Regular PMC names 1.0.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Changes the default PMC names to actual names instead of pseudo-usernames.


Randomly generated names (first and last names) for the USEC and BEAR PMC-bots.

There's 1000 generated names per group, so 2000 names total. Should keep you from seeing duplicates for quite some time!

There are configuration files available for you to add, remove, modify the list of names provided. You can find them in the mod folder's Config directory (USEC.json and BEAR.json respectively). They're ordered alphabetically for your convenience.
You can also choose between cyrillic or latin BEAR names in the Config/BEAR.json by setting "UseCyrillic" to either true or false (default: false).

Disclaimer: I do not know the cyrillic alphabet or how the names are supposed to look like when converted to latin. So excuse any errors there.

If there's any problem, please use the support thread and I'll try to help if I can!


Extract the contents of "" into "*Escape from Tarkov folder*\user\mods"


Thank you for downloading!


  • you shoud make this for 3.0.0 brother! please do if you can.

  • can this be made to work on 3.0.0?

  • after install this mod, no scav/pmc spawn. test on CUSTOM

    • SPT-AKI 2.3.1

    • Interesting, can you send log files please? Because I didn't touch scavs at all.

      Also what other mods are you using? Could be a conflict with another mod or some other issue.