Faster Hip Draw 1.0.0

Allows the ability to pull your pistol out faster.

A requested mod that allows the ability to pull your pistol out faster.

When your weapon malfunctions you are granted a period of time in which you can pull out your sidearm faster than normal. This utilizes the same method as that but instead does it regardless of the occurrence of a malfunction.

Video here. The variation in times is due to the fact that I am terrible with Vegas Pro and that when you spam mouse1 there is a delay at which the next click is taken into account, this is why I did the test twice for each step. Regardless you can evidently see the last one is indeed much faster than the first.


  1. Download the zip
  2. Extract the file named nexus-fasterhipdraw.dll into the SPT/BepInEx/plugins folder

Use the F12 keybind to open the menu to set the speed at which you should put away the weapon you are currently holding. The default is 1.

Use the F12 keybind to open the menu to set whether or not to check if the weapon being pulled out is of weapon class type "pistol." Theoretically disabling this check will allow this mod to work with other mods which allow you to put primary weapons in your pistol holster. This feature is untested as I use no such mod. The default is false.

  • Fantastic mod, great feature that adds a lot of convenience.

    In my use of it though, it seems like switching from certain weapons doesn't trigger the faster swap. If I go from an SKS to a pistol, for example, I swap quickly. But if I go from my MDR to a pistol, the swap is normal speed. Same pistol in both instances.

  • Great mod! Would it be possible to make a mod that brings up sights faster? I find it to be very slow waiting for the sights to adjust.

  • This mod is missing the package.json screenshot here -

    These files are what I got when I downloaded -

    • There is no package.json. Follow instructions.