just don't understand why the gun rotatates so hard up and around before slowly coming down to proper ADS, instead of rotating in much closer.
    I'm not sure what, if any of the sliders effect that over-rotation from each 'ready' position, to ADS.
    the only weapon mods i'm using is Realism/Acog4life(fontaine updated ver.)/Realistic FLIR/ReapIR.
    I don't believe Sain/swagnuts and such should be causing issues.

    would this issue be mitigated by using the FOV mod? that's about the only one i'm not using currently that others seem to be.

    • Update: I still did some messing around with sliders, and got it a little better.

      I think the primary issue is that, no matter what when you ADS, the weapon first returns to its 'high-ready' default position, and then is re-aimed traditionally from there, instead of smoothly swinging into the final ADS position from the ready positions. making 'active' where you cant the gun to the left, nearly unuseable as a faster way of switching to ADS as it should be,
      unless perhaps it's only meant to be used with canted sights? that would answer a few things, i may test that later.

    • Something is messed up on your end, delete the config from bepinex/configs to reset everything.

  • I might have looked over this in the settings, but is it possible to have the same button for active aim and normal aim, and toggle between them with a bind?

    • bepinex plugins have limited keybind options so elaborate controls are a pain to implement and maintain so it's not viable unfortunately. If you have NVGs + an optic or a faceshield then you can force active aim with the ADS keybind but that's it

    • I see, thank you for the reply!

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  • I was wondering why I was only active aiming in my raid and I found out that it was the visor. Can we allow ADS with the FAST Visor? I dont think a visor prohibits a cheek weld.

    • look at the config options

  • For the version 1.2.0there seems to be an issue where the recoil reduction bonuses persist after ending raid, while not mounting and even out of ads.

    • Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean that if you are mounting and extract the bonuses will persist? Or do you mean that bonuses will persist throughout the same raid? Can you give me reproducible steps?

    • I think it may have been caused by using a slightly older FOVfix version but I hadn't been able to test much recently. I'm not been able to reliably replicate it but it still happens sometimes, if I figure it out I'll tell you exactly how its happening.

  • [Error] : 1 plugin failed to load due to errors:

    [Error] : Could not load [StanceRecoilBridge 1.0.0] because it has missing dependencies: RecoilStandalone

    What do i do?

    • Read the install instructions