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  • kikirio added a new file:


    Allows you to set the spawn chance for all the bosses to spawn on every map.
    Config options,
    Debug True will show the boss chances set and when they spawn, in the server console.

    Then for each map, enable, if true the setting will be applied for that map.
    Then for each boss in bossList, 0 - 100 % chance that they will spawn on that map.
    Cultists only spawn at night (or on labs)

  • kikirio added a new version:

  • kikirio added a new version:


    Full refactor so will be no unintended bosses being spawned.
    Added cultists (will only spawn at night)
    Thanks to Fin, bourbon, CanopySheep, ENDR and probably several others that I am forgetting. For all the help in finding bugs, and suggestions for fixes.
    More to come ;)

  • kikirio added a new version:

  • Well that was totally not what i expected to be causing this issue, I had to log the entire output and go through it with a fine tooth comb to spot it. in the last function I missed a .toString() and it caused the bug fml. (first one below)

    function chooseZone(zoneList) {

    if (zoneList.length === 1) {

    return zoneList.toString()


    let rand = getRandomInt(zoneList.length)

    let thisZone = zoneList[rand]

    zones.splice(rand, 1)

    return thisZone.toString()


    I will post an update shortly. Thanks a ton for the help folks.

  • I literally understand nothing there :D But i am glad to help ;)

  • hi im new to the modding scene i was wondering how i edit the mod so all the bosses spawn on there normal maps with a 50% chance is this do able if so how sorry but i have no clue what im doing

  • all the bosses spawn on there normal maps with a 50%

    \Aki_Data\Server\database\locations\<location name>\base.json

    look for :

    "BossLocationSpawn": [


    "BossName": "sectantPriest",

    "BossChance": 20,

    "BossZone": "ZoneScavBase",

    "BossPlayer": false,

    "BossDifficult": "normal",

    "BossEscortType": "sectantWarrior",

    "BossEscortDifficult": "normal",

    "BossEscortAmount": "3",

    "Time": -1



    Set "BossChance" to 50

  • i did that in note pad will this work plus i changed the vaules in the maps bit so only the right boss will spawn on there own map

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